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Joe Dack – Arup Matt Linnecar - Gnewt Micro Consolidation Centres.

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1 Joe Dack – Arup Matt Linnecar - Gnewt Micro Consolidation Centres

2 2 Why are we here? Investigate whether there is potential to use central London car parks as micro consolidation centres Short term storage locations for organisations during London 2012 Games.

3 3 Why Car parks as Micro Consolidation Centres?  Central locations to transfer goods from one vehicle to another  Close to delivery points – radius of 1.5m  Allows delivery companies to use sustainable transport methods  Already used in Paris  Suitable for small package delivery sector – parcels, couriers, stationery etc.  Efficient use of vehicles – stem mileage

4 4 Parcel Depot Locations

5 5 Parcel Industry  33 Depots serving London  Deliver 173,500 parcels per day, 110,000 collections per day  2,300 vehicles covering 94,900 miles per day  Average 51 drops per day per vehicle  Stem mileage

6 6 Gnewt Operations 2 locations in London - Arches at Tower Hill - Loading bay at back of store on Regent Street Receive a truck (7.5t) - Goods unloaded - Sorted to delivery route - Goods loaded - Bikes depart Customers include - Office Depot - Love Water

7 7 London 2012 Certain goods - food, drink will be in high demand (summer time) Storage on majority of retail and restaurant premises is limited Delivery companies will find it difficult to access central London Journey times will be longer during daytime Potential need for suppliers to locate stock closer to their customers. Could central London car parks act as local storage/distribution centres?

8 8 Next Steps Explore further with interested parties (if feasible) - Practicalities - Identify issues - Security - Cost/Business Case

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