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COUNTING KIDS 2013 Michael C. Murphy Director, Fiscal Auditing Kansas Department of Education Look here for corresponding KIDS Collection values. Additional.

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1 COUNTING KIDS 2013 Michael C. Murphy Director, Fiscal Auditing Kansas Department of Education Look here for corresponding KIDS Collection values. Additional info in the Enrollment Handbook

2 Who do I count? Student’s must be “Enrolled & Attending” on September 20. Enrolled (Paperwork) Attendance - Rules determined by type of school Traditional Alternative Virtual Page 2

3 Attendance rules Traditional Rule #1 Must be attending on September 20. If absent on September 20 Rule #1a Must attend one day prior to September 20, AND one day after September 20 but on or before October 4.

4 Attendance rules Alternative Must attend a minimum of two days, which can be… 1. September 20 and any day before within the current school year, or 2. September 20 and any day after, on or before October 4, or 3. Any day before September 20 and any day after September 20 but on or before October 4. Page 11

5 Attendance rules Virtual Must attend minimum of two days, One day must be on or before September 19 One day must be on or after September 20, but on or before October 4. Virtual attendance logs must be signed on or before Nov. 1 Page 12

6 Enrolled & Attending No school on September 20 Regular Count day moves to the next school day. If some schools open, some closed, count day does not move. Alternative & Virtual If district’s regular count day has moved, Alternative and Virtual school days move accordingly. Something to look forward to: 9/20/14 (Saturday), 9/20/15 (Sunday)

7 Minutes Enrolled ENRL records through KIDS Single most important ENRL data field. Used to calculate Full Time Equivalency (FTE) FTE = minutes enrolled / 360, rounded to one decimal Minutes Enrolled of zero, student not counted. No other weightings apply Must be 18 minutes to generate.1 FTE (18 / 360 =.05 rounded to.1) (17 / 360 =.047 rounds to 0) D24 – Minutes Enrolled

8 Minutes Enrolled Special Education – Counted Full time regardless of minutes* D32 – Primary Disability Code and/or D33 – Gifted Student *Exception, special education student enrolled in two districts, and one enrollment is in a virtual school. Special Education loses its full time status and student will need minutes enrolled of at least 18 to generate.1 Auditor will have to make this change to your enrollment, be prepared to lose FTE if this case arises in your district. D32 – Primary Disability Code, D33 – Gifted Student Page 4

9 Bell Schedule Time in class Passing period (if passing) Mid-morning and/or mid- afternoon recess <= 15 min. Can’t count lunch and passing period back from lunch Can’t count breaks (passing periods >10 minutes) D24 – Minutes Enrolled Additional examples Pages 5-7

10 Part-time student Attending periods 1-2-3 8:00 – 10:45 = 165 52+5+52+5+51 = 165 Attending periods 1 & 3 52 + 51 = 103 Attending periods 1-5 8:00 – 1:13 = 313 – 35 (lunch and passing) = 278 D24 – Minutes Enrolled Additional examples Pages 5-7

11 Part-time Kindergarten? Kindergarten students enrolled at private school receiving non-special education services from public school, such as Title I Use KIDS grade 05 (Kindergarten) Kindergarten students with less than 150 minutes enrolled will have FTE calculated based on 360 minute divisor. Non-Graded (KIDS grade 18) is for adults only.

12 Minutes Enrolled Alternative Schools Find two longest days, report the shortest of the two Virtual School A. Find longest day on or before September 19 B. Find longest day on or after September 20, but on or before October 4 (A + B) / 2 = Minutes Enrolled Note: A or B cannot exceed 360 minutes

13 KIDS Report for Duplicate Students Students in Multiple Schools Report in KIDS

14 Age Requirements KIDS: 01 3 on or before 9/20 (9/20/10) 3-year-old Preschool KIDS: 02 4 on or before 8/31 (8/31/09) 4-year-old Preschool KIDS: 03 5 on or before 8/31 (8/31/08) 5-year-old Preschool KIDS: 04 4 on or before 8/31 (8/31/09) 4–year- old At-Risk KIDS: 05 5 on or before 8/31 (8/31/08) Kindergarten KIDS: 06 6 on or before 8/31 (8/31/07) 1 st Grade D9 – Date of Birth D10 – Current Grade Level Page 2

15 Age Requirements Exception for Kindergarten Student must have legally entered Kindergarten while a resident of another state. Exception for grade 1 If the student had legally entered and completed Kindergarten while a resident of another state. Page 3

16 Homebound Service must be supplied by licensed teacher. Must document date and subject(s) for which instruction is being provided. Determine minutes enrolled based on student’s schedule as if student was attending in person. Page 8

