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Hello …… Ernestine Mbroh Mary Wilson C Weilbrenner

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1 Hello …… Ernestine Mbroh Mary Wilson C Weilbrenner
Oklahoma Department of Transportation Ernestine Mbroh Transit Programs Division Manager 200 NE 21st Street Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Office: Oklahoma Department of Transportation Oklahoma Department of Transportation Mary Wilson Transit Programs Division Special Projects Coordinator C Weilbrenner Transit Programs Division Project Manager 200 NE 21st Street Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Office: 200 NE 21st Street Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Office:

2 FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION’S (FTA) Section 5311 Non-urbanized Area Formula Grant and Technical Assistance Program Program Goals: Provide a safe and effective public transportation network to the increase mobility of persons with special needs, transportation disadvantaged persons and the general population living in tribal, non-urbanized and small urban areas of the state. ODOT is Governor's Designee for oversight and administration - Transit Programs Division Oklahoma’s apportionment - Approx. $14.5 million annually 10% for State Administration and Technical Assistance 15% Intercity Bus Transportation 5% for Program Reserve (New starts and Catastrophic Events) Eligible Recipients: Federally Recognized Rural Tribal Transit (Direct Recipients of FTA or Subrecipients of ODOT) Nonprofit Organizations State Agencies Units of Local Governments

3 Eligible Transit Activities:
Administration – Reimbursed at 80% (ex. Training Programs, legal Services, Drug and Alcohol Testing) Operating – Reimbursed at 15% (ex. Salaries, vehicle maintenance repairs, insurance etc.) Capital – Reimbursed at 80% (ex. Vehicle Purchases, acquisition, construction and improvement of public transit facilities) 2 Exceptions - vehicle related equipment purchased solely for ADA and Clean Air Act compliance – Reimbursement at 90% Application Process: Existing Transit Systems Elevation of past 2 year performance (20% - Revenue Miles, 35% - Passenger Miles and 45% - Passenger Trips) New Starts……Evaluation of: Proposed New or the expansion of an existing service(s) Proposed True Cost Budget (actual cost to run transit system) Local Match Application Timeline: Proposed Program of Projects Due to FTA in June 1st January 15 - Letters of Intent , A Resolution From The Governing Board For Financial Support Draft Application due April 1st Final Applications are Due May 1st Federal Fiscal Year(October 1st - September 30th)

4 Rural Transportation Assistance Program

5 Oklahoma RTAP Program Summary
RTAP is authorized by Title 49 U.S.C. 5311(b)(3). Nationwide, not more than 2% of appropriated 5311 funds shall be made available to RTAP. Oklahoma receives approximately $230,302 annually. RTAP funds have the same period of availability as Section 5311 formula funds. RTAP funds must be used to support activities in four categories: training, technical assistance, research, and related support services. ODOT administers the RTAP program in-house. Developed a policy manual for implementation effective January 1, 2015. Policy was sent out through TTAP to tribal transit agencies for comment.

6 RTAP Eligible Recipients
Section 5310 funded agencies. Small Urbanized areas. Section 5311 rural transit recipients. FTA recognized tribal transit agencies. RTAP funds are obtained directly from ODOT.

7 RTAP Resources RTAP Scholarship Program.
Intent is to help supplement existing training resources. All scholarship applications must be submitted to ODOT for approval prior to training. $5,000 allocated annually (as funding allows) to all eligible 5311 and federally recognized tribal transit agencies. Drug and Alcohol Testing. No differences between rural and tribal transit in regarding FTA Drug and Alcohol testing requirements. ODOT has contracted with the University of Oklahoma (OU) as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) for rural transit drug and alcohol testing. OU has contracted with TMHC out of Kansas to perform rural transit drug and alcohol testing for Oklahoma. Upcoming Event Civil Rights Conference Feb 26, 2015.

8 Computerized Performance Tracking

9 What is Make Your Life Easier for ODOT is an ODOT web based Performance Managements system incorporating Ridership reporting, Vehicle usage reporting.

10 What can MYLEOnet assist you with?
Manage vehicles. Set up and manage routes. Set up and manage purpose codes (user defined). Manage ridership (passenger trips/miles, revenue miles). Create trip statistic reports. Create vehicle usage/mileage reports. Export data into other applications (excel, word, etc.).

11 What does MYLEO. net look Like
What does look Like ? After you login you will come to the Main Menu

12 From here you can enter and manage your vehicles

13 You can setup and manage your routes

14 You can setup and manage your Sub Codes
You can setup and manage your Sub Codes. (Sub Codes are user defined purpose codes)

15 You can enter and manage Ridership Data

16 Create various Trip Statics Reports

17 You can create Vehicle Mileage reports

18 You can export your data to be used by other applications
You can export your data to be used by other applications. Data is exported as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file

19 Transit Assistant TRANSIT ASSISTANT (TA) is a software system developed at the University of Oklahoma for ODOT. TA is a dispatching system that manages the entire workflow involved in reservation, dispatching (mobile included), pickup, drop-off, mileage tracking, reporting. It is also uploads data to Some of the features of the system include: Reservation subsystem including ability to interact with the Logisticare’s system Dispatching trips to vehicles and the ability to send new rides to the mobile system Automatic generation of 5311 trip sheets that are prefilled with pickup and drop-off information Uploading completed 5311 trip sheet data into MYLEONET after complete checks on the data including eliminating data entry errors such as mileage overlaps Mapping interface to locate the pickup and drop-off locations Special reports based on sub-codes with Crystal Reports

20 Minimum Requirements for Transit Assistant and
A computer running Windows 7 or better Microsoft Explorer 9 or higher Minimum of 4Gig of memory on your computer Reliable Internet service A and Transit Assistant account

21 Transit Mobile (TM) TM is a mobile application that runs on smart phones and tablets that run the Android Operating System. With TM, the dispatchers can send the manifest and updates directly to the driver without the driver having to visit the office. Additionally, with TM we now can: Send manifests and updates to manifests Auto-fill the 5311 trip sheet data with few keys strokes to capture odometer reading for each trip Real time updates of trip status: going to pickup, at pickup, picked up, etc. Capturing GPS location of vehicles to be tracked on the map application in TA

22 Who do I contact to find out more about Transit Assistant and Transit Mobile?
The University of Oklahoma Sridhar Radhakrishnan Professor and Director School of Computer Science

23 Questions?

24 Thank you!! Ernie Mbroh ODOT Transit Programs Division Manager
RTAP/Technical Assistance Information: Mary Wilson /Transit Assistance Information: C Weilbrenner

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