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Matakuliah : L0064 / Psikologi Industri & Organisasi 1

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2 Matakuliah : L0064 / Psikologi Industri & Organisasi 1
Tahun : 2007 / 2008 RANGKUMAN Pertemuan 26

3 Learning Objectives Rangkuman Bab I sampai dengan XIV dari buku
Psychology & Work Today 3 Bina Nusantara

4 Pendahuluan Industrial Organizational (I-O) Psychology
Hawthorne Studies 4 Bina Nusantara

5 Recruitment Adverse impact Assessment centers Biographical inventories
Critical-incidents technique Halo effect Impression management In-basket technique Job analysis Leaderless group discussion Realistic job previews Reverse discrimination Selection ratio Situational interviews Situational testing Structured interviews Unstructured interviews Work analysis Bina Nusantara

6 Pengetesan Psikologi Aptitude tests Banding
Computerized adaptive tests Criterion-related validity Group tests Individual tests Interest tests Objective tests Personality tests Power tests Projective techniques Race norming Rational validity Reliability Self-report personality inventories Speed tests Standardization Subjective tests Validity Validity generalization Bina Nusantara

7 Performance Appraisal
Attribution Average rating (leniency) error Behavioral observation scales (BOS) Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) Inadequate information error Interpersonal effect Management-by-objectives (MBO) Merit rating Most-recent-performance error Paired-comparison technique Constant (systematic) bias Forced-choice technique Forced-distribution technique Halo effect Peer rating Performance appraisal Ranking technique Rating scales Role conflict Self-ratings Bina Nusantara

8 Training Apprenticeship Behavior modification Business games
Case studies Computer-assisted instruction Job rotation Needs assessment On-the-job (OJT) training Vestibule training Bina Nusantara

9 Kepemimpinan Authoritarian leadership Path-goal theory Bureaucracy
Charismatic leadership Consideration leadership functions Contingency theory Democratic leadership Initiating structure leadership functions Leader-member exchange (LMX) Path-goal theory Pygmalion effect Scientific management Self-managing workgroups Theories X and Y Transactional leadership Transformational leadership Bina Nusantara

10 Motivasi, Kepuasan Kerja, & Job Involvement
Achievement motivation Equity theory Goal-setting theory Job-characteristics theory Job congruence Job enrichment Job satisfaction Merit pay Motivator-hygiene theory Needs hierarchy theory Organizational citizenship behaviors Prosocial behavior Valence-Instrumentality-Expectancy theory Wage-incentive system Definitions on pg. 125 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

11 Psikologi Organisasi Bureaucracy Change agents Group cohesiveness
Organizational culture Organizational Development (OD) Person-organization (P-O) fit Self-managing work groups Social loafing Socialization Total quality management (TQM) Definitions on pg. 147 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

12 Kondisi di Tempat Kerja
Environmental psychology Flextime Job simplification Nominal working hours Definitions on pg. 163 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

13 Keamanan, Kekerasan & Kesehatan di Tempat Kerja
Accident proneness Carpal tunnel syndrome Employee assistance programs (EAPs) Protective exclusion Definitions on pg. 181 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

14 Stress di Tempat Kerja Biofeedback Burnout Hardiness Job engagement
Locus of control Mass psychogenic illness Negative affectivity Occupational heal psychology Organization-based self esteem Relaxation training Role ambiguity Role conflict Stress Type A & Type B personalities Work overload Work underload Workaholism Definitions on pg. 201 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

15 Psikologi Rekayasa Auditory displays Check reading visual displays
Engineering psychology Human anthropology Person-machine systems Qualitative visual displays Quantitative visual displays Shape coding Time-and-motion study Definitions on pg. 221 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

16 Psikologi Konsumen Aided recall technique Focus groups
Recognition technique Sales test technique Definitions on pg. 235 of the Instructor’s Resource Manual.

17 Metodologi Riset dalam Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi
Mode Naturalistic observation Normal distribution Open-end Survey Questionnaire Probability Probability Sampling Quota Sampling Skewed Distribution Standard Deviation Statistical Significance Survey Research Method Control Group Correlation Dependent Variable Descriptive Statistics Experimental Group Experimental Method Fixed-Alternative Survey Questions Independent Variable Inferential Statistics Mean Median Meta-analysis Bina Nusantara

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