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Team 4 Senior Design Final Presentation May 7, 2011.

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1 Team 4 Senior Design Final Presentation May 7, 2011

2 Liz Kladder Jay Prins Zach Talen Tim Bangma Jon Mulder

3 Outline Project Introduction Hybrid Technologies Our Hydraulic System Prototyping Testing Results Business Plan Conclusions

4 Project Introduction Context  Efficient energy usage Problem  Inefficient vehicle use can be unavoidable in some applications Solution  Improve efficiency with the hydraulic hybrid system

5 Overall Project Goal Validate Hydraulic Hybrid System can increase stop and go fuel efficiency by 40%

6 Design Norms Stewardship Caring Transparency

7 Hybrid Technologies Electric Toyota Prius Flywheel Formula 1 Hydraulic UPS

8 Benefits of a Hybrid System Regenerative braking Optimal engine performance Decreased brake maintenance

9 Benefit of Hydraulic Hybrids Less energy conversions Electric Hydraulic

10 Two Types of Systems Series Parallel

11 Hydraulic System

12 Hydraulic System: Accelerating

13 Hydraulic System: Coasting

14 Hydraulic System: Braking

15 Prototypes Base Case Hydraulic Hybrid

16 Base Case Cart: Frame

17 Base Case Cart: Gas Engine Mounting

18 Base Case Cart: Drive Train

19 Hydraulic Hybrid Cart Removed base case drive train Retrofitted cart with hydraulic components Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Motor Accumulators Reservoir Hydraulic Valves

20 Hydraulic Hybrid Cart

21 Reservoir

22 Hydraulic Pump

23 Accumulators

24 Flow Control Valves

25 Hydraulic Motor (

26 Other Components Redundant Brakes Hydraulic Mechanical Linkages Gas pedal Brake pedal

27 Hydraulic Hybrid Retrofit Costs ComponentCost Eaton Hydraulic Pump$246.50 Accumulators Inc. Accumulators$3286.00 7 gal. Reservoir$100.00 Haldex Hydraulic Motor$200.25 Misc. Hydraulic Valves$843.00 Misc. Hoses and Fittings$550.00 Mechanical Couplers$60.00 Pressure Fixtures$1000.00 Total$6285.75

28 Test Procedure

29 Testing Video

30 Results Base Case CartHydraulic Hybrid Cart Stop and Go Fuel Economy13.9 mpg21.1 mpg 52.4% increase in average stop and go fuel economy

31 Improvements Different pump or hydraulic motor Variable displacement motor Check valves with lower cracking pressure Design to eliminate minor losses

32 Business Plan Target Market Package delivery, garbage trucks, city buses Introduction to the market O.E.M. Retrofit is to expensive Potential Savings Higher gas mileage, lower maintenance costs

33 Business Plan Feasibility High cost on prototype Pay back period is 19 years at current gas prices ($4.20) Longer than the life of the vehicle

34 Obstacles Budget Time Experience with Hydraulic Systems Component Failure


36 Conclusions Met our goal! Met efficiency expectations Proved our system works Very expensive system Learned a lot Had fun!

37 Acknowledgements Matt Mills & Kelly Dawley – Vermeer Corporation Vermeer Charitable Foundation – Financial Support Ned Nielsen – Team Advisor Ren Tubergen – Industrial Consultant Phil Jasperse – Calvin College Metal Shop Charlie Huizinga – Calvin College Physical Plant Bond Fluidaire, Inc – Hydraulic hose and fittings Great Lakes Fluid Power – Accumulator Charging Rex Sheler – Decals Mike Harris – Donor Acquisition Jim Kuipers – Cart Donation Family and Friends

38 Questions?

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