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1 45th Annual Oratorical Chairpersons Conference.

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1 1 45th Annual Oratorical Chairpersons Conference

2 2015 Conference Objectives Educate Educate our contest staff on how to conduct the contest correctly, with proper tabulation, and procedures. Ensure contest uniformity and consistency. Ensure that our contests are the same for everyone and every time. Continue to increase contest participation. Opportunity to evaluate National and Department procedures 2

3 2015 Conference Agenda Review 3

4 Welcome & Greetings 4

5 2014 Contests In Review 5

6 2014 National Finals Contests in Review National Champion Ashwath Kumar (MO) 2nd Place Brandon Posner (PA ) 3rd Place -- Ellen Densmore of (CO) 6

7 2014 National Finals Contest In Review 2014 Semi-Finalists: Ashwath Kumar (MO) Brandon Posner (PA) Ellen Densmore (CO) Caitlyn Crowder (AR) Phoebe Petrovic (CT) Elizabeth Barahona (FL) Jana Minich (IN) Emma Schalk (ME) Astha Berry (WI) 7

8 2014 National Finals Contest In Review 53 Department Finalists competed in the National Finals – Mexico did not hold a Department Contest 4 Repeat contestants from 2013 14 Home-schooled contestants Saturday evening contestant “pizza-party and social mixer” was once again a HUGE SUCCESS!! Department of Missouri…..3PEAT? 8

9 2014 National Finals Contest In Review The rewards are enormous in terms of memories, friendships, knowledge gained & Scholarships received Goal of the contest operation is invisibility therefore letting the contestants shine through 9

10 2014 National Finals Contest In Review After Action Results: Overall, great event! Wyndham, great venue! Outstanding volunteer and staff contributions! 10

11 College Oratorical College “How to Conduct the Oratorical Contest” Mr. Anthony Paternostro (NY) Department of New York Oratorical Chairman Resources: Videos (1-9 & 11) briefing.pdf briefing.pdf 11

12 Oratorical College Department Final Contests SHALL CONFORM with National Contest procedures, rules & regulations It is strongly recommended that ALL contests follow the National Contest procedures, rules & regulations. 12

13 Oratorical College National Finals Contest Scholarships: 1st -- $18,000 2nd -- $16,000 3rd -- $14,000 Semi Finals -- $1,500 Quarter Finals -- $1,500 And an all-expensed paid trip to Baltimore, Maryland, August 28 th – September 1 st, 2015. In Baltimore the National Champion and his or her chaperone will be honored at The American Legion National Convention as part of the American Legion Youth Champions delegation. 13

14 Oratorical College National Finals Contest Scholarships May be used to attend any college or university in the United States or possession Eight years to use the scholarship after it has been awarded 14

15 Oratorical College Prepared Oration Contestants MAY have a copy of their Prepared Oration in the First Holding Room They will leave the copy behind after commencing the contest!! 15

16 Oratorical College Prepared Oration Eight to ten minutes in length Assigned Topic Discourse Three to five minutes in length 16

17 Oratorical College Props The United States flag is considered to be a prop if contestant were to grope or grasp the flag. Simply pointing at the flag is NOT considered using it as a prop. Dressing in a costume is considered to be a prop No medals from previous competitions. 17

18 Oratorical College Judges WILL be seated in DIFFERENT LOCATIONS in the contest facility. WILL NOT be identified in advance to the Contestants!! Resources: dges_briefing.pdf dges_briefing.pdf 18

19 Oratorical College Tools to help you “The Contest on” How to Conduct the Oratorical Contest National Finals Contest Judges Briefing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) Rules Brochure Chairman’s Guide Promotional Brochure Program Webpage National Staff Do not hesitate to call, write, or send an e-mail 19

20 Oratorical College Printed program publications The Rules Brochure, Chairman’s Guide and the Promotional Brochure are bulk-shipped to the Department Headquarters by the middle of June. It is the responsibility of the Department Headquarters to distribute as they see fit. 20

21 Oratorical College Summary Helpful Hints Questions? Parking Lot Issues? 21

22 Tabulation and Tie Breaking Procedures (Tabulation & Tie-breaking Procedures on Excel Contest Scoring & Tabulation) Jan Scott (AK) Department of Alaska Oratorical Chairperson 22

23 Tabulation Procedures Five judges are designated as PRIMARY; the other two judges are ALTERNATES. The more the merrier! Discussion of methods to determine the primary and alternate judges. Whatever method is used ensure at least two people are involved in the process! When to use alternates? Let’s hear from you! 23

