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Liberty Hill ISD Staff In-service August 2009. 2009-2010 Employee Handbook Purpose of the Handbook Printed copies are available in campus offices, libraries,

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1 Liberty Hill ISD Staff In-service August 2009

2 2009-2010 Employee Handbook Purpose of the Handbook Printed copies are available in campus offices, libraries, and transportation and maintenance facilities The handbook is available online at: The policy manual is available at: Page 1

3 Mission Statement The Mission of Liberty Hill Independent School District is to develop successful, contributing, responsible citizens. Motto: Educating for the Future, One Student at a Time District Goals Page 2

4 Board of Trustees Place I: Joe "Scooter" Lenox Place II: Clay Cole, Vice President Place III: David Nix, Secretary Place IV: Leslye Pogue Place V: Alfie Perrin Place VI: Shawn Roberts Place VII: Tony Stephens, President Page 3

5 Employment Practices Equal employment opportunity Job announcements Contract Employees –Probationary Contracts –Term Contracts Paraprofessional and Auxiliary Employees Page 5

6 Drug Testing and Searches Searches –Non-investigatory searches –Work related misconduct Alcohol and Drug Testing –Employees with a commercial drivers license Page 6

7 Health Safety Training Required for coaches, band directors, chief UIL sponsors, cheerleading sponsors, and Life Skills and Job Skills teachers and aides. –Updates required every two years after first CPR class (if expires without update, take full course) –Send copy of new card to nurse/trainer TBSI and SAMA –Required of all Special Education staff members –Yearly updates required Page 6

8 Reassignment and Transfers All personnel are subject to assignment and reassignment by the superintendent. Reassignment is a transfer to another position, department, or facility that does not necessitate a change in the employment contract. Page 6-7

9 Workload and Schedules Classroom Teachers –Planning time –Duty-free lunch Aides and Auxiliary Personnel –Not exempt from overtime –Overtime/Comp time Anything above 40 hours per week Prior approval is necessary Can accumulate no more than 40 hours Page 7

10 Performance Evaluation Formal observation Walk throughs Yearly conference Page 8

11 TEKS, TAKS, Curriculum, Benchmarks –Based on TEKS –Benchmark Assessments –AEIS-IT software for state and local assessment disaggregation –CSCOPE focus 2009-2010: science & ELA Page 8

12 Fund Raising Activities Principal approval is required on all fundraisers Plans for major fundraisers are due September 15 th All fundraisers for all groups must have prior approval –Forms are in the Activity Fund Handbook Page 9

13 Staff Development Needs driven Certificate renewal Record of staff development –State Board for Educator Certification –Turning in copies of certificates for personnel file –Update contact info regularly on SBEC website Page 10

14 Staff Development Gifted and Talented: all teachers are required to attend a 30- hour GT Institute and follow up with 6-hour updates each year –LHISD GT Institute will be in June –On-line training is also available ESL: all teachers are required to obtain ESL certification by attending an ESL Academy and passing the ESL TExES exam Both GT and ESL requirements must be fulfilled two years from the date of hire –LHISD will pay workshop fees and will reimburse ESL exam fees upon receipt of passing scores Page 10

15 Staff Development Technology requirements –All teachers will meet the SBEC Technology Applications Standards that are state-required for all beginning educators –The LHISD Technology Applications Standards for Educators is being created and implemented during this school year –All educators are expected to create a personal learning plan, attend training, and demonstrate proficiency of the basic and intermediate standards by August 2010 or within two years of the date of hire. –Instructional technologists will assist with training needs –Proficiency may be demonstrated without putting in “seat time” hours for professional development Page 10

16 Staff Development For 2009-2010 –NEW! PD360, an on-line, on-demand professional learning resource is available –No overnight travel for staff development: attend activities within the Region 13 service area or within a day’s drive –Event registration and a school vehicle may be requested –Lodging and meals will not be paid –If the activity is funded by a grant, lodging and meals might be paid –The Admin Team will consider exceptions that involve program certification –Policy will be review in spring 2010 Page 10

17 Compensation and Benefits

18 Paychecks Direct deposit only “Advice of Deposit” Payday is the 28 th of each month Payroll deductions Overtime compensation –Only hourly employees with prior approval –Accumulate no more than 40 hours Page 12

