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National Tribal Transportation Facility Inventory (NTTFI)

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1 National Tribal Transportation Facility Inventory (NTTFI)
23rd Annual BIA Alaska Region Tribal Providers Conference December 03-05, 2013 Anchorage, AK

2 NTTFI Status of FY 2013 Inventory Year submittals
Inventory Year 2013 is close to completion, should be completed by or shortly after 1st of the Year Limited addition of mileage overall, most updates consisted of update to existing records BIADOT to begin process of coordination with Tribes in “tightening up” the loose ends of the Inventory, i.e. Ownership Class Construction Need Surface type Road Category

3 NTTFI BIADOT-Central Office has had on-going issues with responding to data calls from various entities: Departmental, Congressional, Other Federal Agencies, etc. General mileage, class, surface type, and ownership constitute a majority of the requests “Condition” reports are reported on a quarterly basis, primarily for the BIA Road Maintenance program Level-of-Service for Deferred Maintenance calculation purposes GPRA reporting; % Acceptable for Roads & Bridges IA-Performance Measures; Goals met/Goals not-met Reporting relating to Departmental/Bureau level “Asset Management” has been a topic of discussion for the past few years

4 NTTFI BIA mileage in 2013 NTTFI ≈ 31,400 miles ≈ 7,100 miles are Paved
≈ 4,700 miles are Gravel ≈ 15,700 miles are Earth/Primitive Tribal mileage in 2013 NTTFI ≈ 26,100 miles ≈ 1,000 miles are Paved ≈ 1,400 miles are Gravel ≈ 11,250 miles are Earth/Primitive

5 NTTFI Asset Management reporting:
Roads & bridges as “assets” Liability Discussions on “ownership” Title ownership vs. Encumbrance (ROW) In relation to maintaining of public access corridors Rights-of-Way status for BIA-owned facilities Assumptions by surface type: Paved ~ +95% Gravel ~ 70% Earth/Primitive < 2%

6 NTTFI & Rights-0f-Way BIADOT has need for better status of ROW
Simply “knowing” where ROW exists Meet with Realty & LTRO leads from DC-Trust Services and the Office of Historical Trust Accounting(OST) on options Also in talks with the National Tribal GIS association on mapping of BIA routes Ensure goal of accurate reporting and role in Asset Management is complete and justifiable.

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