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Travel Information Session. Overview 1.Travel Policy and Procedures 2.Travel Expense Reporting 3.Scotiabank Travel Credit Card Finance Department.

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1 Travel Information Session

2 Overview 1.Travel Policy and Procedures 2.Travel Expense Reporting 3.Scotiabank Travel Credit Card Finance Department

3 Travel Policy and Procedures New Travel Policy was recently approved by the Senior Management Group. The new policy is available at Finance Department

4 What is the Scope of the Travel Policy ? Applies to all University travel including research grant travel. Travel claims funded by a third party (e.g. under a research grant or contract) will be governed by the policies and regulations of the funding agency. Where funding regulations are different from University policies, the more stringent policy will take precedence. Finance Department

5 Who is Responsible ? Traveller is responsible for ensuring claims for reimbursement are accurate, conform with the Travel Policy and Procedures and where applicable funding agency rules. All expenditures must be supported by original detailed receipts. Travel Expense Claim Form should be submitted within 15 working days and not later than twelve months from the completion of the trip. Finance Department

6 What is the authorization process ? Signature of the claimant/traveller All travel expenses must be approved by a minimum of one level of authorization above the claimant When two or more persons are travelling together: –All travel expenses must be submitted by the traveller who incurred the expense; and –The travel Expense Form must be approved by a minimum of one level of authorization above the individual with the highest authority who is included in the expenses incurred. Finance Department

7 How can you pay for University Travel ? Direct billing - from the vendor to the University Accounts Payable Department Corporate Travel Credit Card (Scotiabank VISA) Personal Credit Card (post travel reimbursement only) Cash (post travel reimbursement only) Finance Department

8 Eligible Travel Expenses Hotel Expenses – Single room rate per traveller not to exceed $200.00 exclusive of taxes Please refer to the CAUBO website for eligible discounted hotel rates ( Gratuitous Accommodations – the maximum reimbursement allowance is $25.00 – no receipt is required Finance Department

9 Airfare and Rail Economy class airfare is eligible for reimbursement Claims for First Class and Business Class travel will be reimbursed at the economy rate unless special circumstances so warrant (e.g. medical certificate) Enrolment fees for frequent flyer points are not reimbursable Frequent flyer status is NOT to be a determining factor in the selection of the carrier First Class Travel is acceptable for traveling by rail Finance Department

10 Car Rental Finance Department Original gas receipts must be attached to your expense form If you are renting a vehicle you cannot claim the mileage allowance on the expense form You cannot use the BTA Card to book a rental vehicle Please refer to the CAUBO website for eligible discounted car rentals (

11 Privately Owned Vehicles Mileage allowance is designed to cover vehicle operating costs including gasoline, insurance, repairs and maintenance. When completing the Expense Form, dates, kilometers and destination must be included. When traveling in a group, only one person may claim mileage on any one business trip. The names of the passengers must be shown on the Expense Form. The current kilometer allowance is $0.38 per kilometer (current kilometer allowance rate can be found in Appendix A). Finance Department

12 Collision/Loss Damage Insurance When renting a vehicle in Ontario and using your Scotiabank Travel Visa Card, a Cardholder may decline the Rental Agency’s collision damage waiver (CDW) if you strictly adhere to the credit card requirements. When renting a vehicle outside of Ontario you must purchase the collision and damage offered through the Rental Agency. Finance Department

13 Receipts Finance Department Parking Highway Tolls Ferries Bridge Tolls receipts must be obtained and attached to the Expense Form for reimbursement purposes

14 Meals Finance Department With Receipts Reasonable amounts incurred for meals when travelling on University business. Receipt must be an original itemized receipt. A credit or debit card receipt is not acceptable. Meals claimed on a receipt basis must exclude any charges for alcoholic beverages. For amounts significantly over the per diem an explanation is required.

15 Meals Without Receipts (Per Diem ) No receipts are required when claiming the per diem. When meals are included in registration fees for seminars and conferences, or are included in travel, individuals will not be permitted to claim an allowance for those meals. Refer to Appendix A found in the Travel Policy for Maximum Per Diem Rates. Finance Department

16 Registrations Finance Department Registration fees should be charged against the traveller’s corporate travel card when possible. Conference registration fees can be reimbursed before the conference only if using the corporate travel card. A copy of the full conference registration must be included with the Expense Form

17 Out-of-Country Travel Persons travelling outside of Canada will be reimbursed for expenses if they were specifically incurred and necessary for their travel. Such expenses include, but are not limited to, the cost of: Travel visas Currency exchange conversion or surcharge fees Airport/departure taxes Immunization shots When claiming expenses on the Expense Form, state the amount and type of currency used. Finance Department

18 Out-of-Country Travel Finance Department The exchange rate will be calculated by Accounts Payable unless proof of exchange is provided. The exchange rate should be the applicable rate on the transaction date. When possible, provide a copy of the cardholder’s statement to support exchange rates.

