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Mileage Manager with Trips App 1 Overview Slides October, 2013.

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1 Mileage Manager with Trips App 1 Overview Slides October, 2013

2 What we heard: >I need an easy way to track miles for my employees >I need to track mileage and expenses associated with specific jobs/job types >I need to validate that submitted mileage expenses are correct >I need to reduce the time and cost spent collecting mileage information >I need to validate that employees are taking the most time/cost effective routes >I need to report and analyze my travel and expenses >I need to put travel data into my accounting and payroll systems Customer Demand for Mileage Manager 2

3 It’s a powerful combination of mileage and cost data captured on the mobile app and visible within the web application for analysis, reporting and reimbursements. Mileage Manager Overview 3

4 >Easy, intuitive mobile Trips App On the home screen Record odometer readings Pictures of odometers Remember prior odometer value New Trips App 4

5 >For the Operations Manager New Trips Details and List Pages  Review trips on one screen –Filter by date and groups  Compare odometer, GPS and Google suggested miles along with odometer photos  View the driven and Google suggested route Mileage Manager Key Features 5

6 >For the Operations Manager Configure trip categories, purpose and reimbursement rates Satisfy IRS reporting guidelines Use highly-customizable out of the box reports Export information to accounting/payroll systems Mileage Manager Key Features 6

7 >For The Mobile Worker Easily track and view travel expenses Eliminates paper travel expense reporting Ensures accurate reimbursement Expedites reimbursement process >For the Operations Manager Simplifies employee mileage/expenses reimbursement process Provides easy access to job mileage/expense data for customer billing purposes Enables in-depth analysis of employee travel routes and submitted expenses to increase accountability Assists in satisfying IRS reporting guidelines Mileage Manager Key Benefits 7

8 Trips App Demo Slides 8

9 Mobile App – Home Screen 9

10 Mobile App – Start Trip 10 Odometer Picture Remember Odometer values Associate trip to a Job Notes for the trip

11 Mobile App – End Trip 11 Odometer Picture Odometer distance calculated Additional Expenses Notes carried forward from Start Trip

12 >Link multiple trips to a job Mobile Trips App - Link to Jobs 12 Link Trips to a Job

13 Mobile Trips App – Trips List/Details 13

14 14

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