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“ God’s Special Time” 1. Welcome The Kairos Prison Ministry was established to change lives and minister to the hearts of those within the prison system.

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1 “ God’s Special Time” 1

2 Welcome The Kairos Prison Ministry was established to change lives and minister to the hearts of those within the prison system. 2

3  What is “Kairos”? ◦ A Christian, volunteer, lay-led, ecumenical, International prison ministry addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children, and to their families ◦ Volunteers bring and show Christ’s love and forgiveness to residents and to their families ◦ The program consists of three personalized programs  Men’s Inside  Women’s Inside Ministries  Kairos Outside 3

4 Kairos addresses the spiritual needs of residents Volunteers work in teams of 20 to 45 – The primary goal is to pray with and share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with every participant – Share meals and fellowship with the incarcerated on a “one-on-one” basis First visit (weekend) is a three-day event during which time the team teaches a short introductory course on Christianity Subsequent visits are monthly One Day and Two Day reunions with the prisoners. 4

5 42 Residents selected by Prison Chaplains – Preferably from among negative leaders 11 highly structured and focused talks – Discussions – Poster techniques to stimulate interaction – Music (more later on the GRCC Praise Band) – Create an environment of love, respect and honesty – Listen, listen, love, love Coming to terms with Christ’s love and concept of forgiveness – Realization of accountability for their personal actions – Forgiveness for themselves 5

6 Show Christ’s love with respect and without pressure or judgment – Bring residents to realization The need for God to be in their lives Hope rather than hopelessness Establish on-going weekly accountability groups – “Prayer and Share” – the real objective Provide ongoing support as they develop trust, respect, ability to interact – Acceptance of their own accountability – Build Christian community within the darkness of prison, among the inmates themselves 6

7  Volunteer team functions as servants of Christ but without ◦ preaching ◦ judging ◦ giving advice ◦ Promoting any specific denomination  Reflecting the love of Christ ◦ A ministry to the lost and forgotten ◦ A mission field in a foreign land in our own backyards  “A land of lost souls” 7

8 Provides spiritual healing to families of incarcerated -- they are "doing time“ too Spouses, parents and other relatives of residents meet with teams of Kairos volunteers – Share their faith and gain strength from the outside Christian community – Active in 19 states – 35 programs in Canada, England, Australia and South Afri ca 8

9  Kairos Prison Ministry affects our communities in many positive ways ◦ Lives have been changed and former residents return to our communities as more responsible and less violent citizens ◦ Former residents become better spouses, parents, employees or volunteers and give back to society ◦ Critical issue: Benefits to correctional staff – reduced turnover rate = financial savings to tax payers 9

10  2014 – Kairos Activities in Virginia Prisons ◦ Greensville Correctional Center: S1,S2,S3 ◦ Augusta Correctional Center ◦ Fluvanna Correctional Center ◦ Wallens Ridge State Prison ◦ Green Rock Correctional Center ◦ Sussex State Prison I and II ◦ Buckingham Correctional Center ◦ Keen Mountain Correctional Center ◦ Nottaway Correctional Center ◦ Pocahontas #1, State Correctional Center ◦ Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 Chesterfield ◦ Coffeewood Correctional Center ◦ Haynesville Correctional Center ◦ Virginia Correctional Center – Goochland ◦ Red Onion State Prison ◦ River North State Prison ◦ Virginia Department of Correction would like KAIROS in all Prisons 10

11  Donated effort to fund just one weekend program. ◦ 1,100 volunteer hours for the inside and outside teams for one weekend+ $5,000 in donations to fund the weekend. ◦ 3,400 dozen cookies ◦ Volunteers currently pay their own expenses; mileage, hotels, meals ◦ One weekend cost several thousand dollars!  ALL DONATED! ◦ Many weekends are held each year along with monthly visits from the Kairos Teams 11

12 The Ministry also has a very favorable effect upon volunteers – Many volunteers acknowledge that the team training, with its emphasis on introspection, honesty, sharing and community, enhances their spirituality – Kairos Prison Ministry serves our communities and reduces the number of victims by changing residents lives – Many of the residents who participate in the entire Kairos program return to our communities as better and less violent citizens Contributes to safer neighborhoods 12

13  Kairos Ministry gains respect from correctional system, too  Virginia Department of Corrections, Chief Corrections Operations Officer reports that Kairos program participants had a recidivism rate of 22%. He goes on to say: Kairos is a beneficial program, that aids offenders in changing addition it reduces the number of disciplinary reports and generally creates a calming atmosphere at the prison. 13

14  Benefits to the prison community ◦ Residents who participate come to terms with their environment, become less difficult to manage, and show more respect for correctional officers ◦ Residents take responsibility for their lives and their spiritual growth wherever God puts them! 14

15  SERVE ON A TEAM Every weekend needs a team of 25-30 members to serve inside and as support outside. We need Clergy as well as lay people.  MAKE A DONATION Every weekend costs thousands of dollars. Add Kairos to your Missions budget! $500.00 will sponsor a seat for the incarcerated.  BAKE COOKIES  PRAY  SET UP A SPEAKER FOR YOUR CHURCH 15

16  Thank you, with God’s blessings!! 16

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