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1 (Company Name) (Customer Name) (Date) ACCEL Super Coil # 140032 Promotional Plan $528 Million Opportunity.

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1 1 (Company Name) (Customer Name) (Date) ACCEL Super Coil # 140032 Promotional Plan $528 Million Opportunity

2 2 Key Topics Market Size The Performance Advantages of ACCEL SuperCoil # 140032 Beneficial Consumer Price Restructuring POS & Growth In-Store Promotional Opportunities National Promotional Plans Developing Exponential Sales Growth

3 3 Market Size Consumers will spend an estimate $528MM on COP coils next year. The replacement rate for COPs should increase annually as these engines age. These Are The Facts: 1. There are approximately 240 million passenger vehicles on the road today. ACCEL makes ignition coils for nearly half of them. (113 MM.) We make coils for 70% of pre-1998 model year passenger vehicles. 2. More than half of the vehicles on the road today require coil-on-plug (COP) technology. We make coils for 39% of vehicles requiring COP. 3. 10% Target Market Share = $52.8 Million # of Vehicles Avg. # of Coils per Event # of Coils Avg. Consumer Price Market Size *COP replacement opportunity1.7MM23.4MM$23$78MM **COP performance opportunity1.6MM4.47.5MM$60$450MM Total3.3MM 10.9MM $528MM *Based on IMR replacement rate data for all COP applications on the road today **Based on ACCEL Performance Group market research

4 4 ACCEL Super Coil # 140032 Advantages 1. Up to 15% more spark energy 2. 550 degree boot rating 3. Specialized construction resists shock and vibration 4. Better throttle response 5. Maximum fuel mileage 6. Direct fit for high performance and OE replacement 7. OBD-II computer compatible 8. Unmistakable ACCEL performance YELLOW 9. Proprietary design by ACCEL 10. Ultimate performance

5 5 Additional Benefits of the #140032-8 Program The “NEW” package size allows you to save 50% of the space you would have to use if you stocked with only single coils The largest opportunity: The “up-sell” right here, right now! Consumers do not have to worry about when the next coil will fail, when they will make an additional trip and paying for or doing an additional install. It can all be handled at one time for 25% less money than replacing one coil at a time.

6 6 Restructured Pricing & Price Comparison # 140032# 140032-8 New AAP Cost($00.00) ($000.00) Suggested Retail Price($00.00) ($000.00) Margin Dollars($00.00) ($000.00) Margin % (00%) (00%) ACCELMSDPertronixBWD Single Coil #140032824230721E262 Selling Price$00.00 8 Coil Pack #140032-88242830728N/A Selling PriceN/A$000.00N/A SAMPLE

7 140032-8 Part #PriceQuote Current Retail Current Margin Future Retail Future MarginRollout Annual Sales Sales at Cost Extended Retail Extended Margin $ 140032-8 7 (COMPANY) POS & Growth PROJECTIONS: 2013 Units2014 YTD UnitsStore CountAnnual Turns 140032 00,000 0,000 00.00 YTD 2013 COST $ YTD 2014 COST $ $ Difference% Growth 140032 $00,000 $ 0,000 00% SAMPLE

8 8 ACCEL Super Coil 140032-8 New Packaging New 8-pack packaging: Smaller in size, saves space Not bulk packed with 8 individual boxes inside Box only for the 140032-8, not multiple part numbers Information on all 4 sides to grab consumer’s attention

9 9 National Promotions Full Page, Customized Advertising in Print Media including: 5.0 Mustang Muscle Mustangs Fast Fords NMRA Race Pages Truckin’ Off Road Social Media ACCEL Coil Challenge at NMRA Races with event coverage Video on installation & comparison against OE connected to the print ad QR code Email communication to our database (200K+) with the video link Forum Support including Mercury Grand Marquee, Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Cars, Ford F150, Ford Mustang Forums Public Relations Campaign A release with the advantages and comparison video will be sent to a segmented media list. Follow ups will include product samples.

10 10

11 11 Promotional Timeline (Mo. 1)(Mo. 2)(Mo. 3)(Mo. 4)(Mo. 5)(Mo. 6) (Pub. A) (Pub. B) (Pub. C) (Pub. D) Race Pages Ad Store Signage Available Coil Challenge at Race Video Release Social Media Posts Email Campaign Press Release Media Samples Forum Support SAMPLE

12 12 Summary The ACCEL Supercoil # 140032 outperforms OEM Price restructuring has been set to grow your margins National promotional plans are in place to drive coil interest In store promotional opportunities are designed to up- sell There is great sales growth potential: $52.8 Million Opportunity!

13 13 Thank You for Your Time Additional Questions?

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