19 Stipends and Travel UIL, Grade-level, Department Heads, Coordinators Stipends for fall UIL meets in December paycheck Other stipends less than $1000 in June paycheck Stipends $1000 or more included in salary Travel expense reimbursement –Overnight travel allowed on a very limited basis $85 per night lodging Actual cost of meals (reimbursed with receipts) –Mileage ($.50/mi): Only if a school vehicle is unavailable –No meals or travel will be paid for workshops within the Region XIII service area Page 13

20 Health Insurance District contribution:$250/mo. Supplemental Insurance Cafeteria Plan Worker’s Compensation –Injury must be reported immediately Page 14

21 Teacher Retirement If considering retirement, please contact Barb Shifrin and TRS as soon as possible For employees hired before Aug. 1, 2009 –$50/day for unused sick leave for employees who have been with the district at least three consecutive years –Employees who begin work after Aug. 1, 2009 are not eligible Page 15

22 Optional Benefits Cafeteria Plans Tax sheltered annuities Professional dues payroll deduction Savings accounts (A+ Credit Union, Austin TELCO, and State Bank) Other insurance Page 14-15

23 Leaves and Absences

24 Leave Days State Leave – 5 days, Local Leave – 5 days Non-Discretionary –Personal or family illness, emergency, death of a family member, or active military service Discretionary ( Schedule 3 days in advance) –No more than 3 consecutive work days –Not immediately before or after a holiday –Exceptions for professional personnel require superintendent’s approval Page 16

25 Other Leave Temporary Disability –Workers’ Compensation, if applicable Family and Medical Leave –12 weeks –Runs concurrently with local, state, and temporary disability leave Assault Leave –Up to 2 years –Available only to a victim of an assault that is punishable as a felony Page 17-18

26 Other Leave Extended Sick Leave –20-day safety net at reduced pay –Can be used only for an employee’s own catastrophic illness –Not available for use with a normal pregnancy and delivery Jury Duty Court Appearances –If related to personal business, use personal leave days –If subpoened, not required to use personal leave days Military Leave Page 19

27 Employee Relations and Communications

28 District Communication News releases Employees should contact their campus principal to have events and information included in newsletters, newspapers, and/or on the website. Page 20

29 Complaints and Grievances

30 Filing Complaints Goal: to hear and resolve complaints in a timely manner at the lowest level possible. –Level 1: Principal/Supervisor –Level 2: Superintendent/Designee –Level 3: Board of Trustees Page 21

31 Employee Conduct and Welfare

32 Code of Ethics Standard Practices for Texas Educators –Professional Ethical Conduct, Practices, and Performance –Ethical Conduct toward Professional Colleagues –Ethical Conduct toward Students Page 22-23

33 Harassment Employee to Employee Employee to Student Page 23-24

34 Drug and Alcohol Prevention LifeSteps: Williamson County Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse –(512) 869-2571 The District prohibits the unlawful distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs, inhalants, and alcohol on school premises or as part of any of the District’s activities. Page 24-25

35 Suspected Child Abuse Reporting CPS or Texas Abuse Hotline –1-800-252-5400 Website: –Login: Professional –Password: report1 Individual’s responsibility to report and must inform the principal and superintendent when a report is filed Page 25

36 Fraud and financial impropriety Forgery Misappropriation or improper handling of funds Profiteering Disclosure of confidential information Disclosure of investment activities and conflicts of interest Destroying, removing, or inappropriately using records or equipment Page 25-26

37 Gifts and Favors Employees may not accept gifts or favors that could influence, or be construed to influence, the employee ’ s discharge of assigned duties Page 26

38 Political Activities or Associations The district will not directly or indirectly discourage employees from participating in political affairs or require any employee to join any group, club, committee, organization, or association. Employees may join or refuse to join any professional association or organization. Page 26

39 Safety Observe safety rules Keep areas clean and orderly Immediately report all accidents Operate only equipment or machines for which you are trained Page 27

40 Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Firearms, and other Weapons Prohibited by law on all district owned property, at school functions, or inside a school vehicle Page 26

41 Criminal Background Check All staff through DPS Fingerprinting –Auxiliary staff hired after Jan. 1, 2008 –All certified staff, including aides, and substitute teachers Page 27

