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GSA Fleet Customer Seminar San Juan, Puerto Rico

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1 GSA Fleet Customer Seminar San Juan, Puerto Rico
March 16th, 2010

2 GSA FLEET – Leading the way!
Presented by Javier Hernández Fleet Service Representative San Juan FMC

3 What’s GSA Fleet? GSA Fleet is a full-service, professional fleet management organization providing quality vehicles to more than 75 Federal Customers.  Growing from its origin in 1954 to just over 212,000 vehicles in 2008, the GSA Fleet is one of the largest non-tactical federal fleets in the U.S. government. .

4 Types of vehicles available:
Automobiles Passenger Vans Light, Medium and Heavy Trucks Adult & School Type Buses Ambulances Low Speed Electric Vehicles – NEW!

5 How GSA Fleet is supported?
GSA Fleet is supported by a network of Fleet Management Centers (FMC): - Responsible for assigning vehicles - Provides administrative support - Controls vehicles in the specific geographic area they serve Maintenance Control Center (MCC): - Supplies preventive maintenance service and support to customers - Coordinates and authorizes repairs and services using approved vendors - Ensure proper functionality of vehicles

6 Fleet Support Cont… Accident Management Center (AMC):
- Gather and collect accidents/incidents data - Coordinates and approve accident/incidents repairs Fleet Services Representatives (FSR): - Serve as GSA Fleet’s primary interface with customers - Support and coordinate with customers to ensure satisfaction with the GSA Fleet program   - Assists customers throughout the entire vehicle leasing process from vehicle replacement planning, to new vehicle receipt and to vehicle operation, fueling and maintenance.

7 San Juan Fleet Management Center
San Juan FMC provides fleet support to over 200 customers and more than 1,400 vehicles over Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Office Location: GSA Center Building (Back Area) Road # 28 (Goya Road) Km 3.9 Guaynabo, PR 00965 Phone: (787) Fax: (787) We also have our owned Fuel Station exclusively for GSA Fleet vehicles only. Gate Open for Fuel Self Service Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM. FMC Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM – 4:30PM. MCC Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Federal Holidays - Closed

8 Web Based Tools: GSA Fleet Drive Thru (Web site):
- Monthly Mileage Reporting System (Mileage Express) - Ability to generate vehicle inventory reports on the Internet in Word or Excel formats (Reports Carryout) - Billing and paying classification (Speed Pay) - Tracking vehicle accident activity past or present (Crash) - Billing information and review access (Bill Pay) - Vehicle replacement assistance module (GSA Replacements Vehicles) NEW!

9 GSA Fleet Master Card All GSA Fleet Vehicles assigned within PR & US Virgin Islands is issued with a Fleet Master Card. Card must be used to purchase fuel only at any Master Cards participant fuel vendor. MCC will pay for maintenance, repairs and services needed for GSA Fleet vehicles.


11 GSA Fleet Solutions: Vehicle Monitoring - Maximize the utilization of vehicles and improve safety by identifying poor and/or hazardous driving practices. GPS and cellular communication provide real time data on vehicles using a password protected website. Short Term Rental (STR) – This new rental program provides customers the option of renting vehicles to meet short term requirements or to replace vehicles that are out of service for accident or mechanical repairs for up to 90 days.  Not for TDY use.

12 The 751 Schedule – Help customers that need additional vehicles
The 751 Schedule – Help customers that need additional vehicles. Vendors that are on the 751 Schedule compete with each other resulting in lower lease rates than traditional commercial leases. Leases are available for one, two, or three years. The goal is to provide a GSA Fleet vehicle once the 751 Schedule lease expires. Driving Training – Free on-line defensive driving course available to all GSA Fleet customers. This 4 hours course was designed by the National Safety Council and is accessible through GSA Fleet Drive-thru. The course offers an engaging, interactive learning environment where drivers can analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards, and identify the proper corrective actions. The goal is safer drivers, fewer accidents and injuries, and lower costs.

13 Collision Repair Accident and System History (CRASH) – The CRASH database provides GSA Fleet customers access to comprehensive data for all accidents their vehicles have been involved in. This information can be used to identify accident trends and understand the associated costs. CRASH is accessed through GSA Fleet Drive-thru. Get Odometer Readings at the Pump (GORP)** – GORP is GSA Fleet’s newest tool for reporting vehicle mileage. It electronically retrieves the mileage that is entered at the pump when using the Fleet Services Card to purchase fuel. ** Not available for PR & USVI.

14 Vehicle Rates: GSA Fleet offers the most competitive full-service lease in the industry. Vehicle rates are based on a monthly lease and mileage charge, which includes all maintenance and fuel expenses. Rates may vary according to geographic location and additional "add-ons."   

15 Equip. Federal 2010 Monthly 2010 Mileage Vehicle Description Code
Std. Item Rate CONUS PR & USVI PASSENGER VEHICLES Sedan, Midsize 1100 10B, 10C $ $ $ $ 1105 10B $ $ 1173 $ $ Sedan, Compact 1200 9C, 9H $ $ $ $ 1230 9C $ $ $ $ 1240 9D $ $ 1262 9H $ $ $ $ 1263 $ $ Sedan, Subcompact 1300 8C $ $ $ $ 1330 8N $ $ Sedan, Large 1400 17A $ $ $ $ 1430 $ $ $ $ Station Wagon, Subcompact 2000 12A $ $ Station Wagon, Compact 2100 13B $ $ Station Wagon, Midsize 2200 14, 14C $ $ * Federal Standard Item Numbers are provided for information only. Because of changes in the Federal Standards, GSA Fleet vehicles may be available for which a Standard Item Number no longer exists.

16 Alternate Fuel Vehicles:
Federal Agencies are mandated by the Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Executive Order 13423, and the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) to purchase alternative fuel vehicles, increase consumption of alternative fuels, and to reduce petroleum consumption. Federal fleets are required to obtain 75 percent of their light-duty annual acquisitions as AFV in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). Vehicles acquired outside of the MSA also count towards an agency’s percentage, but are not required.

17 Section 301 of EPACT defines alternative fuels as:
Methanol Denatured alcohol Mixtures containing up to 85 percent methanol or denatured ethanol Natural gas Propane (liquefied petroleum gas) Biodiesel Hydrogen Electricity In addition, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 expanded the definition of an alternative fuel vehicle to include: Fuel cell vehicles Advanced lean burn technology vehicles Hybrid electric vehicles  "Any other type of vehicle that the agency demonstrates to the Secretary would achieve a significant reduction in petroleum consumption."

18 Examples of AFVs Available from GSA Fleet
E85 Dodge Avenger E85 Chevy Impala E85 Chevy Uplander E85 Chevy Tahoe E85 Ford F-150 E85 Chevy 8 Passenger / Cargo Van For a complete listing of GSA Fleet AFVs, please go to

19 Examples of Hybrids vehicles available:
Chevy Malibu Ford Fusion Honda Insight Ford Escape Chevy Tahoe

20 Low Speed Electric Vehicles:

21 Questions?

22 Drive Safely and Have a Nice Day! GSA Fleet – Leading the way!
Thank you! Drive Safely and Have a Nice Day! GSA Fleet – Leading the way!

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