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2 Congratulations and welcome
To our 20 new ST1!!

3 Urswick Medical Centre
Fire exits Toilets Sign in at reception Please help wash up and put away chairs etc.

4 Programme Directors Dr Steve Newell North Street Medical Care Dr Sylvia Bond Western Road Medical Centre Dr Mark Feldman Petersfield Ave

5 Associate Dean Dr Anwar Khan MRCGP Examiner
OOHs sessions co-ordinator Whipps Cross Our point of contact for problems to the deanery

6 London GPVTS Commitee Your chance to represent us Next meeting Sept

7 ROMFORD VTS Scheme Seven programmes in scheme Each 36 months
Two have 6 months ITP Now 18 months in GP ( inc. ITP) Beware lack of flexibility- to swap or make up time. There are no longer educationally approved posts NOT in a Programme.

8 Do you know who your Clinical Supervisor is?
Do they know about WBA? You may need to teach them! Let me know their name and

9 What is an ITP? An Innovative Training Post Six month
Employed by Trainer, attached to trust clinics in Dermatology and Rheumatology ( need CSR from both Trainer and Consultant) Need full application for performers list as for Registrar OOHs as for Registrar New to Romford Feb 2007 Model Contract

10 Contact is now by e-mail
If you have not received from me-send me your address.

11 RULES for Half-day release
MANDATORY attendance –Except A/L&S/L or after nights/ST service commitment Enter on Register in ADVANCE 2-5pm- please be prompt, no early departure except for on-call. Sign in Switch off Bleeps/Phones Fire exits/toilets Give us feedback Learn and Enjoy!!

12 TIMETABLE 28/10/09 No Meeting Half-term 14/11/09 Full Day – Book study leave ALL day. Joint meeting with Basildon VTS 7-10 April Advance notice of Residential in Cambridge with Amsterdam GPVTS

13 Your Chance to teach! Please give name and topic
An important part of the curriculum and good for the C.V. Wed 21/10/09 NICE guidelines Please give name and topic Wed 25/11/09 Humanities- Art/Music/Poetry and medicine

14 Courses See London Deanery prospectus Table at VTS E-mail.
Tell us your recommendations

15 Study Leave for Trust posts
Maximum of 30 days per year. Should be able to attend both GP VTS and Departmental training. GPVTS may be counted as part of the 30 day allowance Course fees from trust postgrad dept.

16 Study Leave GP Placements
IS not an entitlement but an allowance and the needs of patients must always take precedence Total of half-day release AND study leave to each Registrar should be a maximum of 30 days. Course fees up to £465 can be claimed DPG/1 claim form to deanery

17 Annual Leave 25 or 30 days per annum , depending on point on pay scale
Sick pay- 6/12 full and 6/12 half pay ONLY after 6 years service in NHS. Take out income insurance now!

18 nMRCGP Applied Knowledge Test Clinical Skills Assessment
Workplace Based Assessment- e-portfolio Case-based discussions Multi-source feedback Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise Direct Observation of Practical Skills

19 Applied Knowledge Test (AKT):
Wednesday 28 October 2009 Future dates: 27/1/10, 28/4/10,27/10/10. The test will take the form of a three hour 200 item multiple-choice test. The AKT will be Delivered using computer terminals at 152 Pearson Vue professional testing centers around the UK.( Nearest in Ilford)

20 Clinical Skills Assessment
Croydon 4 times a year Sessions Sept,Nov/Dec,Jan/Feb and May DO NOT sit before ST3

21 Register with RCGP Yes , you have to pay to register ST1 Initial £138, Annual subs £207, Total £759. You cannot access your e-portfolio until you register

22 Cost of Assessment Registration, annual fee AKT - £414 per sitting
CSA - £1389 per sitting Total AiT+AKT+CSA= £2379 CCT =£805 Total = £3184 ( without retakes!)

23 How to find a Training practice
Dr Mark Feldman( or his PA Jane Thornton ) will contact you with a deadline approx 4months before to notify him of your choices. You may visit practices before Do see a selection, it is good practice for applying for jobs. Choice for Trainer and Trainees

24 Transfer of Registrar Post
If accepted 3 year scheme this is available within OR outside London ONLY if there are substantial changes in your circumstances after commencing your post. Out of Programme Experience- Max 1 year.

25 Inter/Intra deanery transfers
Exceptional circumstances only considered Apply before Nov for transfer following Aug Dependent on spare capacity to where wish to transfer to Must complete at least 12 months before can transfer Contact HR Ann Mullen at deanery

26 Registrar Contracts Employed by Trainer- under umbrella of NHS
New model Contract New Terms and Conditions 31/7/07 Supplement for GP now 55% Annual leave varies with pay scale 5- 6 weeks

27 Driving Allowance Lump sum £760 + Mileage
Car provided by Trainer and amount £4000+ can be reimbursed by PCT ( taxable- keep a log of mileage for business) Old car allowance gone GPs need to do home visits urgently ITP and Hospice posts Bicycle/moped need consideration in this locality

28 Registrar Working Week
10 sessions One session is 4 hours 40 hour week + OOHs 7 Clinical sessions 1 VTS ( Clinical out of term) 1 Tutorial 1 Planned educational session ( Joint surgery, Hospital attachment,DFFP etc)

29 Part-Time Training It is available £=% of time Ring fenced funding

30 Out of Hours Plan early 12 sessions in 12 months 4-6 hours
Supervised by GP Educator Whipps Cross Co-ordinator is Joy Glasgow

31 OOHs Logbook Download from deanery website
Trainer signs off at end of year with statement of completion of training. Must be returned with VTR1

32 Absence from training A maximum of two weeks is allowed per year for any absence other than allowed annual and study leave Sick/maternity/paternity/jury/compassionate /parental etc Training time will be required to extend to compensate missed time This is usually in General Practice but needs to be applied for to the deanery

33 Any Questions?

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