42 Employee Arrests and Conviction Must notify supervisor within three calendar days of any arrest, indictment, conviction, no contest or guilty pleas, or other adjudication of any felony or any offense involving moral turpitude. Dishonesty Drug or alcohol-related offenses Fraud Acts of abuse under Texas Family Code Theft Base, vile or depraved acts Deliberate violence Page 27

43 Visitors in the workplace Enter through main entrance and report to campus office All campuses will be using the Raptor check- in program Individuals on campus without an appropriate badge must be escorted to the campus office Page 27

44 Computer Use Email and Internet Use – not confidential, may be monitored Acceptable Use Policy –Required before you receive an account –Must be renewed yearly –New requirements regarding educating minors about appropriate online behavior Page 28

45 Employee Safety Asbestos Management Plan –No asbestos in district facilities Hazardous Materials Pesticide Application Page 28

46 General Procedures

47 Bad Weather and Emergencies When it becomes necessary to open late, to release students early, or cancel classes, school officials will notify Flash News –Flash News immediately notifies all radio and television stations –District website: posted when possible –Phone chains will be activated Know evacuation routes and location of fire extinguishers Page 29

48 Purchasing Procedures MUST have a signed PO for ALL purchases The district will not reimburse employees or assume responsibility for purchases made without authorization With a signed PO, HEB and WalMart credit cards may be checked out from the business office. The cards must be returned the next day Under no circumstances can a card be passed on to another staff member Page 29

49 Change of Address You must notify your immediate supervisor, the superintendent’s secretary, and the business office of any change in name, address, or phone number. Page 29

50 Personnel Records Public Access Required Records –Official college transcript –TX teacher certificate –Original service record –If applicable: college deficiency plan or proof of enrollment in an alternative certification program –Medical information sheet Page 29

51 Building Use The campus administrator is responsible for scheduling the use of facilities after school hours. There may be a fee to use the facility. Page 30

52 Field Trips Vehicle request –At least 5 days in advance –Include any special transportation needs. No child will be left at school because of a disability that requires special transportation. –Costs Mileage: car - $.45/mile van - $.85/mile bus - $1.50/mile Drivers Meals: cafeteria sack lunch (contact the campus cafeteria manager) Parental permission Page 30

53 Termination of Employment

54 Resignations Contract Employees –45 days before school begins Non-Contract Employees –At will Page 31

55 Dismissal or Non-Renewal Contract –Probationary –Term –Reports to SBEC Non-Contract Page 31

56 Student Issues

57 Students Equal educational opportunities Student records – access limited to –Parents of a minor student –Student who is 18 years or older –School officials Page 33

58 Family Rights and Privacy Act Directory Information (school-related) –Name –Address –Telephone number –Photograph –Date of birth –Honors and awards –Dates of attendance –Grade level –Most recent school attended –Participation in officially recognized activities –Weight and height of athletic team members –Enrollment status Directory Information (public) –Name –Address –Telephone Number Parents’ right to opt out Page 33-34

59 Parent and Student Complaints Level 1: Employee Level 2: Principal/Supervisor Level 3: Superintendent/Designee Level 4: Board of Trustees Page 34

60 Administering Medication Written request from parents Medicine must be in original, properly labeled container Administered only by nurse (Anyone else must be authorized by principal or superintendent) Teachers cannot recommend psychotropic drugs (ADD and ADHD) or muscle enhancement supplements Students may possess asthma and anaphylaxis (anti-allergic reaction) medications with school nurse approval Diabetic students will have a specific health plan provided by the school nurse Page 34

61 Federal and State Nutritional Guidelines Because LHISD participates in the National School Lunch Program, the district must follow strict Dept. of Agriculture guidelines Competitive Foods –High School – not allowed during breakfast and lunch in cafeteria –Junior High – not allowed on school premises from 30 min. before or after breakfast and lunch –Elementaries – not allowed at any time on school premises until after the last scheduled class of the day Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (NEW!) –All Campuses – not allowed during the school day Page 36

62 Federal and State Nutritional Guidelines Elementary Classroom Snacks –One nutritious snack per day allowed –Servings must be single-sized, may not contain foods of minimal nutritional value or consist of candy or dessert type items –“Restricted” foods are permitted at classroom birthday parties Must occur after the lunch period and outside the cafeteria TAKS Test Days –One additional nutritious snack per day may be provided Field Trips, Athletic, UIL, Band, and Other Competitions –Policy does not apply when activities are conducted off campus or after the normal school day For more info, visit Page 36

