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Welcome! To Catholic Charities Diocese of Rockford.

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1 Welcome! To Catholic Charities Diocese of Rockford

2 Catholic Charities Sharing the Light of Christ in the Diocese of Rockford for 74 years. AGENCY WEBSITE http:// Health Insurance / Life Insurance Deb Sheley (815) 399-4300 Ext 338 Pension Information/Life Insurance Sherri Weyrauch (815) 399-4300 Ext 349 Short-Term/Long-Term Disability Lori Graber (815) 399-4300 Ext 348 Catholic Charities Administration Michele Crosswhite (815) 399-4300 Ext 410 Fiscal or Payroll Sherri Weyrauch (815) 399-4300 Ext 349 Table of Contents Mission Statement Catholic Charities Programs Contacts for Catholic Charities Benefit Summary Page Agency Expenses Disbursement Request Mileage Sheets Petty Cash Accounts Catholic Charities Telephone Codes Timesheets IT Department / Email Setup Bob White Ext 337 Joe Schneider Ext 336 Tom Mark Ext 344 (815) 399-4300 Ext 349 403(b) Retirement Plan Enrollment Matt Young (877) 621-2784 (815) 399-4300 Ext 349



5 OFFICE AND PROGRAM LOCATION INFORMATION AND CONTACTS Administration Office 555 Colman Center Drive P.O. Box 7044 Rockford, IL 61125 (815) 399-4300 Contacts: Patrick Winn, Diocesan Director Ext 369 Email: Michele Crosswhite, Administrative Assistant Ext 410 Email: Email: Email: Adolescent Outreach (Teens Who Are Pregnant and Parenting) (Serving Boone County Only. For Crisis Pregnancy Outside of Boone County, please see below) 554 S. Main Street, 2nd Floor Belvidere, IL 61008 Contact: Laurie Larsen (815) 544-5434 Email: Adoption and Crisis Pregnancy 1700 N. Farnsworth Ave., Suite #28 Aurora, IL 60505 (630) 820-3220 or (630) 820-3226 Crisis Pregnancy 24 Hour Hotline: 1-866-775-MARY (6279) Contact: Jamie Weigand Email: Bilingual Outreach (Serving Kane and McHenry Counties) Contact: Olivia Navar (815) 344-6956 or (630) 820-3220 Email: Counseling Locations: Rockford, McHenry and Limited availability in Elgin. Contact: Michele Crosswhite (815) 399-4300 Ext 410 to have a counselor contact you for an appointment. Email: Diocesan Emergency Assistance 5141 W. Bull Valley Rd. McHenry, IL 60050 Contact: Kathy Chwedyk (815) 344-6956 Email: Long Term Care Ombudsman 4401 Highcrest Road Rockford, IL 61107 Contact: Cathy Weightman Moore (815) 316-0040 or Toll Free (800) 369-0895 Email: Immigration and Refugee Resettlement St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center 1536 S. Main Street Rockford, IL 61102 Contact: Jeanne Lindberg (815) 399-1709 Email: Parenting Education 554 S. Main Street, 2nd Floor Belvidere, IL 61008 Contact: Cathy Vendemia (815) 544-5434 Email: Physician Referral (Serving Kane and McHenry Counties) Contact: Olivia Navar 1-800-239-3881 Email: St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center Adult Adult Emergency Services 1505 S. Main Street Rockford, IL 61102 Contact: Ginger Reininger (815) 965-6993 Email: St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center Daycare and Children Education Programs 1536 S. Main Street Rockford, IL 61102 Program Director: Karen Carlson Contact for Youth Services: Terri Hill (815) 969-6526 Email:

6 SUMMARY OF BENEFITS BENEFIT* Health Care Plan Diocesan Life Insurance Short-term Disability Long-term Disability Tax-Sheltered Annuity AFLAC Sick Leave Vacation Retirement Plan Catholic Charities Life Insurance DESCRIPTION $1,000 Deductible, then plan pays 80% on $15,000 of eligible expenses, then 100%; optional dependent coverage (pre-tax or post-tax) $576 per month  Provider Networks—additional savings  Serve you Prescription Plan  Dental Plan ($50 Deductible)  Vision and Hearing Aid Plans  Preventative Exams $10,000 term while active employee 80% of salary for up to 3 months after 2-week waiting period Policy through Sun Life; pays 60% of regular wages after 3-month waiting period No waiting period, always 100% vested with employer match of 15% on up to 6% of salary Payroll deduction for coverage from several options including accident, hospitalization, cancer plans Employees working 20 hours or more per week accrue sick leave at the rate of one day per month. Sick leave days are cumulative to a maximum of 40 days. Following one full year of employment part-time employees working 20 hours or more per week are entitled to 10 paid vacation each year. Full-time employees (working 37 1/2 hours or more per week) will receive paid vacation according to the following schedule: After one year of employment 10 days After two years of employment 10 days After three years of employment 15 days After four years of employment 17 days After five years of employment 20 days Contributions of 5% of your gross income to the Mutual of America Retirement Plan made by Catholic Charities Employees working 20 hours or more per week and are enrolled in the Retirement Plan will also have a life insurance benefit equal to annual salary. *These Benefits are subject to change.

7 AGENCY EXPENSES If you believe you are in need to make an agency purchase, the following three requirements must be met before you make a purchase: 1.Must have approval for the purchase from your direct supervisor. 2.Must acquire from supervisor a tax exempt letter that you will use when purchase is made. 3.Must obtain a receipt for the purchase. If you have met ALL three requirements then make the purchase as advised above or ask your supervisor how to fill out a Disbursement Request form if you are needing a check cut from the Fiscal Department.

8 DISBURSEMENT REQUESTS 1.Attach documentation/receipts to back of the disbursement request. DO NOT staple envelopes to the request form – paper clip instead. 2.Review for proper authorization prior to submitting to Administration. a)Must be signed and dated by individual submitting request. b)Must be signed by the program supervisor. c)Must be signed by individual with signature authority over that program. 3.Tax is generally not reimbursed as an expense. a)Exception: tax at fast food restaurants for a client’s lunch that has been approved by the supervisor. b)All employees authorized to make purchases should have a copy of the tax exempt letter. 4.Need to set up authorized signature list for expenditures. a)List should be updated at the start of each fiscal year and a copy sent to the Fiscal Department.

9 MILEAGE SHEETS Prior to using your own vehicle for work purposes: ***If an agency vehicle is available that needs to be used in lieu of your personal vehicle. ***The staff who is traveling the furthest that day gets to use the agency vehicle. Mileage Directives: 1.Client names should be listed in the miscellaneous charges column. 2.Toll receipts or a printout of I-Pass statements must be submitted in order to receive reimbursements for tolls paid. Please highlight line items on statements. a)On the rare occasion when a receipt is not available, a written explanation may be accepted as documentation. Please note date, location, amount, and reason a receipt is unavailable on a separate sheet of paper. Worker should sign and submit with rest of documentation. 3.Mileage should be submitted on a monthly basis. 4.Phone bill statements itemizing charges must be submitted if requesting reimbursement for phone calls. Highlight appropriate line items. a)A phone log may be requested and is recommended if you are submitting a reimbursement request for more than 10 minutes per month. 5.Receipts for approved purchases must be submitted for reimbursement requests. a)The tax exempt letter should be used for all purchases for the office. i.Tax WILL NOT be reimbursed except for an approved client’s lunch at a drive-thru restaurant. ii.On the rare occasion when a receipt is not available, a written explanation may be accepted as documentation. Please note date, location, amount, item purchased, and reason that a receipt is unavailable on a separate sheet of paper. Worker should sign and submit with rest of documentation. 6.Mileage sheets must be reviewed and signed by the employee’s supervisor.