17 Juvenile Detention Centers Double funding with no weightings 9/20 data submitted with ENRL records Count based on highest enrollment on three dates September 20, 2013 November 20, 2013 April 21, 2014 (4/20 is a Sunday) Students counted at JDC on 9/20 are not countable in regular enrollment in home district. D15 – Funding School = 0003 Page 8

18 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Options to count students 1. Use JDC rules, double funded, no weightings, no Special Ed aid, three count days (limited to bed count) 2. Single funded, all weightings including SPED are available. Decision must be made when submitting ENRL records D15 = 0003 for JDC, district office bldg # for regular D15 – Funding School Page 9

19 Military 2 nd Count – February 20 Military dependent students who enrolled after the September count date and who were enrolled and attending February 20, 2014 Attend 2/20/14 or one day before but on or after 2/1/14 AND one day after but on or before 3/4/14. District must have 25 FTE or 1% of September 20 adjusted enrollment. Data submitted on MILT Collection. Virtual students do not qualify. Current provision extended to June 30, 2018. Page 9

20 Kansas Academy of Math & Science Students are not eligible for weightings, not included in adjusted enrollment. Funding School (D15) = District Office Bldg # Accountability School (D2) = High School where student would have attended in your district. Attendance School (D16) = 9100 (Fort Hays State University) Minutes Enrolled (D24) = 300 Concurrent Enrollment (D25) = 3 D15 – Funding School, D2 - Accountability School, D16 – Attendance School Page 10

21 Concurrent Enrollment Students who are also enrolled in a post-secondary program 1=Technical School or CTE course at Community College 2=Community College (Academic) 3=State University 4=Private college or Other Post-secondary 5=High School approved CTE program held off campus Changes FTE denominator to 300 minutes D25 – Concurrent High School Enrollment Page 10

22 College Attendance

23 Adult Students Adult = Cohort class has graduated. Does not include 5 th year seniors. Transcript Analysis Graduation Plan Must show 25% of classes. Enrolled in High School Credit classes Page 14

24 Attendance Records

25 Issues with Moving Count Day

26 Alternative & Virtual Attendance

27 4 Year Old At-risk Must be 4 years old on or before 8/31, not of Kindergarten age AND have one qualifier. Free Lunch Status Single Parent (on date of enrollment) SRS referral Teen Parent (on child’s DOB) Parent lacking diploma or GED Migrant (COE on File) Limited English Proficiency Developmentally or academically delayed. Page 15

28 Students to look for Check with your Special Education staff or Coop staff for students receiving SPED service In your district, but not at a school (pre-school) At a private school in your district Home school or private school receiving service in your school. Attending in another district due to coop placement. AND Students attending in your district from another district due to coop placement. (Other district counts.)

29 Regular Education Students Title I students receiving services in your building OR at a private school. Part-time students coming from home school or private school. (Band, vocal, computer) Must have daily average minutes enrolled of 18 or more. (90 minutes a week.) Students attending a technical school, or college.

30 Removing a Student To remove a student that you have incorrectly counted, submit new ENRL record with minutes enrolled = 0 You may also have to submit an EXIT record D24 – Minutes Enrolled

31 Adjusted Enrollment Highest count, does not include virtual or 4 year old at-risk A. Current year enrollment B. Prior year enrollment C. 3 year average enrollment Current Year, Prior Year and 2 nd Prior Year Highest number PLUS current year 4 year old at-risk.

32 At-Risk Weighting Based on student’s status in the National School Lunch Program 0 = Paid 1 = Reduced 2 = Free Funding provided for each student marked as FREE # Free X.456 Example, 265 X.456 = 120.8 D31: Eligibility for National School Lunch Program

33 At-Risk Weighting Please be prepared to supply documentation to support Free status Lunch Application (2013-14 or 2012-13 if using carryover provision) Direct Certification Lists Migrant Certificate of Eligibility Certification from homeless coordinator Page 17

34 At-risk weighting Changes due to verification Auditor will request copy of NSLP verification Verification required of all NSLP programs Student’s lunch status changes are retro-active to September 20 for funding purposes No change to the way NSLP changes status Page 17

35 High Density At-Risk Automatically calculated by KSDE A function based on At-Risk Weighting Use free lunch percentage for current year ONLY. Free Lunch Percentage = # of student counted in At-Risk / Adjusted Enrollment Weighting ≥ 50% =.105 >35% and <50% =computed, percent -.35 X.7 >35% and Student Density >212.1 =.105 <35% = 0 Student Density = Adjusted Enrollment / Square Miles of District Page 18

36 New Facilities Weighting Not included in KIDS, report on SO66 District must have minimum 25% LOB Weighting available for 2 years. Entirely new building Addition to existing school. Page 18

