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Julie Hughes – Travel & Complex Payment Supervisor & Jerri Painter – Accounts Payable Supervisor.

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1 Julie Hughes – Travel & Complex Payment Supervisor & Jerri Painter – Accounts Payable Supervisor

2 Agenda What is Document Imaging? What will be imaged? How will this impact me? When will I see a change and how will I know about them? 2

3 What is document imaging? Electronically capturing, storing and accessing Images of documents Benefits Storage Security Access Efficiency Cost savings 3

4 ImageNow by Perceptive 4

5 ImageNow University selecting Imaging vendor of choice Integrates with: Banner 49er Mart PeopleSoft Can integrate with most any system Other departments on campus using this system Registrar Graduate School (upcoming) Financial Aid, Graduate School Admissions, Human Resources, Purchasing……. 5

6 ImageNow Allows for : Electronically routing (workflow) Tracking of documentation Annotations Redacting Robust purging and retaining capabilities Controlled privileges 6

7 What will be imaged? Currently live with: Vendor Processing Direct Deposit Processes currently working on: 49er Mart invoices AP Payments & Utility invoices Direct Pay Requests (DPRs) Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Mileage and Parking All other AP/Travel payment types 7

8 When will this happen? Had hoped to be fully live by now Expect to complete the AP processing steps first Travel and Complex Payments second (more complex) Cannot set a date Hopefully by the end of the calendar year At least in active testing within a month 8

9 Imaging Workflow Documents/invoices come in to AP/Travel Either Manually scanned or electronically exported to ImageNow Imaged document can be: Routed for fund approval Annotated Notes/Comments added Once payment is entered into Banner Linked to image Sent to Archive (basically file room) 9

10 ImageNow 10

11 How will this impact me? Differences you may notice Processing time How you see information Quicker access to information We can track where a payment is at anytime throughout the workflow process Ability to retrieve documentation immediately for reference 11

12 Probable Process Changes Expected process changes Routing to Travel/AP first After Department Approvals are done Fund approvals will be done electronically (RCM/Treasury, Budget. Purchasing, Tax) No more multiple copies of Travel Authorizations required! We will have the ability to “copy” as many of the TAs as needed (if needed/still working on this process) 12

13 Possible Form Changes In order to efficiently use ImageNow Forms will most likely change To allow for effective scanning To allow for proper electronic annotations Some changes will be minor Colors/text field Some changes will be complete revisions Travel forms DPR This means we need your help to use the most current forms! 13

14 What does the future bring? Long-Term Goals Across Campus Access Limited access to key department contacts first Distributed access to some main department contacts to reduce the need to call or email for status of payment Imaging some historical data For documents we retain perpetually In our Dreams! Once imaging becomes more common across UNCC May look at the ability for select departments to scan into our processing queue May look at extending electronic approval process to include department levels 14

15 How will I know? Email announcement sent through Admin-Chat Information will be sent through list-serve as changes occur which might affect As new forms are posted will announce through Admin-chat Post new forms on web Use web for most current forms! 15

16 Questions? 16

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