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Policy Office 416-4730 ADMINISTRATORS’ IN-SERVICE JULY 2014.

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1 Policy Office 416-4730 ADMINISTRATORS’ IN-SERVICE JULY 2014

2 1. Policy Development - Organization and Process 2. Policy Update

3 Policy NumberPolicy TitlePolicy Category 2000Local Mileage ReimbursementBusiness 4013Cell Phones/Personal Communication DevicesPersonnel 7011Visitors to SchoolsSchool-Community 6047Student Fees and Debts Students 7009Family EngagementSchool-Community 6017Child Abuse and Neglect and Child Sexual AbuseStudents 7005Mandatory Reporting for Criminal OffensesSchool-Community 6061Student CongressStudents 6065Students GovernmentStudents 6064Student Clubs and OrganizationsStudents


5 Provides guidelines for reimbursement for local mileage for use of personal vehicles to conduct official district-related business.  Type of travel ineligible for reimbursement  Submission of completed mileage report  Forfeiture of mileage reimbursement claim  Review of mileage report  Prohibited actions


7 Provides guidance for the use of (1) cell phones and other electronic communication devices purchased by the district for district business purposes; and (2) personal cell phones and other electronic communication devices (a) granted access to the district’s network; and (b) for personal use during work hours.  District-owned cell phones and other electronic communication devices  Personal cell phones and other electronic communication devices  Restricted use  Prohibited use  Sanctions


9 Provides guidance for visitors on school grounds.  Authority of principal or designee to exclude any persons from the school premises.  Permissible reasons for exclusion includes:  Disrupting the educational programs in the classroom or in the school  Disturbing the teachers or students on the premises  Being on the premises for the purpose of committing an illegal act  Unlawful presence on the premises

10 Provides general guidelines on student school fees and debts that may be requested or required.  Requested fees include:  Fees for activities that occur during regular school hours  Fees for activities and supplies required to participate in all courses offered for credit or grade  Refundable security deposits collected by a school for use of school property for courses offered for credit or grade  Required fees include:  Fines or reasonable charges for lost or destroyed textbooks, library books, workbooks or any other property of the school  Debts incurred to a school  Refundable security deposits  Costs for extracurricular activities occurring outside the regular school day  Non-resident tuition charged of all students attending a school system other than the one serving their place of residence

11  Waiver process for students eligible for free or reduced price school lunches  Written notice to students and parents of authorized fees that may be requested and a notice of fee waiver process

12 Provide guidance for the promotion of positive relationships between the family, community and school; and to support family, community and school partnerships including parent organizations.  Roles and responsibilities of schools, the District, and parents  Alignment of work of parent organization with District goals and priorities  Family Engagement Advisory Committee  Ad hoc and other parent-focused committees  Annual evaluation

13 Provides guidelines for reporting child abuse and neglect and child sexual abuse  Principal Confirmation of Filed Staff Reports  Notification to Parents of Abuse  On school grounds or  While under school supervision or care as defined in law  Investigations

14 Provides guidance on mandatory reportable criminal offenses to law enforcement  Reportable Criminal Offenses to Principals by Teachers/Other School Personnel  Definitions of Reportable Offenses

15 Provides guidelines on the establishes the Student Congress as a mechanism to include students in the Board’s governance process  Function  Composition  Meetings  School Board  Superintendent  Student Congress Membership  Selection  High School - Nomination  Middle School - Principal Selection

16 Provides guidelines regarding student government and student clubs and organizations 6065 STUDENT GOVERNMENT  Student councils required for middle and high schools 6064 STUDENT CLUB & ORGANIZATIONS  Approval  Supervision/Sponsors  Vendors/Volunteers

17 Policy Office 416-4730 Natalie McKinney 416-4723 Maria Stewart 416-4727 Alishia Green 416-4731

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