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The Five Paragraph Essay Dr. John Eigenauer Taft College.

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1 The Five Paragraph Essay Dr. John Eigenauer Taft College

2 The Opening Paragraph  Write the opening paragraph after you write the three body paragraphs.  Contains information about the entire essay.  Follows this pattern: General thesis. First paragraph thesis. Second paragraph thesis. Third paragraph thesis. Transition sentence.

3 Sample First Paragraph  The international community should act immediately to reduce global warming. Studies indicate that global warming is advancing at a rapid pace. Moreover, melting Arctic ice threatens to destabilize the global environment. Nonetheless, we can still turn back the potential effects of global warming.

4 Sample First Body Paragraph  Numerous studies show that global warming is increasing. Recent NASA findings, for example, showed that the earth’s temperature is climbing faster than ever. These findings were confirmed by scientists at Harvard, who called the data “alarming.” In fact, more than 100 scientists have stated collectively that global warming is a reality that we must confront to avoid an ecological catastrophe.

5 Sample Second Body Paragraph  The first sign of this catastrophe is the melting Arctic ice. This ice is melting at such an alarming rate that marine life is already being threatened. Plankton populations, for example, are diminishing rapidly, which could drastically reduce sea mammal populations. This could lead to the ocean’s life becoming unstable.

6 Sample Third Body Paragraph  Despite this bad news, there is time to reduce global warming’s effects. We can reduce pollution by driving high mileage cars, using more nuclear energy, and placing restrictions on coal burning. We can also convert more vehicles to natural gas and reduce chemical fertilizers. If we act together, these measures can slow or reverse global warming.

7 The Concluding Paragraph  Summarizes the essay.  Clearly interprets your message for your reader.

8 Sample Concluding Paragraph  The numerous alarming facts in this essay clearly indicate that the international community needs to act quickly to reduce global warming and avoid ecological disaster. Despite the destruction we have already caused, however, there is still time to save our environment through conscientious action.

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