63 Discipline/Due Process Safeguards Discipline –Purpose: to correct misconduct –Corporal Punishment: Not allowed Due Process Safeguards –Published in student handbook –Inform student of the specific infraction –Opportunity to be heard Page 36

64 Student Attendance Parental consent before leaving campus Written excuse when absent Excused absences –Sickness of pupil –Death in the immediate family –Religious holidays –Participation in an activity under the direction of a LHISD staff member –To sound taps at a military funeral –To serve as an election clerk –To participate in a ceremony to obtain citizenship –An emergency or special set of circumstances judged as sufficient by the school authorities Page 37

65 Bullying and Hazing Not permitted No “initiation rites” Must be reported Staff must watch diligently for this behavior and report it to campus administrators Page 37-38

66 Philosophy of Learning All children can learn. We can teach them. No exceptions, no excuses. HIGH EXPECTATIONS for all Mastery Reteaching/Retesting – goal is to lead students to success Parent Communication Page 38

67 Homework Independent practice Guidelines for assigning homework –Limited to only the amount necessary (use every minute of class time) –Consider participation in after-school activities –Consider the student’s “home” –Modified according to student need –Must be graded and feedback given –Not excessive in length – NO MORE THAN NECESSARY –No busy work Page 41

68 Honor Roll (Grades 2-12) Gold Star: 90% or above in each of the core classes for each six weeks Silver Star: earn A ’ s and/or B ’ s in the five core classes with no core average below 80 for each grading period Solid Gold: all 90 ’ s or higher in the five core subjects for the year Sterling Silver: maintained an A/B average for the year in the five core areas with no grade below an 80 Page 41-42

69 State-Mandated Assessments TAKS TELPAS Secure tests, confidential Certificate can be revoked Page 42

70 Reporting Accidents or Vandalism Should be reported immediately to your principal or supervisor Page 42

71 Texas Hazard Comm. Act Goals –Awareness of hazardous chemicals and precautions necessary to deal with chemicals safely –Curricular (ex. science labs) and operational (ex. cleansers) exposures Labels –Name –Hazardous Ingredients –Hazard Warnings –Observe each label and use protective equipment when recommended. –Know how to store and dispose of chemicals –Know what to do in case of fires, leaks, and spills

72 Texas Hazard Comm. Act Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) –On each campus, transportation, and maintenance buildings –Give information for daily handling and emergencies Asbestos –District is required to have an asbestos management plan –No asbestos in district facilities Lead Contamination –All lead levels in drinking water are within acceptable limits

73 Drug-free/Gun-free Workplace LHISD prohibits the distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs and alcohol on school premises or at school events The possession or use of a firearm in a school zone is a federal offense

74 Texas Pest Control Act LHISD has an Integrated Pest Control Plan Goal – to avoid contact between pesticides and all students and staff Least toxic methods Only applied during time students are not expected to be at school Bruce Krueger is the district’s Pest Control Manager

75 Bloodborne Pathogens (such as HIV and Hepatitis B virus) –Extreme caution needs to be used in handling blood and other bodily fluids –Review HEP B Occupational Risk Worksheet and talk to the school nurse if you feel you are at risk –LHISD will pay for the Hepatitis B vaccination series for employees who are in high risk job settings

76 Bloodborne Pathogens (such as HIV and Hepatitis B virus) Common methods of exposure –Breaking up fights –Assisting with nose bleeds –Cleaning up blood or body wastes –Sustaining a bite that breaks the skin –Giving first aid Prevention of exposure –Use latex gloves when giving first aid or cleaning up waste –Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an antiseptic cleanser –Do not pick up broken glass with hands –Decontaminate area with 10% solution of bleach or disinfectant –Bag and properly dispose of all contaminated materials

77 Using AEDs Automated external defribrillator AEDs can –Recognize cardiac arrest that requires a shock, –Tell the rescuer when a shock is needed, and –Give a shock. Uses visual and audible prompts for ease of operation

78 Using AEDs







85 Important Workplace Notices Texas Worker’s Compensation Act –Notices posted in workplace Other notices –Please review all materials posted in workrooms and break rooms

86 If you have any questions about the information discussed here, please consult the employee handbook online, campus principal, or supervisor. The following forms must be signed and submitted to the campus office. –Handbook Acknowledgement –Public Access Form –Medical Information –Acceptable Use

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