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Welcome to both new and experienced Secretary Treasurer’s Welcome to both new and experienced Secretary Treasurer’s Prepared by Anita Pfiefer Former Secretary.

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1 Welcome to both new and experienced Secretary Treasurer’s Welcome to both new and experienced Secretary Treasurer’s Prepared by Anita Pfiefer Former Secretary Treasurer Minnesota Chapter

2 Let’s Get Organized !! Let’s Get Organized !! Constitution or By-Laws Fiscal Policy Executive Board List Monthly to-do List Budget

3 CONSTITUTION MINNESOTA CHAPTER NO. 9 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF POSTMASTERS OF THE UNITED STATES POSTMASTERS: Keep this in your file for reference. Changes adopted are in italics. Preamble To promote the interest of the U.S. Postal Service; to cultivate the welfare and enhance the happiness of its members; to cooperate with the USPS and executives thereof in further advancing the high standard and efficiency and economical operation required in the interest of public service to perpetuate itself as a truly fraternal organization working for the betterment of the Postal Service and of all postmasters; to encourage a closer and more friendly relationship between the different post offices of the state. We, the postmasters of the state of Minnesota in convention, assembled in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, this 15 th day of July, 1939, having ordained that we organize the Minnesota Chapter No. 9 National Association of Postmasters of the United States and adopt a constitution and by-laws for the government of itself and its members; do on convention assembled in the city of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, this 21st day of June, 2012, Hereby amend the Constitution and By-Laws for the government of its members. Article I – Name This organization shall be known as the Minnesota Chapter Number Nine of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States. Article II – Purpose The purpose of this association shall be to affiliate with and become a part of the national organization, to aid in improvement of the postal service of the United States, as recited in the preamble of this constitution, for the mutual interchange of ideas of members of the association and officials of the U.S. Postal Service.

4 Fiscal Policy Fiscal Policy Chapter Fiscal Policy Updated: January 16, 2009 The following information explains the Chapter Fiscal Policy and procedures for filling out vouchers for reimbursement for State Chapter expenses. The President, Secretary/Treasurer and Editor are reimbursed for lodging, mileage, registrations and meals for all trips involving NAPUS business according to the annual budgeted amount set at the winter executive board meeting. In addition to the President, Secretary/Treasurer and Editor, other state officers are compensated as follows: Leadership Conference Executive VP/Career Development Chair, Legislative Chairperson, PM Representative NAPUS Services Officer, PAC Chair, Membership Chairperson State Convention All executive board members are reimbursed for the first nights lodging and round trip mileage as set at the winter executive board meeting previous to the state convention.

5 Executive Board List

6 Monthly to - do List

7 NET WORTH REPORT 2012 BEGINNINGYTD 2012 ACCOUNTBALANCEAMOUNTDIFFERENCE SHARE SAVINGS$1,180.24$1,182.02$1.78 REGULAR CHECKING$14,021.79$12,566.05$(1,455.74) SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS$6,370.68$6,024.98$(345.70) CONVENTION CLUB$1,372.98$3,063.69$1,690.71 SHARE CERTIFICATES (12 MONTH CD)$5,164.39$5,201.92$37.53 $28,110.08$28,038.66$(71.42) Budget Balance Sheet

8 Budget

9 NAPUS Financial Report

10 TIPS Start a binder with: Constitution Executive Board list Budget Monthly reports Folders for: Board meetings Leadership State Convention National Convention Keep a planner with dates/ log-ins/ phone numbers

11 TIPS Bonding for Treasurer Credit Card statement review by non-card holder Credit card receipts and vouchers Monthly bank statement with all supporting documents Quicken or QuickBooks

12 Minutes Minutes Tips for Recording of Minutes Minutes become the legal evidence of what transpired at the Board meeting. Minutes should contain mainly what was done, not what was said by the members. Remarks made in debate or opinions should NOT be included. When corrections are made, the error should be bracketed and the correction made following the error (or hand written in the margin). NEVER ERASE ERRORS corrected in the minutes. The correction should also be included in the minutes of the meeting where the correction was made.

13 Motions: Final and exact wording of all main motions (with any amendments incorporated) adopted, lost or temporarily disposed. The name of the maker of the motion but not the ‘seconder’. Always report some action or disposition on every motion made. Motions that are withdrawn are not recorded. You may have to slow down the board and ask for clarification on wording on a motion if there was changes, etc. You may ask that a motion by made in writing if it is long or difficult to record. Minutes Minutes

14 Make sure you obtain the agenda in advance Prepare the minutes ‘template’ in advance Fill in as much information in advance Leave blank spaces to add information The name and subject of a guest speaker can be included in the minutes, but not a summary of the remarks. The minutes are closed with the signature (can be electronic) and title of person writing the minutes. The words respectfully submitted are no longer used before the signature. Finish minutes as soon as possible after meeting (believe me it will be easier !) Minutes Minutes

15 QUESTIONS ??? Thanks for attending and enjoy the conference

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