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GPSS Funding Workshop Shaunita Ervin

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1 GPSS Funding Workshop Shaunita Ervin
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration Mendenhall 214 A

2 Request There should be ONE form per conference per organization
All request should be put in at least 6 weeks before the event. Travel should be requested 6 weeks in advance NO alcoholic beverages No abbreviations (BGSA)

3 Request Process Submit request Wait for approval
After notification of approval contact Shaunita Ervin to proceed with request.

4 Fiscal Year Deadlines The fiscal year ends June 30, Any event or travel request after June 1, 2014 will be taken out of funds.

5 Event funding request & supplies





10 Event funding request (Supplies)
Specify what type of supplies you are requesting for Attach an invoice or printout of your supplies and which vendor you plan to order your supplies from. If you are ordering T-shirts, please ensure your logo/design has been approved with ECU Marketing & Design. Provide a total cost of your supplies

11 Food Request If you are requesting food for a meeting, funds will be reimbursement only. Submit a list of attendees and an agenda for the meeting Original itemized receipts are required



14 Request for Events Do not leave any section blank (N/A)
Attach documentation regarding event such as invoices or estimates Be sure to complete the expense forecast and justification for your event.

15 Request to Travel







22 Be sure to turn in all receipts within 10 days

23 Request to Travel Students are NOT ALLOWED to travel if he/she is on probation with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Attach documentation such as airline, hotel, conference, agenda, and registration information Be sure to attach all agreement forms (Student travel code of conduct, travel procedure agreement Sign your travel form online (Onestop)

24 Request to travel A list of students attending including their name, address, banner ID, phone number, and . Original receipts must be turned in within 10 days in order to receive reimbursement. If it has been pass 10 days written justification is required in order to process travel reimbursement form If driving personal vehicle include MapQuest that calculate mileage. Gas will be reimbursed at $0.33 per mile Please provide a detailed justification!

25 Forms udent%20Travel%20Code%20of%20Conduct% pdf ocedure_Agreement.pdf




29 Questions??

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