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Ambulette Smart Manager

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1 Ambulette Smart Manager
Comprehensive master plan and specifications of transportation management solution Presented by Transintel Technology LLC

2 Introduction Ambulette Smart Manager™ is an intelligence solution for managing the complex and dynamic operating conditions of transportation providers for keeping people Safe, Secure and Productive. Its purpose is to AUTOMATICALLY manage resources for optimized performance using parameters and constraints that are both selected by the customer and that are inherent to transportation operations in general. Ambulette Smart Manager™ is a fully integrated system combining Customer Registration and Eligibility, Trip Reservations, Automated Scheduling, Dispatch, Reporting, Communications and Database Management into a seamless and dependable package. Authorities and transportation operators that switched to Ambulette Smart Manager™ from other mainstream transit software vendors achieved more than 30% operational efficiencies: reduction in vehicles on the road, reduction in routes, reduction in data entry, reduction in billing etc. To find out how and why, you can request the engine (short version) presentation. To let us prove this to you, please contact us.

3 Description Content & Specifications How it Works?
Feature’s Explanation Relationship to other projects High-level timing goals Solutions Why Ambulette Smart Manager? Mission Statement

4 Trip Eligibility Certification Monitoring and Reporting
EDI Exchange Route Optimizer Trip Eligibility Certification Billing & Invoice Monitoring and Reporting Partners Automated Attestation Service Trip Generator Medicaid check digit DOH Driver’s Performance report Google Prior Authorization Request (278) Trip Splitter NPI check digit algorithm MCO Trip Cancel Report Nextraq Prior Authorization Roster Demand Transportation Request Alert Client Eligibility Status - (SOAP EMedNY) MLTC Driver's hourly report IturanUsa Professional (835) Remittance (5010) Dispatch Alert Appropriate mode of transportation - (LOS) MTM Mileage Report CodeUs Soft Institutional (835) Remittance (5010) (AVTS)Automatic Vehicle Tracking System Drivers Licenses Expirations Alert ( ) NMT Spent fuel report Open Street Map Payment Pre Adjudication (278) (IVR) Interactive Voice Response DMV Expirations Alert MAS Payment report Arana Interactive Eligibility Request & Response ( ) Determination of roadway TLC Expirations Alert & others Payment Rejection report NYS DOH Payment Rejection & Claim Adjustment DARP- Dial-a Ride Problem DOT Expirations Alert Trip Event report MDOL MTM Exchange Determine Traffic Condition Caller Id Roster Statistic MAS Exchange Calculation of Traveling time Geo Code Report ETA Arrival + 1.5M NPI Mobile Data Terminal

5 Brokerage or Other Ordering Provider
Trip Generator Mobile Data Terminal Data Warehouse Billing & Invoicing Patients Eligibility (SOAP) Google Map Pick Up Arrival Confirmation Payment Adjustment Patients Eligibility ( ) Determine roadway Departure Time Confirmation (835) Payment Response Driver’s Eligibility Determine Traffic Condition ETA- Estimated Time Of Arrival Payment Pre Adjudication (277) Vehicle’s Maintenance & Audit Dial-a- Ride Algorithm Drop Off Arrival Confirmation PAYMENT REQUEST (837) Ordering Provider Screening Automated Nearest Vehicle Location Digital Signature PRIOR AUTHORIZATION ROSTER Trip Confirmation (ETA) Estimated Time Of Arrival Trip Detail Report PRIOR AUTHORIZATION (278) Dispatch Commander Routing Optimizer Automated Attestation Prior Authorization

6 EDI Dashboard

7 Phone App ”Driver Helper”
“Driver Helper” is a phone application for driver - operators to receive and transmit a data required by: NYS DOH Record Keeping Requirements DOT Driver’s and Vehicle log Requirements Taxi and Limousine Commission Requirements Requirements: Android Phone, Stylus Pen

8 Soft Phone Soft Phone is a third party integrated phone and fax
system which allows you to ring and fax out, to receive a calls and faxes directly to the system. Using our Soft Phone you would be able to place a calls directly from Ambulette Smart Manager by a simple click. It also will help you to save your time, energy and maximize your business.

9 Routing Optimization ROUTE OPTIMIZER Map Trip Assignment
Point A and B coordinates Traffic Speed calculation Dial-a-Ride Algorithm Nearest Vehicle Location Trip Assignment

10 Mileage and Travelling Time Calculation

11 Medical Facility Client Program
Patient’s name Patients ID Rehab Equipment Origin Phone Destination Pick Up Time Status TP Vehicle # Arrival Time Johnson, Michael XX12345X Wheelchair Artificial Kidney Center (718) Residence 12:45 On Route Ambulette Co. 01-W 12:38 SMITH, JAMES ZZ12345X Walker 14:20 Accepted 05-W 16:00 This client module will help medical facilities to instantly inform you directly about a clients status.

12 Mission Our Mission is to share with all the paratransit base holders highly adduced (HIT) Health Information Technological Tool to minimize theirs expenses to lower cost, increase business capacity and to be up to date in entire paratransit industry. Coming soon…

13 Contact Us Ambulette Smart Manager

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