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Back to School Meeting 2014-2015.  Do not take off before or after a holiday without prior permission from your Supervisor and Mr. Young  Vacation must.

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1 Back to School Meeting 2014-2015

2  Do not take off before or after a holiday without prior permission from your Supervisor and Mr. Young  Vacation must be submitted before it is taken  Sick leave must be submitted 48 hours after returning to work  If you are going to be out with an illness for an extended period of time, please notify your supervisor and Stephanie in the business office  Your days available as well as days taken are shown on your paystub each month, e-mails are no longer sent out Leave Request

3  Fill out date(s) of leave and number of days (write on line corresponding with type of leave being taken)  Get all necessary signatures  Turn into Lindsay by the 15 th of each month  Sign your name legibly Leave Request

4  The front office (Kourtney or Lindsay) must be notified when someone is absent, regardless of reason.  Supervisors must communicate leave of their direct reports to the front office (Kourtney or Lindsay).  Employee’s of the Plumerville campus: Anytime you leave the AFESC campus (i.e. lunch, meeting, run errand, etc..), you must notify Kourtney that you will be away from your office. Attendance

5  Employee’s with off site work responsibilities must submit an itinerary each week to Kourtney  Itineraries can be submitted by e-mail, fax or in person  If you share your Google calendar with Kourtney please make sure and keep it up to date.  Itineraries should be updated as needed to reflect any schedule changes by e- mailing Itineraries

6  Completely optional to participate  Turn money in to Lindsay Flower Fund Guidelines

7  Open enrollment will begin October 1 st  Check e-mail for updates on changes, etc..  Informational benefits sessions will be held in late September  American Fidelity enrollment will be December 3 rd -December 5th Appointment times will be mailed out Health Insurance

8 Purchase Orders YO TO PURCHASE  A purchase order must be completely filled out before a PO number will be issued or approved.  Return the original PO to Lindsay  Attach a copy of PO to invoice or receipt  A credit card will NOT be checked out to you if your PO is not properly executed

9  Each calendar year the IRS requires us to have a W-9 on file for every person or business who provides a service to us. We require a new W-9 EVERY January 1 st  A few examples are: -Workshop Instructor -Yard Services -Catering Services  The W-9 must be filled out BEFORE payment will be processed.  If in doubt get a W-9  If you have any questions please contact Stephanie or Amanda W-9 Forms

10  Cover sheet for monthly travel as well as other expenses  Must attach all supporting documents (receipts, mileage form, etc..)  Do not turn in reimbursement form until after all travel/purchases are complete for the month. Reimbursement Cover Sheet

11  Travel MUST be turned into the business office by the 5 th of the month to guarantee payment by the 10 th.  The mileage form is available online and in the front office.  When calculating mileage round up or down (44.2 miles=44, 44.6 miles=45 miles)  If you need to be reimbursed for other things you have purchased during the month, please attach those receipts to a purple receipt form and attach a reimbursement cover sheet along with your mileage. Mileage Form

12  Please use a purple form to turn in all credit card receipts.  Tape one itemized receipt per purple form  If you have a full sheet receipt you do not have to use a purple form.  Complete all information on purple form.  Write the name of the workshop/meeting attended on purple receipt form  Meals can only be reimbursed if you are required to stay overnight for the workshop.  Receipts need to be taped to a purple form to ensure they do not get lost. Receipts

13  Kroger card, Wal-Mart card, Office Depot card, Staples card  Must be attached to a purple form, coded and signed  Receipts must be turned into the business office on or before the 20 th of each month  A copy of the signed PO must be attached. **YOU MUST HAVE A PO TO PURCHASE** Credit Card Receipts Retail Receipts

14 Meal Receipts  You MUST have an itemized receipt for meals. If meal receipt is not itemized IT WILL NOT BE PAID.  NO TIPS  NO ALCOHOL If alcohol is listed on the receipt at all, no reimbursement will be made.  NO ROOM SERVICE  ONLY OVERNIGHT MEALS WILL BE REIMBURSED

15  American Express cards are to be used for travel purposes only  Meals (overnight only)  Hotel  Car Rental  Air Fare  Baggage fee for 1 bag  Any other charges must be approved by Mr. Young American Express

16  Complete Standard Expense report online each month  American Express bill and receipts MUST be turned into Amanda no later than the 5 th of each month  You will NOT receive travel reimbursement until your American Express expense report is complete  Receipts for American Express should be attached to a purple receipt form American Express (cont.)

17  When turning in workshop or membership registrations you must:  Make a copy of the form  Sign and code the copy  Put the original in an envelope  Attach the envelope to the copy and turn into the business office. Workshop Registration or Membership

18  We have a 10 business day turn-around to get checks out - 10 days from the time the invoice is turned into the business office and all documentation and coding is correct.  We have a pay process that is never finished which consists of prepping, entering, printing and mailing so when you submit a late bill, remember the 10 business day rule. Payment Process

19  The first 2 days at the beginning of the month, accounts payable cannot be processed because the Bank Statement must be balanced and the period changed before any AP can be processed.  The first 2 weeks in January AP cannot be processed until the W-2’s and 1099’s are balanced and printed and the calendar year has been complete.  The first two weeks in July AP cannot be processed until the new fiscal year has been opened. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF ALL THE ABOVE DATES AND PLAN ACCORDINGLY Payment Process (cont.)

20  Invoices signed and coded may be placed in the business office mailbox (front office) or Amanda’s box outside her office door.  Invoices must be signed, properly coded, filled out completely and have a W-9 if needed in order to be paid. Invoices not meeting these requirements will be returned to you and payment will be delayed.  If you have a special circumstance that requires a check before the 10 day deadline, please SPEAK with Stephanie or Amanda. We will do our best to fit your request into the ongoing payment process.  Please be aware that there are times that we do not have control over some things like, power outages, check signers out of the office and APSCN being down  We cannot pre-pay for services.  Invoices must be mailed or scanned/e-mailed. WE CANNOT ACCEPT FAXED INVOICES. Invoices

21  The first 2 weeks in July AP cannot be processed until I have changed our Fiscal year over.  The last day to get a PO is June 1 st —EVERY YEAR  Invoices, credit cards, and travel (June’s travel) are due to the business office by June 15 th.  If you must travel after June 15 th please schedule a meeting with both Stephanie and Amanda.  All grant administrators need to be available the last week of June—EACH YEAR– Fiscal Year End Processes

22  All licensed employees must complete this form and turn into Lindsay by June 15 th.  Attach back up documentation (ESC Works report is sufficient) to this form Professional Development Forms

23 This form only needs to be completed if a certificate is not available or the workshop is not documented through ESC Works Professional Development Forms

24 Business Office page Travel forms Mileage forms Reimbursement forms W-9 forms Human Resources Page – Insurance Forms – Insurance Rates/Info – Personnel Forms – PD Forms – Workers Comp Forms Remember…… This PowerPoint will be available on the Human Resources web page if needed in the future for reference.

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