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Travel and Associated Claim forms 4/27/2015Accounting procedures1.

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1 Travel and Associated Claim forms 4/27/2015Accounting procedures1

2 Agenda  Travel advance request forms  Travel expense reports 4/27/2015Accounting procedures2

3 Travel advance request form How to complete a Travel Advance Form Travellers who can request an advance An advance can be requested – 21 days No payments to credit card companies or travel agencies Advances for prepaid expenses Payment will be processed – minimum 5 days required Advances must be cleared - 10 days after trip If advance is not cleared – T4A 4/27/2015Accounting procedures3

4 Travel advance request form Top of travel advance form SECTION A Full name and address of payee – where cheque is to be sent Payee different from traveller Contact in department Check box - mail cheque to SECTION B Fund – Org – amount One line per fund Currency 4/27/2015Accounting procedures4 SECTION A SECTION B

5 Travel advance request form Bottom of travel advance form SECTION C Departure & return date Destination(s) Purpose of travel SECTION D Type of prepaid expense and amount – fill in each field & total amount Total amount in Section D must match amount in Section B SECTION E Signing authority – one-over-one and payee’s supervisor 4/27/2015Accounting procedures5 SECTION C SECTION D SECTION E

6 Hierarchy for Signing Approval TRAVELLER APPROVAL Dean  VP Chair  Dean Researcher  Chair or Dean approval External visiting researcher  Chair or Dean approval Student or External Consultant  Researcher approval (Other Fund authority delegate) 4/27/2015Accounting procedures6

7 Memo to accompany advance cheque Reviewed by Research Accounting – then to Accounts Payable Notice will be sent with advance cheque 4/27/2015Accounting procedures7

8 Travel expense report All sections of claim must be completed All original receipts must be attached Top of front page Name and mailing address of payee Traveller - staff, faculty, student, other Note if traveller is different from payee Contact in department Mail cheque to 4/27/2015Accounting procedures 8 SECTION A

9 Travel expense report Top of front page Date of request Departure & return Destination(s) Purpose of travel 4/27/2015Accounting procedures9 SECTION B

10 Details of receipts back page  Indicate Canadian currency & GST  Currency converted – provide backup statement  Note currency type! 3 letters on receipts  Receipts numbered and grouped by expense category 4/27/2015Accounting procedures10

11 Importance of indicating GST Per Diems Mileage Parking meters Taxi Hidden GST GST rebate back to fund 4/27/2015Accounting procedures11

12 Currency conversion and GST 4/27/2015Accounting procedures12 Airport parking # 1 Blue Line taxi # 2 US taxi – Yellow Cab # 3 51.502.28 90.003.46 8.001.25 USD10.00 151.505.74

13 Details of receipts back page  Subtotal expenses and carry to front page  Travel advance details must be noted on front and back page  Date of advance  Detail of advance - TAR # payee  Fund - Org - Amount  Grad student Bursary 4/27/2015Accounting procedures13

14 Travel expense report Front page Where values & GST are entered How to determine base and GST exempt A = B divided by.o5 C = D-A-B 4/27/2015Accounting procedures14 A BCD SECTION C 151.505.74114.8030.96

15 Travel expense report Front page Fund-Org-Account - activity codes Account begins with 719xxx Travel advance info One currency only Wire transfer ? Signing authority 4/27/2015Accounting procedures15 SECTION D

16 Signature required – inside right page  Fund authority  Who can sign  One-over-one signature  Check box for claimants affiliation 4/27/2015Accounting procedures16

17 Travel claim requirements inside pages  Conference-prospectus or agenda required  Claims for per diem, parking meters, mileage  When a receipt is missing Certification of missing document required  Copies of receipts not eligible 4/27/2015Accounting procedures17  Receipts with credit card slip  Hotel or other internet booking  Incidentals not eligible  Boarding passes/E- tickets required  Cancellation and medical insurance

18 Travel claim tips  Alcohol not permitted on externally funded research  The most economical means of travel must be used  Passport costs are not eligible  Mileage calculation – gas receipts or mileage  Per diem if other meals provided  National Joint Council – mileage and per diems 4/27/2015Accounting procedures18

19 Travel claim tips  Expense relates to agency supporting research and complies with policy  If on internal research fund, follows university policy  Travel reports will be sent back?  Processing by Business Office– minimum 5 days 4/27/2015Accounting procedures19

20 Travel claim links  Web sites applicable for travel and other claims University policy  Convert exchange rates  National Joint Council – mileage and per diems  Accounts Payable 4/27/2015Accounting procedures20

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