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TRAVEL REGULATIONS A-87, A-122, A-21 Allowable with Restrictions.

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1 TRAVEL REGULATIONS A-87, A-122, A-21 Allowable with Restrictions

2  Transportation, lodging, subsistence and related items  On official Organization business  Charged Actual Costs Basis Per diem or mileage in lieu of actual or Combination of the two

3  Not to exceed the written travel policy  In absence of an acceptable, written policy Rates and amounts under Sub-Chapter 1 of 57, Title S USC or Administer of General Services (GSA)

4   Contains: Per diem rates Mileage reimbursement rates Travel regulations

5  If travel is less than 12 hours there is no per diem  If travel is between 12 and 24 hours, per diem is paid at 75% of the applicable per diem rate.  If travel is more than 24 hours, the first day and last day is 75% of the per diem rate, the other days are paid at 100% of the per diem rate.

6  Example: Per diem rate is $51/day – travel is 4 days (Tues- Fri)  First day of travel is $38.25  Second day and third days are $51/day (less lunch of $12) = $39/day  Last day of travel is $38.25 Total Travel Per Diem is $154.50 Mileage will be actual Miles x $.51

7  3 day trip to Albuquerque and lets sign into GSA  Traveling more than 24 hours  First and last days are 75%  Middle day is 100% and no meals as part of conference  $42 x2 and $56 = $140  Maximum Lodging is $81  Least expensive airfare vs. driving

8  Implement a travel policy  Consistently follow the travel policy  Allowable to do either per diem, actual expenses or a combination  If no rates for the destination, use standard for the state

9  OMB Circulars:  GSA Travel Regulations: travelregulations  GSA Per Diem Rates:  Federal Mileage Rates:

10  Written policy and follow it  Common errors Missing receipts or proof of travel Not being consistent in procedures Paying 100% when 75% applies Reimbursing meal already provided Incorrect mileage rates

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