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Healthcare Reform A Nation Divided Part1 Lecture1 August 29, 2011.

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2 Healthcare Reform A Nation Divided Part1 Lecture1 August 29, 2011

3 Lecture Series Part One 1.Public Private Ventures That Work Well And Some that don’t 2.Healthcare Economics 101

4 Untangled Health Simple Truth On Healthcare Reform My fathers advice: 1.Never believe what you read, see or hear without external validation 2.Contempt Prior to Investigation Is Ignorant 3.If your decision impacts a persons safety: Investigate, Investigate, Investigate Steve Harris Age 19 upon return from Philippines 1946 Humans on the moon

5 Many Contractors One Central Governance Organization

6 Evidently He Was Right Steve Harris Team Lead Lunar Descent Module after it was used to return the Apollo 13 crew safely to Earth “If your decision impacts a persons safety: Investigate, Investigate, Investigate“ “TRW the last 220,000 miles are on us”

7 In 1992 I Built My Own Airplane Following Dad’s advice I thoroughly researched the kit I purchased and sought the advice of others: Like friends with actual degrees in engineering. Jeff Harris in Rans S9 Chaos Homebuilt N61886 Altitude 3000 feet Location: Hampton Beach NH

8 So how does this relate to healthcare? Both project Apollo and my homebuilt aircraft had clearly defined objectives: –Apollo Safely land humans on the moon and return them safely to earth –My aircraft Safely deliver me to the heavens with full control and return me safely to the earth many times. Both project Apollo and my homebuilt aircraft were public-private partnerships –Apollo Numerous contractors and NASA –My aircraft Jeff Harris and his team with final sign off by FAA engineers

9 Healthcare on the other hand Never had a clearly defined objective save the US constitution preamble stating that our government should promote our general welfare! –So you can imagine just how confusing it has become 1900 2011

10 So, Do We Need To Change Anything? *Video by xethtoon via YouTubexethtoonYouTube

11 So what is my point! Next year is 2012 and a lot of uninformed or perhaps nefarious pundits have opinions they share with you about the Nation’s Affordable Care Act. If you tease out the rhetoric you will find truth. Furthermore you will find it on all sides.

12 Before you condemn; please investigate Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - U.S. Congress - OpenCongressPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act - U.S. Congress - OpenCongress

13 1905 USA lags behind Europe in insuring against cost of sickness 1930s SS ACT passes omitting health insurance 1940’s Pres. Truman Nat'l Health Proposal Opposed by AMA 1960s Health insurance through employers: President Johnson signs Medicare and Medicaid ACT 1970’s President Nixon’s Plan for Nat'l Health Ins. Opposed 1980s Pres. Reagan capitates Medicare cost for hospital admissions. 1980s, Corporations begin integrating hospital systems and out patient service. Medicine is now privatized 1990s Pres. Clinton National Health Reform fails to pass US Congress 2000 44 million Americans uninsured 2009 Obama Affordable Care Act Passes $ 3 TRILLION DOLLARS $ POOR PUBLIC SUPPORT For cost controls policy reforms such as universal coverage Evolving Payment Structure Technology Innovation Healthcare Inflation Cause and Effect Scenario Timeline Based 1970-Present Effective treatment of chronic illness 1945 Baby Boom 1960s-Present Day States Regulate, New Products PHO, HMO, Managed Care 1920s GM Signs Contract with Metro Life for 180,000 Employees 1-920s Penicillin Insulin 1970s – Present Biotechnology Human Genome CT and MRI etc. 1930s-1970s New drugs New Surgery Specialist 1800s-1910 Patient Pays Increased Lifespan and Elderly Population Growth Increased Professional Specialization Family Practice Sub Specialist = Patient Flow Note: America has projected this crisis and attempted reform since 1940s. Including 2 Republican and 4 Democratic Administrations

14 Untangled Health Economics 101 *Video by typhoon001 via YouTubetyphoon001YouTube

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