24 Tabulation Procedures Number the judges scorecards 1 – 5 for the five primary judges Write a BIG “A” on the alternate judges’ scorecards!! ONLY the FIVE PRIMARY JUDGES’ SCORECARDS ARE USED TO DETERMINE A WINNER!!!! 24

25 Tabulation Procedures Record of Choice on Judge’s Score Card – Highest # of Final Total Points is the 1 st place winner and so on This data is transcribed to the Tabulation Card for each respective judge in the Contestant Record of Choice Block 25

26 Tabulation Procedures Contest Tabulation Process WILL be done in private NO CONTESTANTS, COACHES, PARENTS in the same room Don’t sacrifice accuracy for contest expediency! 26

27 Judges Score Card 27

28 Tabulation Card 28

29 Tabulation Procedures The National Americanism Commission STRONGLY recommends that Departments consider the use of the Excel Spreadsheet Tabulation Program for the scoring and tabulation of the Department Oratorical Finals Contest. 29

30 Excel Spreadsheet Tabulation Program 30

31 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 31

32 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 32

33 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 33

34 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 34

35 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 35

36 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 36

37 Two - Way Tie - Breaker 37

38 Three - Way Tie - Breaker 38

39 Three - Way Tie - Breaker 39

40 Second Place Winner? 40

41 Second Place Winner? 41

42 Second Place Winner? 42

43 Second Place Winner? 43

44 Second Place Winner? 44

45 Second Place Winner? 45 1

46 Four - Way Tie - Breaker 46 For National Contest, decided by meeting of all judges! May vary for Post and Department level Contest! Let’s hear from you!

47 Tabulation Exercises 47

48 Who is the Winner? 48

49 Who is the Winner? 49

50 Who is the Winner? 50

51 Who is the Winner? 51

52 Who is the Winner? 52

53 Who is the Winner? 53

54 Who is the Winner? 54

55 Who is the Winner? 55

56 Who is the Winner? 56

57 Who is the Winner? 57

58 Who is the Winner? 58

59 Who is the Winner? 59

60 Who is the Winner? 60

61 Who is the Winner? 61

62 Who is the Winner? 62

63 Who is the Winner? 63

64 Who is the Winner? 64

65 Who is the Winner? 65

66 Who is the Winner? 66

67 Who is the Winner? 67

68 Who is the Winner? 68

69 Who is the Winner? 69

70 Who is the Winner? 70

71 Who is the Winner? 71

72 Who is the Winner? 72

73 Who is the Winner? 73

74 Who is the Winner? 74

75 Who is the Winner? 75

76 Who is the Winner? 76

77 Who is the Winner? 77

78 Who is the Winner? 78

79 Who is the Winner? 79

80 Who is the Winner? 80

81 Who is the Winner? 81

82 Who is the Winner? 82

83 Who is the Winner? 83

84 Who is the Winner? 84

85 Who is the Winner? 85

86 Who is the Winner? 86

87 Who is the Winner? 87

88 Who is the Winner? 88

89 Who is the Winner? 89

90 Who is the Winner? 90

91 Who is the Winner? 91

92 Who is the Winner? 92

93 Who is the Winner? 93

94 Who is the Winner? 94

95 Who is the Winner? 95

96 Who is the Winner? 96

97 Who is the Winner? 97

98 Who is the Winner? 98

99 Summary Best Practices? Questions? Parking Lot Issues? Resources: Tabulation & Tie-breaking Procedures on Excel Contest Scoring & Tabulation 99

100 How To Promote Your Contest Mr. Duane Benton (MO) Department of Missouri Oratorical Chairman 100

101 Today’s High-School Student Access to smart phones 89 % — high school students (grades 9–12) 73 % — middle school students (grades 6–8) Project Tomorrow, Speak Up survey (of 3.4 million students, teachers, administrators and parents) (last quarter 2013) 101

102 Electronic Promotion 102 “Everything is online. Everyone is online. The Internet is where we all go for information about everything. If you’re not online, you don’t exist. Even if you’ve done OK without a website, times change. Just because it’s worked so far, doesn’t mean it will continue to work for you.“ Ken Mueller, author

103 Does Your Program Exist? “State and local oratorical contests” Four states do not have a website Six states get an “error” message Ten states link to the main Department site, which has no information on the Oratorical program 103

104 Do You Tell How To Enter? No hint, really – ? Give contact – 19 states Give form – 13 states Electronic entry – 3 states 104

105 Electronic Entry Is Free. CoffeeCup Web Form Builder Lite 105

106 monthly active Facebook users in USA 201 million four times Twitter boosting facebook? 106

