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Virginia’s Statewide TOC and ATMS Contract Kenneth King, Jr., P.E. Regional Operations Director Southwest Region.

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1 Virginia’s Statewide TOC and ATMS Contract Kenneth King, Jr., P.E. Regional Operations Director Southwest Region

2 The Everyday Story of Operations

3 Virginia 3

4 VDOT’s Operations Program ■Core to VDOT’s mission ■Traffic Engineering & Operations -Central Office Divisions -Five Regional Offices ■Customer focused -Maximize system reliability -Maintain access ■Planned and real-time execution -Situational awareness -Information sharing

5 5

6 VDOT’s Statewide Operations Program TOC Components Five Regions and TOCs Northern (Fairfax) Eastern (VA Beach) Central (Richmond) Northwest (Staunton) Southwest (Salem) Transportation Operations Center Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Hardware Software Communications Equipment Cameras Message Signs Portable Message Signs Weather StationsShoulder/Lane ControlTraffic DetectorsRamp MetersHOV GatesOverheight DetectionHighway Advisory Radio (HAR)

7 VDOT’s Statewide Operations Program Operations Statistics System Mileage Interstate – 1,120 Primary – 7,996 Secondary - 48,809 7 Tunnels 11 Moveable Bridges 3 Ferries Over 2,700 field devices Over 338 miles of VDOT fiber 50 SSP patrol routes covering 503 miles of Interstate 30 routes/250 miles are 24/7 4 th Generation Statewide 511 Program Phone, Web, Mobile App Sponsorship/Revenue Generation

8 Current State Overview ■Two Advanced Traffic Management Systems ■Separate system for handling incidents/weather events ■VDOT had 11 contracts for SSP, TOC Control Room Floor, ITS Maintenance and ATMS services ■Different requirements and performance measures ■Only Staunton and Salem shared contracts together ■Only 2 TOC’s interoperable, Staunton and Salem ■No statewide contract to implement new technology/innovations ■Tools and technology work well, but not cohesive ■Mix of state employees and contractors providing services, but not uniformly

9 Major Project Objectives ■Leading industry partner for statewide consistency of services ■Select strong, innovative, experienced, and financially stable industry partners ■Contracting flexibility for new innovations, new deployment and initiatives (technology & service) ■Foster SWAM/DBE involvement

10 Project Scope and Approach  6 Major Service Categories: 1.Safety Service Patrol 2.TOC Floor Operations 3.ITS Field Maintenance 4.Statewide ATMS Solution &Tech Support 5.Program Management and Governance 6.General Support Services  Competitive Negotiation Procurement  Contract - 6 year term with three, 2 year renewals  July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2019  Performance Based Contract

11 Procurement Process  Major Milestones  RFI January 2012 – Advertisement July 10, 2012  Proposals from 4 Offerors on Nov 14, 2012  Extensive selection process based on criteria in RFP  Included: Oral Presentations, Site Visits, Negotiations, Demonstrations, Reference Checks and Financial capacity reviews  Selected Serco  Developed a custom contract to clarify contract terms, manage risk, and facilitate contract administration  Transition services over 180 days

12 Proposed Innovations Innovations  Interoperability among centers  Modernize technology on road and software  Establish statewide process to review and implement new technologies/innovations.  Enhanced SSP and Severe Incident Response Vehicles for quick clearance  Network Operations Center to improve device availability  Improve monitoring and communications to public  Statewide Training Academy for TOC staff  Real-time monitoring & operation of arterials - traffic signals

13 Staffing  Program Management and Governance  Program Oversight at Statewide Level  Day to day management and execution at Regional Level  VDOT and Contractor Point of Contact  Statewide Level  VDOT Statewide TOC and ATMS Program Manager  SERCO Statewide Program Manager  Regional Level  VDOT Regional Traffic Operations Manager (RTOM)  SERCO Regional Project Manager

14 14 Diverse Governance Committee Strategic Thought Leadership Statewide Governance Committee Serco VDOT Central Office Ops VDOT Other VDOT Field Ops Statewide Team

15 Contract Cost and Major Terms ■Contract Cost (initial 6 years) - $355.8 M ■VDOT - $19.8 M over 6 yrs ■Payment and Performance Bond ■Exit Escrow ■Technology Escrow ■Federally eligible and full oversight by FHWA ■Performance measures with tiered disincentives to maintain optimal performance - Response time for SSP, VMS, 511 entry, ITS maintenance.

