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North Dakota Gas Pipeline Safety Program 2011 Summary.

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1 North Dakota Gas Pipeline Safety Program 2011 Summary

2 State Program General State Program General Number of operators o 2011 year end total9 o # of additions since 20102 o # of deletions since 20100 o # of inspection units 201113 Number of inspectors o 2011 year end total1 o Change from year end 20100

3 Program Operational Overview 1 Inspector/Program Manager: Bob Bachmeier 94 % inspector, 4 % Program Manager, and 2% Damage Prevention Division Director: Patrick Fahn 13% supervisory 85 inspection days per year required, 106 in 2011 Completed regulation record review for each operator unit Completed OQ field inspection on each operator unit and districts

4 Covered Operators (9) Municipals City of Granville Private Distribution Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Xcel Energy (NSP) Great Plains Natural Gas Co. Transmission Aux Sable Midstream Dakota Gasification Co. Hiland Partners Oneok Rockies Midstream, LLC Whiting Oil & Gas

5 2010 Year End Gas Statistics for North Dakota Gas transmission mileage 241 Gas distribution mileage 2,992 Number of gas services 145,794

6 ND Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission Federal Reportable Incident Summary for 2011 YearNumberFatalitiesInjuriesProperty Damage 2011000 0

7 Enforcement Statistics 2011 NPV & Warnings Cited In 20118 NPV & Warnings Carried over from 20105 NPV & Warnings Corrected1 NPV & Warnings Outstanding at Year End12 Number fines levied1 Amount of Fine$7,500

8 Major Construction Activity Expansion activity in distribution systems New gas transmission lines related to gas and oil activity in western North Dakota

9 Waivers Requested / Granted MDU requested and was granted a wavier of 49 CFR Part 192.285(c), relating to the requirements for a person making plastic pipe joints

10 Damage Prevention Program Damage Prevention Program started in 2009 Third party pipeline damage complaints filed: 1 in 2009, 0 in 2010, 1 in 2011, 5 so far in 2012 Other third party damage complaints filed: 2 electric in 2010, 1 electric in 2011, 1 telecommunications so far in 2012 The consent order in one of the pipeline damage complaints included the Commission’s maximum $5,000 penalty. Consent orders in other damage complaints have been $500 (no damage involved) and $1,000 (some damage involved).

11 2012 Outlook Hire a new Gas Pipeline Safety Inspector/Program Manager Host 2012 Pipeline Safety Operator Training Seminar Inspector Training o TQ training for new inspector

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