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Local Mileage Reimbursement LogTravel Authorization Less than 50 miles, no overnight staying Nothing has changed on this form, just make sure that you.

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1 Local Mileage Reimbursement LogTravel Authorization Less than 50 miles, no overnight staying Nothing has changed on this form, just make sure that you Did they use the personal vehicle and if so was acomplete the form in its entirety. CCU vehicle available, if yes they get the lesser of In Section III, bottom line check items to be prepaid, this is if AP is the mileage rates.doing the prepaying. Don’t forget to use the Datatel ID #In Section IV, this is the funds that will be used for all charges against the TA. This is the same number to be used when booking Airfare. Getting your Invoices, Reimbursements, Travel Authorizations, and Advances is not about making you feel like you are in a big ball of confusion. This training today will help you understand the new forms that Accounts Payable Department will be using and also help learn steps that will help you get from Step A all the way to Step Z without your documents being returned unpaid. We will learn about each form and what each form is used for and simple tricks for your items not to be overlooked.

2 Coastal Carolina University Expense Settlement Form This form was created to replace four different forms into one. In this form we have the Personal Reimbursement, Refund Request, Food Expense Pre-Approval and the Travel Reimbursement Forms. This form has four different, very important sections. The first section is to let your AP Tech know what will be done, who paid the expense including their Datatel ID number, the amount and an invoice number is there is one. The second is the description if it is a Personal Reimbursement or a CCU Refund Request The third is the Food Expense Pre- Approval. The fourth is the Travel Reimbursement

3 Coastal Carolina University Expense Advance Request Minimum request amount $200 This form replaces the Cash Advance Request and the Spend Down Card Request. The 5 sections of this form again are very important and should not be disregarded. Top section tells us if there is a TA by adding the TA number, the position of the person receiving the advance, what type of advance, when the person is leaving and returning and where their destination is. Second section is only if it is a cash advance and the check needs to be picked up. Third section is who is receiving the money including their Datatel ID number, when the funds are need and the amount requesting with a description of why the advance is needed. Fourth section is the account number to be charged Last section is for the person receiving the advance to read and agree to by signing the form. Then the Budget Officer or Dean will sign.

4 This form fills an Order # in automatically just like the TA. When completing this form you will assign what GL Account will be charged for the purchase and the Initiator will sign the form and then forward it on to the Budget Officer before you fax it to Procurement. Please print your name then sign and date the form

5 This is only a few items that they have listed available from Costco. If you have specific request, you might want to call Costco first, even get the item # and then complete the Additional items section. Make sure the top of the form is completed too. **Remember if Alcohol or food is purchased, Alcohol requires the President’s approval and Food requires the Food Pre-Approval form. Once you have gone to Costco and picked up the items you requested, send the receipt from Costco directly to my attention: Lynn Silver Singleton 129

6 Gifts Reporting Form This is a new form created in the last year to help keep track of the gifts being given across campus that is using University Funds to purchase them. When you give out a gift this form needs to be completed and returned to me for yearly tracking. Points to remember: If gifts are given to any employee of the University, the gift is taxable and will be added to their W-2 If the recipient is a non-employee a W-9 must be completed and turned in. For an Honorarium, if a person has been paid through the University Payroll system during the calendar year (January – December), their payment must be processed through payroll not Accounts Payable. If you have any questions, please ask before you give a gift or payment out.

7 Relocation Expense Reimbursement Form We had in the past two forms for relocation expenses, this form and the Authorization for Reimbursement of Relocation. They were repetitive and we have condensed it to only the Relocation Expense Reimbursement form. Submit this form with all ORIGINAL receipts to the Accounts Payable Department. We MUST have the original receipt. Be upfront with the candidate so they will know to keep their receipts along the way. Publication 521 on the IRS website addresses what is an approved moving expenses and if there is a question on what is allowed, this is where AP goes to find the answer.

8 Simple Tips to help streamline your vouchers quickly and accurately! 1.Always include the Datatel ID number for Faculty/Staff or students on TA’s or reimbursements. 2.Include original receipts 3.Tape the receipts to the paper, do not staple receipts to the paper. 4.Get the appropriate signatures before sending paperwork to AP. 5.If you use our Orbitz for business site to book travel, please get your TA to AP in a timely manner. Remember when you charge we see that expense within 30 days. 6.Keep transactions separate. (if you have a reimbursement, just staple all items regarding the reimbursement together. TA’s or Cash Advances should be separated) 7.Do not use highlighter on receipts. It won’t show up on Imaging and once it is scanned, the print will be legible. As we progress in the future, we need to be able to accommodate our vendors being more diversified in our payment methods. This is the form that our Vendors would need to complete to sign up to have all their payments be directly deposited into their banking account. This form can be found on the forms webpage: http://www.coastal. edu/forms/ Or at AP’s webpage: http://www.coastal. edu/financialservice s/ap/forms.html

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