16 Procurement Lessons Learned ■Executive Level Support needed ■Hire full-time Project Manager with staff ■Relieve Procurement Team from day-to-day assignments ■Involve legal counsel early ■Obtain procurement consultant support ■Exit planning is critical ■Provide ample time for negotiations ■Off-site negotiations facility with sufficient working space ■Improve communications - those not directly involved ■Do we need all these deliverables? ■Document management and control.

17 Status Contract Standup  Contract began effective July 1, 2013  Held key leadership retreat June 3/4  Established statewide transition team  Status of Serco Deliverables  60 of 62 deliverables submitted on-time  VDOT approved 59 of 62 deliverables (3 under review)  Serco established key PMO and Regional leadership  Serco established a strong partnership with VDOT leadership  VDOT and Serco jointly developed business processes

18 Status Contract Standup  Significant staffing changes for VDOT, Incumbents and Serco  Substantial document development and management  VDOT continues to evolve statewide approach  Serco has assumed Operational responsibilities in Staunton, NOVA, Salem, & Hampton Roads. Richmond final transition is scheduled for December 7 th.  Contract scope/scale allows Serco to standup dedicated PMO office, near VDOT Offices

19 Operations Performance Measures Measures  Travel Time Reliability Index  Annual Hours of Delay  Incident Duration  HOV Performance

20 20 Operations Performance Measures

21 Kenneth H. King, Jr., P.E. Southwest Region Operations Director

22 Active Traffic Management (ATM) in Virginia Kenneth H. King, Jr., P.E. Southwest Region Operations Director

23 ATM Precursors in Virginia Woodrow Wilson Bridge Work Zone Variable Speed Limits Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Variable Speed Limits I-66 and I-264 Hard Shoulder Running

24 Application of ATM to I-66 Corridor Project Scope District of Columbia (Exit 74) to Gainesville (US-29) 34 mile corridor with diverse needs and characteristics including suburban, urban, bidirectional peaks, transit, HOV, and ride sharing Assortment of ATM treatments in a two-stage design-build process

25 ATM Display Concept Between ½ mile to 1 mile spacing (1 Kilometer to 1.5 Kilometer) Example with HOV Lane, No Shoulder Running Example with HOV Lane and Shoulder Running

26 26 I-66 ATM Procurement & Schedule Eight teams submitted Statement of Qualifications (Dec 2011) Short listed three teams, released Design-Build RFP (April 2012) Project awarded to Transcore (January 2013) Contract award: $34M; Original estimate: $32M Scope Validation & Design underway, break ground May 2013 ATM full Start-Up: Early 2015 (interim deliverables include ramp metering and additional CCTV/DMS) Additional info available at:

27 Active Traffic & Safety Management System Primary goal: Improve safety of travel along Fancy Gap Mountain Secondary goal: Increase operational efficiency of travel along the corridor

28 I-77 at Fancy Gap Mountain

29 Significant Incidents Fancy Gap on November 16, 2010 75 vehicles, 2 fatalities, 16 injuries Foggy conditions Active Traffic & Safety Management System

30 Most recent crash on I-77 Fancy Gap Mountain: ­ Easter Sunday 2013, 1:00 pm ­ 3 fatalities, 25 injuries ­ 17 separate accidents ­ 95 vehicles Active Traffic & Safety Management System

31 Proposed Countermeasures ­ Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Signs ­ Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) ­ Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) Cameras ­ Visibility Detection Systems (VDS) ­ Entry Control Gates ­ Additional Pavement Markings and Markers Active Traffic & Safety Management System



34 Next Steps Toward Implementation on I-77 ­ Complete System Requirements and High-Level Design ­ Complete System Verification and Validation Plan ­ Completed 30% Design with Special Provisions ­ RFP Released for Design-Build Contract September 2013 ­ Bids received November 2013 ­ Projected December Award Active Traffic & Safety Management System

35 Active Traffic Management (ATM) in Virginia Kenneth H. King, Jr., P.E. Southwest Region Operations Director

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