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Fleet Management System-Maximo

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1 Fleet Management System-Maximo
Odometer Reading Correction Procedures

Mileage reporting has changed from an annual entry in FIS to a continuous process in Maximo. Maximo works if your initial data (FY2007 mileage reading) was correct and mileage input is correct since this date. Maximo audits for a progressive increase in mileage, a normal expected process for an odometer. WEX mileage information is generated automatically using entries into the meters function of Maximo. Non WEX mileage information has to be manually entered into the Maximo system. Reports and the vehicle request function utilize this mileage information. Most odometer readings are input from the WEX Fuel Card interface or manual fuel transactions. There are no automated maintenance mileage entries (ARI) at this time. WEX cards will only post data if they have been set up by OFM. No mileage data clean up has taken place since the Fleet System began gathering data on July 1, 2007.

Many vehicles have no mileage readings since FY2007 import from FIS (dated 6/29/07) FY 2007 reading is missing, wrong or taken after June 30, 2007. Older vehicles with odometers not reflecting 100,000 mile readings. Using one fuel card for several vehicles. Using the wrong card for the wrong vehicle Using fuel cards for disposed vehicles Common WEX fuel card errors include: Input Errors Enter PIN for mileage or Entries in tenths Others

Review Maximo reports to insure correct mileage data is reflected for each vehicle. Manual fuel entries must be entered. Make necessary corrections on any initial mileage errors (6/29/07). Begin the WEX mileage error correction process. Stress mileage input accuracy to all drivers.

5 MAXIMIZE MAXIMO CAPABILITIES Location – Location – Location
Organize your fleet so that vehicle supervisors can view and correct mileage entries. Agencies determine location organization in Maximo.

Agency Annual Mileage Report


8 FIX WEX MILEAGE ERRORS – Currently about 50% of the mileage problems are related to fuel card use. - This figure can be substantially reduced by awareness and training. - Total error elimination is probably not possible and WEX mileage error correction will have to become a continuous process.

9 Timeline for Correcting WEX Error File April 7 WEX Error File must be corrected by May 1 April 14, 21, and 28 WEX Error File must be corrected by June 1 May 5, 12, 19, and 26 WEX Error File must be corrected by July 1 June 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 WEX Error File must be corrected by August 1 April May Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 7-Apr 14-Apr 21-Apr 28-Apr 5-May 12-May 19-May 26-May June July Week 5 2-Jun 9-Jun 16-Jun 23-Jun 30-Jun 7-Jul 14-Jul 21-Jul 28-Jul

10 WEX Error Spreadsheet and Correction Procedures on SAO Website

11 WEX Error Spreadsheet and Correction Procedures on SAO Website


13 Click on the Vehicles application, or use Go to then Assets then select Vehicles.

14 Enter the State ID or the VIN # Hit enter.

15 Click on the Asset Number to pull the vehicle up.

16 Click on the Select Action. Click Manage Meter Reading History

17 Filter for Odometer Readings

18 In the Meter field type Odometer and hit enter, this will pull up only the odometer records

19 Vehicle Odometer Reading

20 Find the odometer reading that needs to be corrected and click on the word ODOMETER to highlight the record you need to fix.

21 Enter the correct meter reading into the Modified Reading Field
Enter the correct meter reading into the Modified Reading Field. (If you can not see the OK button hit F11 this will fix your screen so you can see it, just remember to hit F11 to re-correct your screen after you hit OK) Now hit the OK button. This is the reading that needs to be corrected, it is 135,875

22 Go back into Manage Meter Reading History, because after you hit OK it closes that window. You have updated the original reading of 135,875 to 136,000 miles. Now click OK again you might need to hit F11 to get to the OK button to close the Manage Meter Reading History Window.

23 Easy Fix Vehicle

24 Multiple Tenths

25 New Vehicle

26 999,999 Entry

27 2006 Ford

28 From 67 Thousand to 296 Thousand 2003 Model Year Vehicle

29 Bad Start to FY

30 EXPECTED RESULTS The correction of FY2007 data is a “one time only” event, however, the process of error correction will be a continuous process and is only necessary if data was reported incorrectly. The initial WEX file for correction will take longer. As you become familiar with the process it will become much quicker. This will be a one week file. The second WEX file will have more entries because it will be several weeks of records. The faster problems are communicated to the drivers, the faster the error rate will be reduced. There should be a drastic reduction in input errors prior to end of FY2008. FY2009 should begin correctly and automated input should sustain the system with minimum error correction on the part of the agency. Decision makers will have accurate mileage data for review without any action on the part of the agency.

VEHICLE METER READING AUDIT Most likely used if the Agency Annual Mileage Detail Report is lengthy. This report allows an agency to set a high mileage range and a low mileage range and identify all vehicles in the inventory that meet the criteria. AGENCY ANNUAL MILEAGE EXCEPTIONS REPORT This report prompts an agency to enter a reference date. Once the date is entered Maximo will look for all vehicles that have had no mileage data activity in the 30 days prior to the entered date.

Incidents of fuel card fraud are on the increase due to higher fuel prices Proper fuel data input into Maximo will help reduce fraud because a visible audit trail is produced for each vehicle Review daily management procedures of your fuel card program: One Card per vehicle. Each driver has individual PIN, no exceptions. Authorization limits are realistic, no 999,999s. Utilize purchase alerts for notification of limit violations.  These can be set online. BE PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE IN A FRAUD PREVENTION WEBINAR IN MAY

33 Questions

Should you have any problems or questions in making these corrections, please contact the Maximo Application Support Help Desk at: or (Option 6), or you may send an to:

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