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U.S. COAST GUARD SECTOR KEY WEST HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS TRAINING CAPT Pat DeQuattro Sector Key West Commanding Officer HSC Joseph McGovern Health Services.

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1 U.S. COAST GUARD SECTOR KEY WEST HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS TRAINING CAPT Pat DeQuattro Sector Key West Commanding Officer HSC Joseph McGovern Health Services CWO Lori Ramthun YNC Greg Eagle Sector Key West Hurricane Assistance Team

2 Shelter Guidelines Evacuation Guidelines Preparation Checklists Travel Entitlements Agenda

3 D7 Messages: –2011 Hurricane Evacuation Policy, Safe Haven Information and Financial Guidance –2011 Hurricane Personnel Accountability Policy Guidance for D7 AOR Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) Naval Air Station Hurricane Plan Sector Key West Hurricane Plan References:

4 Notification System Notification System Accountability - Who do you call? Accountability - Who do you call? What is the difference between a sheltering and an evacuation events? What is the difference between a sheltering and an evacuation events? Preparation Checklist Preparation Checklist Where is the safe havens located? Where is the safe havens located? When do we have to leave? When do we have to leave? Special Needs/Medical Needs Special Needs/Medical Needs Travel Entitlements Travel Entitlements Objectives

5 Lessons learned over 2008 Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Ike What history has taught us….

6 Notification Sector Key West uses a phone message service which delivers automated phone calls, within minutes, to any group, large or small. Our CO feels that if there is any information families need to be aware of he will use this messaging service. In the event we need to evacuate or shelter for a storm.

7 Individual Awareness Stay up-to-date on storm activities by watching local weather, the Weather Channel or track storms on the internet at Thank you and have a great Coast Guard

8 Sheltering Event Occurs when: Hurricane categories 1 or 2 are likely When directed by the Navy CO If you live on any of the Navy installations, the Navy must provide the housing residence with alternate lodging accommodations.

9 Depending on storm direction and high tide, Sigsbee housing will be the first concern of the Navy CO and may require residence to evacuate. Why?? Shelter Event

10 Sigsbee Causeway flooding

11 2011 Sheltering Policy CG mirrors the Navy Sheltering Policy See enclosure 3 of Annex J for your sheltering assignment

12 Complete a preparation checklist (enclosure 2 of the family memo) Practice/discuss plan with the family members Create a disaster kit – PLAN EARLY Shelter Preparedness

13 If You Live : Trumbo Point Peary Court Truman Annex, JIATF Watch Standers, GEO Bachelors Sigsbee Streets: Bowfish Court and Batfish Courts Sigsbee Streets: Seahorse Court, Salmon Court, Sealion Court, Spadefish Court, Tang Court, Trout Court, Tinosa Court, Tunney Court Sigsbee Streets: Stephen Mallory Road, Matthew Peary Road, David Porter Road, Sigsbee Streets: Dewey Road, Truxton Road, Farragut Road Sigsbee: Gilmore Drive Your Shelter Assignment is: Truman Annex Bldg 437 Truman Annex Bldg 438 Truman Annex Bldg 439 Boca Chica Bldg 638 Boca Chica Bldg 639 Boca Chica Bldg 648 Boca Chica Bldg 649 Boca Chica Bldg 727 Sigsbee Sheltering (Example)

14 Bring outdoor items in Elevate your belongings Have some cash available Flash lights with batteries Games for kids Food/Water Sheltering Preparation

15 Sheltering Checklist Additional Garbage bags and Toilet Paper Bedding, pillows (only 2 single beds) Plates, bowls, cups and silverware (non-electric can opener) Flashlights, radio (extra batteries) Toiletries: towels, washcloths Entertainment for children Food, water and medications (3 days) See enclosure 3 page 2 for the sheltering checklist

16 Shelter Information Lodging Options –NO travel, lodging or per diem reimbursements. NO Pets Allowed in any shelter – pet shelter is available in building A-931 at NAS Boca Chica NO Medical Care Provided – suspect medical care is needed contact Sector HSC in advance. Medical Special Needs – Contact HSC Accountability - Contact your hurricane POC daily by 1030

17 PETS NOT ALLOWED at any shelter. Kennel Options: –Take animals to local kennel or friend –Kennel space is available at NAS Boca Chica – bldg A-931 Pets MUST be in a cage/kennel Owners MUST provide food and water with bowls Owners provide toys or blankets Pick up animals when the “All Clear” is given. **NAS Boca Chica Shelter is run by volunteers.