10 PETTY CASH ACCOUNTS 1.Petty cash accounts are for items under $20.00 that cannot be submitted through the normal disbursement request process. 2.It is inappropriate to reimburse items such as tolls, parking, postage stamps, etc. through petty cash. 3.Receipts must be attached for each reimbursement or payment issued through petty cash. On the rare occasion when a receipt cannot be obtained, the worker must submit and sign, a written explanation including date, location, total amount, reason for purchase, and why a receipt is unavailable. 4.Any time cash is provided to a client, a receipt and written explanation must be submitted with the recipient’s signature. 5.All petty cash receipts need the signature of the individual receiving cash, authorization of the program supervisor (initials are fine), the signature of individual dispensing funds (responsible party for the petty cash account), and appropriate signature authority for requesting reimbursement. 6.All petty cash receipts and documentation should be attached to the back of the reimbursement request in numerical order.

11 Catholic Charities Telephone Codes Adoption Adoption SearchCrisis Pregnancy Aurora09-0103-03Aurora 09-25 Elgin03-01Elgin03-25 Freeport 05-01Freeport05-25 McHenry 13-01McHenry13-25 Rockford02-01Rockford02-25 Sterling04-01Sterling04-25 Counseling School CounselingOmbudsman Aurora09-21 Aurora 09-24NIAAA19-31 Belvidere02-27 McHenry13-24SS Consult19-32 Elgin03-21 Rockford02-24Volunteer 19-33 Freeport05-21 Sterling04-24 McHenry 13-21 Rockford02-21 Sterling04-21 Refugee OfficeParenting Reception & Placement 10-61Belvidere02-28 Immigration 10-63Freeport05-19 Match Grant 10-64Rockford02-19 Adolescent Outreach 02-29 Emergency Assistance 15-45



14 SUMMARY CHECKLIST TO BE COMPLETED AND BROUGHT WITH YOU ON THE DAY OF ORIENTATION A copy of your resume. Even if you gave resume to supervisor, you will need to bring one with you on the day of orientation. *A photocopy of your current driver’s license – front and back. *A photocopy of your social security card. *A copy of your driver’s insurance card – front and back. *A copy of your driver’s insurance policy with the liability limits on it. It is an Agency requirement that all employees carry their own vehicle insurance with 100/300,000 liability minimum to work for Catholic Charities. This information is only on the policy and not on the insurance so we do need both. *A copy of your present health insurance card, if applicable, front and back side please. Application for Employment – (2-sided form). If you filled one out prior please ask your supervisor for it so that you may bring it with you. IMPORTANT: Please include 3 references with full current address information. We will be sending letters to all three references. Emergency Notification form – Please complete with two people we may contact in case of an emergency situation. Form CFS508-1 (Information on Person Employed in a Child Care Facility) Form Verification of Insurance Form (2-sided form). Form Release and Authorization to disclose information (Education) Please fill out and order (2) sealed transcripts sent from each school one from the school to Michele Crosswhite and the other directly from the school to DCFS. The addresses are at the bottom of the form. Previously acquired sealed transcripts will not be accepted. Please bring filled out form with you and order transcripts prior to your orientation. Please read the following documents and sign and date that you are in agreement with policies and bring the signed forms of the following: Statement on Confidentiality Drug-Free Workplace Policy Communications Policy Dress Code Policy Acknowledgement of Employee Policy Employee Handbook (Signature page is the last page) Pastoral Code of Conduct with letter from Bishop Doran (Signature page is the last page) Sexual Misconduct Norms (Signature page is the second to last page in the packet EMPLOYEE) Conciliation and Arbitration Bylaws (No signature page, keep at home) Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (No signature page, keep at home) Medical Report Form - You will need to take a TB test prior to orientation if you have not had one in the last 12 months. Please fill out the Medical Report Form at the top and the doctor’s office, health department or immediate care will fill in bottom portion. Please bring this with you to your orientation. If you have had a TB test taken please have a copy of the results with you day of orientation and the top report of the Medical Report Form filled out. *Scanned copies of the driver’s license, social security card, health insurance card, driver’s insurance card and driver’s insurance policy may be scanned prior to orientation to Michele Crosswhite at Thank you in advance for your attention to required documentation. The remaining paperwork regarding fingerprinting and background as well as benefit paperwork will be done on the day of orientation. I look forward to meeting you and Welcome!

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