19 Benefits Derived Any benefit derived while on University Travel with a value of $200.00 or more from any one source should be disclosed as required under the Gifts, Hospitality and Other Benefits Policy ( Finance Department

20 Other Eligible Travel Expenses Finance Department Fax and e-mail charges Reasonable Laundry/Dry Cleaning (after seven consecutive days of travel) Transaction fees levied by travel agency Reasonable Telephone Charges Travel expenses related to physical/medical disabilities of the traveller Flight cancellation insurance Work visas required as a result of travel Conference activities published in the conference program, if pre-approved Bank service charges related to cash advances

21 Ineligible Travel Expenses Inclusive but not limited to: Any expenses related to accompanying travel companions Pet care expenses Non-business or personal related expenses Parking fines and other traffic fines Library fines Personal travel insurance Insurance coverage for privately owned vehicles Expenses for repairs of privately owned vehicles Expenses related to damages to uninsured rental cars and privately owned vehicles Finance Department

22 Questions on the Travel Policy ? Finance Department

23 Travel Expense Claim Form Finance Department

24 Expense Reporting Cheque requisitions and expense reports are reviewed by Accounts Payable for accuracy, reasonableness and backup (original receipts). A “reasonable” expense is deemed to be based on sound judgement and moderation. The traveller is to ensure that all trip expenses are both allowable (see Section E of the travel policy) and reasonable based on our guidelines, per diems etc. You are responsible to account for your total trip expenses. Travel Expense Form found at Finance Department

25 Expense Reporting Each section of the Travel Expense Form must be completed if applicable. Mileage claim cannot be claimed along with gas receipts (rental car only). Air and rail travel should include stubs and boarding passes. Parking and toll receipts should be provided (if receipt is lost please complete Lost Receipt Form). Per diem rates are found in Appendix A of the Travel Policy. If receipt is lost please complete Lost Receipt Form found at Finance Department

26 Expense Reporting Finance Department Conference Registrations can be booked using the new travel card (VISA). If your claim includes entertainment costs, complete the detailed area: list names of individuals, dates and amounts. Please use box stating US or CDN dollars. Expense Form will automatically calculate GST rebate. Expense report must be properly authorized (see Section C of Travel Policy. Area for account distribution that can be carried forward to your cheque requisition.

27 Receipts Original receipts are required for reimbursement Credit card statements are not sufficient Boarding passes are also required New Lost Receipt Form available online at Finance Department

28 Accounts Payable The Accounts Payable Department has specific staff that can answer your travel questions: –Susan Boughner – Sr. A/P Clerkx2120 –Vera Potocek – A/P Clerkx2123 –Ryan Kenney – Procurement Manager x2119 For further information, please visit our Accounts Payable website Finance Department

29 Key Information about the new Travel Credit Card For business travel related expenditures only Cash advances are available (on the corporate travel credit card) Monthly visa statement will be e-mailed to your University e-mail address Visa card cycle goes from the 16 th of the month, ending the 15 th of the following month Finance Department

30 Key Information about the new Travel Credit Card Finance Department Your monthly VISA statement will appear from The subject line will read “Scotiabank VISA Stmnt-UofWTRAVEL: Cardholder Name. You are responsible to pay the balance on your statement each month directly to Scotiabank.

31 Responsibility for payment of the Travel Credit Card It is the cardholders’ responsibility to pay the full balance on the statement each month. If the cardholder defaults on payment of the credit card Scotiabank will notify the cardholder and the Finance Department after 60 days. The Finance Department will be monitoring overdue balances and be notifying the appropriate individuals in the organization. The University will not pay for interest or late payment charges on your travel card. Finance Department

32 Purchasing Services University Credit Card Co-ordinator: Saundra Parent –ext. 2081 Ryan Kenney – ext. 2119 Procurement Manager Finance Department

33 Grants Finance Department Any Grant related questions should be directed to: -Heather Pratt-Supervisor, Grant Accounting ext. 2127 -Donna Bergamin-Grant Accountantext. 2132 (CFI,OIT,Sharc-Net,HRDC,Contracts,Contribution Agreements and any other funding sources) -Kathy McGorman-Grant Accountantext. 2129 (SSHRC/NSERC/CIHR Grants, Start up Grants) -DJ Lafreniere, Accounting Clerkext. 2134 Visit the Grants website at: ‘” and then click on the Research Grants “flyout” on the left.

34 Quick Web Access Travel Policy – Travel Expense Form – Lost Receipt Form – Services & Support/Purchasing/Credit Cards Visa Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance Flight Delay, Emergency Purchases, Hotel/Motel Burglary and Lost Luggage Insurance Finance Department

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