18 No smoking, cooking devices, alcohol, weapons and flammable liquids Limit vehicles to one per family as parking is limited (NO boats or trailers of any kind) When “All Clear” is given – each room will be inspected prior to departing the shelter. Shelter Regulations

19 RVs / Trailers / Boats If you have a camper, boat or trailer on Sigsbee in temporary storage (not in fenced in area) it must be moved. If there is room available on Fleming Key you can move it there. If no room is available, then you must find a place to store it on your own & at your own expense. Tie down small boats and increase the weight by filling it with water. NAS MWR Office

20 Questions Family visiting? If you don’t live on base, can you stay at the shelter? Medical during a sheltering event (HSC)

21 Complete a preparation checklist (enclosure 2 of the family memo) Practice/discuss plan with the family members Create a disaster kit – PLAN EARLY Evacuation Preparedness

22 Hurricane Preparation Store valuable items (jewelry, tools, antiques, etc.) Bring in your outdoor items Clean out “sure to spoil” items from refrigerator Elevate as much of your belongings Fill garbage cans with water for flushing, bathing, etc.

23 Preparations Fill plastic bottles with water to freeze Secure home (closing windows, doors, closing shutters, locate main turnoffs for electricity, water and gas.

24 Renters Covers your personal property not your landlord’s property Replacement Value Depreciated Value (Balfour Beaty/Navy insurance) Wind and Flood Insurance Renters Homeowners Do you have depreciated value or replacement insurance? Insurance

25 Government Travel Charge Card Dependents – Debit card Medications – 2 week supply Vehicle is operating properly Gas Cash (small bills) Inventory Property Insurance Store papers in safe place Evacuation Preparations

26 Driver's license or personal identification Social Security card Proof of residence (deed or lease) Insurance policies Birth and marriage certificates DD 214 Stocks, bonds, and other negotiable certificates Wills, deeds, and copies of recent taxes Immunization records Special Power of Attorney Personal property inventory Serial numbers, Dates purchased, Receipts, Videos, Pictures Important Papers

27 Special Needs – If you have a special needs situation within your family, you need to contact Sector Key West HSC. Females that are pregnant in 3 rd trimester or considered high risk are required to register with the Sector Key West HSC and the Navy Clinic. Special Needs/Medical

28 Evacuation Checklist All AD and Reserves on AD are required to go to the Safe Haven Orlando. ODU uniforms (watches, community service) ALL members MUST physically check in with the EHRT at the Rosen Plaza (address located on enclosure 4 of Annex J)

29 Make Hotel reservation – Stay in hotel within International Drive (max lodging $90.00) Dependents not traveling to Orlando are required to call the EHRT upon arrival to their designated safe haven Annex J - Enclosure 4 #8 EHRT – Evacuation Housing Response Team HEAT – Hurricane Evacuation Assistance Team Evacuation Preparedness

30 6. Travel advances for dependents (Max 2 nights lodging, 3 days per diem per person and roundtrip mileage) day prior to departure 7.Know your Hurricane POC – daily accountability needs to be completed by 10:30 each morning. 8.Ensure your supervisor, hurricane POC or your ombudsman has a contact number to reach you while traveling to/from safe haven.

31 Pets – Should be in crates when leaving the room – pet deposits (reimbursement?) Thoroughly cleaned and disinfect room –Pet odors –Pet hairs

32 Questions Dependents living in the Keys…Active duty member is PCS’d outside of Keys, are they eligible to evacuate? Active duty member is divorced and dependent children live in local area, are they eligible to evacuate? Day care Medical (HSC)

33 Travel Entitlements Reimbursement for travel – Required to contact EHRT team to create travel orders. Active duty must physically check in Dependents must at least call Mileage: Official distance to Orlando is 394 miles Max Reimbursed.51 cents per mile roundtrip. (Only one vehicle auth for reimbursement) Mileage to Orlando = $ Dependents without funds available: Can obtain advances on debit card not to exceed 2 nights lodging, 3 days per diem per dependent and mileage in a single transaction

34 Travel Entitlements Tolls – The toll amount from Orlando (International Drive) to Homestead is $14.65 with SunPass transponder and $18.70 Toll-by-plate. For members without a SunPass, a one-time administrative fee will be reimbursed up to $2.50. To prevent late fees, make certain your vehicle registration address is up to date as this is where your bill will be sent.

35 Lodging Lodging: Required to stay in the International Drive area Rosen Plaza (9700 International Drive) 2 nd floor is where you must check in. This is where check in takes place. Max reimbursement $90.00 per day (lodging receipts required) Renting a vacation rental with other families?? Going to Fort Lauderdale or Jacksonville?

36 Per Diem Per Diem (local meals and incidentals): Safe Haven ORLANDO $56 per day for depns 12 and over $28 per day for depns under age 12 – Note: 75% M&I on travel days ($42 & $21)

37 Are you now ready for the upcoming hurricane season??

38 Questions??? Let’s Be Prepared and Safe this Hurricane Season! THANKYOuTHANKYOu

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