107 Get Organized A chair in each Post (adjutant by default) in each county in each district A supportive commission/committee 107

108 Care and Feeding recruit, recruit, recruit regular training sessions encourage support congratulate 108

109 Schools – In Person contact visit get in front of students speech & debate clubs – awards – tourneys school newspaper government/civics classes parent clubs (PTA) 109

110 Posts Auxiliary Unit SAL Squadron Community-based Organizations Past Participants Other Youth Groups Churches Coaches/Counselors/Teachers Promoting Contests – Allies 110

111 National Speech & Debate Association NS&DA Mission: We connect, support, and inspire individuals and schools devoted to giving students access to speech and debate. Together, we give youth a voice. Current Sponsor Targeted promotion. Auto qualification to National Championships. Sponsorship recognition in NS&DA publications. 111

112 112

113 How To Promote Your Contest Summary Best Practices? Questions? Parking Lot Issues? 113

114 2015 National Finals Contest Planning & Arrangements David King (KY) Oratorical Conference Chairman Shayne Abrahams Sr. (IN) Assistant Director, Americanism Division 114

115 2015 National Finals Contest Dates April 10 th - 12 th Wyndham Indianapolis West Travel date is Friday, April 10th Certification of Department winner due to National Headquarters by MARCH 10! 115

116 2015 Contest Administrative Requirements Certification of Department Winner reporting form will be e-mailed mid November 2014 to both the Department Chairman and the Adjutant Other contest forms that need to be completed by the Department Winner will be e-mailed to the winner upon receipt of Department Winner form. Department contest dates to Mishelle Evans at conclusion of today's session! 116

117 2015 Contest Administrative Requirements Contestants only need to submit a digital copy of their prepared oration. Email to in Word or.pdf format. Submit complete text – no notes or outline. 117

118 2015 National Finals Contest Travel Requirements Contestants will agree by signing the travel consent form to arrive Friday, April 10 th Once flight is booked, contestants are financially obligated. Travel arrangements are made by National Headquarters, not the Dept., not the Contestant Beware of Custody issues! (NC – 2012) 118

119 2015 National Finals Contest Travel Requirements We will try to fly contestant and chaperone from the airport as designated on the Certification of Winner form; however if a more reasonable airfare can be obtained from a near-by larger airport we will use this airport for travel and reimburse mileage 119

120 2015 National Finals Contest Travel Requirements We can make airline reservations for other family members, etc. that desire to attend the National Finals Additional form is included with the Certification of Winner reporting forms & contestant instructions to capture this information 120

121 2015 National Finals Contest Travel Requirements A 400-mile limit/arrive by 4:00 p.m. requirement continues to be in place for those contestants that desire to drive – we are flexible with this requirement on a case-by-case basis (APPROVAL MUST STILL BE GRANTED BY NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS TO THOSE THAT DESIRE TO DRIVE!) This a National Americanism Commission mandated requirement 121

122 2015 National Finals Contest Travel Requirements Contestants MUST be accompanied by a CHAPERONE!! (Standing Resolution) We still pay $18.00/day per diem to BOTH the contestant and chaperone ($4.50 per quarter day) Mileage rate $.18 per mile to either the contestant or chaperone -- not both 122

123 2015 National Finals Contest pairing bracket drawn by the Youth Activities Subcommittee and approved by the National Americanism Commission during the 2014 Spring Meetings. 123

124 2015 Contest Pairings Bracket 124

125 Future Dates - National Finals April 10 th – 12 th, 2015 April 15 th – 17 th, 2016 April 21 st – 23 rd, 2017 125

126 Future Dates – Oratorical Chairman's Conference 126 September 24 th – 25 th,2016 September 23 rd – 24 th,2017 September 29 th – 30 th,2018

127 American Legion Scouting 127 On October the 24 th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm (ET), the American Legions Americanism Division will conduct its second annual Scouting Chairman’s Conference Session. This year’s conference session will be held via TELEPHONE CONFERENCE CALL and is for all American Legion Scouting Department Chairmen and or their designees. The cost of the conference call is free and conference agenda topics will include; updates from your National Headquarters staff, updates from your American Legion Boys Scouts of America liaison, and opportunities for you to dialogue with other departments! To register, please follow the below link. ce ce

128 Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program 128 SPREAD THE WORD!

129 45th Annual Oratorical Chairperson Conference Open Forum & Parking Lot Issues David King (KY) Oratorical Conference Chairman 129

130 Post Everlasting Service 130

131 For the good of The American Legion 131

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