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GSA Engineering Vehicle Acceptance QDRs Process Overview John McDonald GSA Engineering 703-605-9871

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1 GSA Engineering Vehicle Acceptance QDRs Process Overview John McDonald GSA Engineering 703-605-9871

2 Delivery Types Wheels off Ground Drive Away Dealer 2

3 So, what do I do when the vehicle shows up? 3

4 Dealer Delivery Dealer delivery is standard. Contractor pre-delivery inspection and servicing (PDI) will be done at a dealer nearest to the final destination. Following PDI, the dealer shall notify the consignee on the delivery order that the vehicle is ready for pick up. The vehicle shall be packaged for mobile delivery ensuring carrier acceptance and safe delivery to destination in compliance with applicable transportation regulations. The fuel tank(s) shall be filled to at least the quarter full mark on the fuel gauge (min of 3 gallons for sedans). 4

5 Dealer Delivery Note: It is the consignee’s responsibility to furnish license plate(s) for the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be removed from the dealer under its own power with out license plates. In the presence of the dealer, immediately inspect the vehicle for damage, abuse, loss or theft that may have occurred during transit. Any such findings should be accurately described on the delivery receipt and the vehicle should not be accepted. The consignee is responsible for obtaining local safety and emission testing that may be required. 5

6 Consignee Delivery (CNS) 6 When consignee (direct) delivery code CNS, is specified, the contractor shall deliver the vehicle to the consignee delivery address designated on the motor vehicle delivery order. Per FSS 290 (Apr 1984) entitled “Delivery Hours”: "Where prices are quoted and accepted on a destination basis, delivery shall be performed between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30 PM, Monday through Fridays, holidays excluded," all vehicles shall be delivered to the consignee Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, excluding Federal Holidays.

7 Consignee Delivery (CNS) 7  The consignee is responsible for:  1. The pre-delivery inspection and servicing normally provided by the dealer.  2. Notifying the contractor of the delayed delivery date and the in-transit mileage accumulation if applicable.

8 Consignee Delivery (CNS) 8 The consignee is responsible for: 3. In the presence of the delivering driver, immediately inspecting the vehicle for damage, abuse, loss or theft that may have occurred during transit. Any such findings should be accurately described on the delivery receipt the driver presents for signature. If the vehicle(s) are covered with snow, ice or dirt so as to prevent a complete inspection at the time of delivery, this is to be noted on the delivery receipt. The driver is required to acknowledge any notification on the delivery receipt by signature.

9 Consignee Delivery (CNS) 9  The consignee is responsible for:  4. Notifying the contractor of any damages or shortages within 24 hours.  5. Obtaining local safety and emission testing that may be required.  Items normally installed by the dealer as part of the pre- delivery servicing shall be shipped in the vehicle. The consignee will be responsible for installing these items.  The fuel tank(s) shall be filled with a minimum of 3 gallons of fuel.  The vehicle(s) must be accepted wheels on ground.

10 Warranty Administration Register with the Prime Contractor (see MVDO) Establish in service mileage and date Fill out warranty registration card Obtain POC for warranty issues Recalls 10

11 New Warranty/Customer Service Procedures Dear Customer: GSA continues to streamline and offer you more efficient processes to help serve you better. With this in mind, we have established new warranty/customer service procedures with each of our major light duty vehicle suppliers - GM, Chrysler, Ford, and RP Automotive. Each supplier understands there are situations that require additional assistance when a vehicle has been taken to your local dealership for service, but the dealer was unable to provide a resolution, whether it is for parts availability, recall coverage or repairs. To address these situations, the suppliers have provided streamlined procedures for customer assistance. The attached letters, from each supplier, outline that specific company’s procedure. Each contains contact information, hours of availability, and lists of information they will need to serve you, and each vendor will assign a case number to track your case and ensure a prompt response. These new procedures will provide a more efficient and effective customer assistance process. If you have any concerns or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact GSA’s Automotive Customer CARE number at (703) 605-CARS (2277) or e-mail at As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for your continued support. 11

12 What if the local dealer cant seem to fix my vehicle? Chrysler+Letter.docx Ford+Letter.doc GM+Letter.docx RP+Letter.pdf 12

13 Quality Deficiency Reports 13

14 Reporting Requirement The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 41, Volume 2, Chapter 101, Part 101-26.800, prescribes a uniform system for reporting discrepancies or deficiencies in materials or shipments Discrepancies or deficiencies with respect to government vehicles occur in four broad categories: – Quality deficiencies (QDR) – Shipping discrepancies – Transportation discrepancies – Billing discrepancies. 14

15 Quality Deficiency Report Background 15 The presentation is concerned w/ Vehicular Quality Deficiencies only! The Quality Deficiency Report (QDR), requisite website, is the primary tool used for receiving feedback from vehicle users on the quality of vehicles. The primary purposes of a QDR is to: Report non-conformances Provide a method to recover material cost Initiate steps to effect corrective and preventative actions

16 QDRs Fall in to Two Categories CATEGORY I – Critical defect which may cause death, injury, or severe illness; would cause loss or major damage critically restricting an agency’s mission – QDR shall include Category I justification. CATEGORY II – Major or minor defect which does not meet the criteria set forth in Category I. – (vehicle QDRs are typically category II) 16

17 Vehicles which may qualify for a QDR… New commercial vehicles leased through GSA New commercial vehicles procured from GSA through: Autochoice MAS schedule 23V New commercial vehicles procured directly from a MAS schedule 23V contract holder 17

18 QDR Discrepancy Qualifiers Quality deficiencies are defined as defects or nonconforming conditions which limit or prohibit the vehicle from fulfilling its intended purpose Quality deficiencies include deficiencies in design, specification, material, manufacturing, and workmanship. Timely reporting of quality deficiencies is essential to maintain an acceptable quality level for the Government’s vehicles. GSA relies on agency reporting of quality deficiencies in order to act to remove the defective vehicles from the supply system as well as to document contractor performance files for use in future procurements. 18

19 Discrepancies NOT Qualifying as a QDR … Failure because of improper/inadequate maintenance or operation Failure with normal use within reasonable range of life expectancy Receipt of incorrect vehicle or non-receipt Transportation discrepancies 19

20 A Word on Vehicle Warranties Vehicles procured through GSA are covered by a manufacturer's commercial warranty It is expected that activities will initially attempt to resolve complaints concerning their vehicles directly through the GSA Prime Contractor. A QDR is warranted when the Prime Contractor, after contact by the agency, can't or won't resolve the issue. To do this; an SF 368, along with copies of all pertinent correspondence, should be forwarded electronically to your agency’s QDR coordinator. The GSA prime contractor is identified in block 4 of the MVDO. Examples of pertinent correspondence are: – Repair invoices – Email/written correspondence with the prime contractor 20

21 Who can submit a Vehicular QDR ? All civilian executive agencies, including their contractors and subcontractors when authorized. All DOD activities. In addition, DOD activities should follow the applicable DOD or military service/agency regulations in reporting deficiencies. 21

22 Where do I send the QDR and supporting documentation? For leased vehicles: – The Manager of your assigned Fleet Management Center For purchased vehicles: – Your Agency’s or DOD activity’s QDR coordinator 22

23 Additional Information Link to QDR website: age.jsf For Shipping, Transportation & Billing discrepancies, contact the GSA Automotive Customer CARE team at 703-605-CARS (2277) or by email at 23


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