37 New Facilities Weighting Kindergarten includes 5 Special Ed students 20 X.5 = 10 + 5 = 15 Grade 1 includes 2 private school students attending for Title I for daily average of 30 min =.1 20 @ 1.0 + 2 @.1 Student counted in this building but attending elsewhere Report this number on SO66

38 New Facilities Weighting Compute average number of students in room Elementary Schools may require much smaller increments of time and multiple days. Block schedules may require to count multiple days. Add up all the new rooms and enter on SO66

39 Bilingual (ESOL) Weighting Student must have been tested into the program. Home Language Survey Tested into program Stays in program until tested Fluent for 2 years OR School Improvement Team recommends student exited from services D40: ESOL Bilingual Student Contact Minutes Page 22

40 Bilingual (ESOL) Weighting ESOL services provided by “Qualified Teacher” Holds Kansas ESOL endorsement Has Kansas ESOL waiver Has Kansas ESOL provisional license Passed the PRAXIS and applied for endorsement prior to September 20. Has ESOL Endorsement Plan of Study Not valid if teaching ESOL class Have not exceeded 5 years on plan Plan start date = First Day of first class Plans starting after 9/20/13 have only 3 years to get endorsement. Making annual progress Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Fall 2013 or Spring 2014

41 Bilingual (ESOL) Weighting Report number of minutes of service received from qualified teacher or para supervised by qualified teacher. Minutes can not exceed 360 per student, grades 1-12 Minutes can not exceed 180 per student, pre-school, 4 year old at-risk or Kindergarten. Total minutes ÷ 60 = Hours ÷ 6 X.395 D40: ESOL Bilingual Student Contact Minutes

42 Career and Technical Education Course Code must match Career Cluster Pathways Code Report minutes in class Block Schedule, report average minutes per day. Minutes can not exceed 360 per student. Minutes for CTE classes at Technical College or Community College are NOT included. D41: Career & Technical Education Contact Minutes Page 25

43 Career & Technical Education Student enrolled Tech Ed classes period 1 & 5 Tech Ed minutes = 52 + 52 = 104 D41: Career & Technical Education Contact Minutes Page 26

44 Tech Ed Seminar Reported on PBR, not in KIDS Period of day set aside to allow students access to teachers for help. Average minutes per day / number of classes in full time schedule = seminar minutes X number of students in Tech Ed classes* *Excluding OJT, IHT Page 26

45 Tech Ed Seminar Seminar held during 5 th period, total enrollment = 147 52 / 6 = 8.6 = 9 9 X 147 = 1,323 minutes added for seminar

46 Career & Technical Education Funding calculation Total minutes = Individual minutes from KIDS + Seminar time reported on PBR Total minutes ÷ 60 = Hours Hours ÷ 6 X.5

47 Transportation – Miles Transported Report one-way mileage for any student transported at district expense Measure from “front door of house to front door of school” to the nearest tenth* *Do not round mileage, for example 2.47 should be reported as 2.4 miles Report miles of zero if Riding a Special Education funded bus Student who is “homebound” Student is not transported at district expense D43: Miles Transported Page 27

48 Transportation - FTE Rides bus home to school & school to home FTE = 1.0 Rides only one way =.5 Rides a special education funded bus = 0 Student is “homebound” = 0 Private school students who are also enrolled in public school are limited to the enrollment FTE of the student. Report resident district in D3 – Residence District Identifier Non-resident students are not funded. D44: Transportation FTE Page 27

49 Transportation Other required KIDS items D45 – Student’s Transportation Street Address Do not use PO Box # D46 – Student’s Transportation City Above two items are also required for virtual students. D47 – Student’s Transportation Zip Code Zip Code required for all students. D48 – Non-Resident Transportation

50 Non-resident Transportation Student must live 2.5 miles or more from the school they would attend in their home district. District where student attends must present paperwork to district of residence. Not eligible if district has territory in Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee, or Wyandotte counties. Page 28

51 Virtual Weighting KIDS Codes Blank or zero – Not a virtual student 1 – Currently a virtual student 2 – Not currently a virtual student but has been during the year 3 – Currently a virtual student AND enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement class D17: Virtual Education Student Page 29

52 Virtual Weighting Advanced Placement Not eligible under the following conditions 1. Student’s resident district offers the AP class. 2. Resident district has less than 260.0 enrollment FTE AND has square miles of less than 200.

53 Virtual Weighting 3 parts Enrollment Enrollment FTE X 1.05 Non-Proficient Must have approved virtual at-risk program Number of non-proficient students X.25 AP.08 for each semester Spring semester submitted in MILT collection in March.

54 Help This link takes you to all Fiscal Auditing documents including the Enrollment Handbook Technical Help KIDS Help Desk 785.296.7935 Questions Audit issues 785.296.4976 Fiscal Auditing

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