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Roger Cresswell Presentation to SCOTTSDALE, AZ OFFICE: (480) 704-4045 MOBILE: (509) 723-5781.

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1 Roger Cresswell Presentation to SCOTTSDALE, AZ OFFICE: (480) 704-4045 MOBILE: (509) 723-5781

2 Personal Information Over 26 years in the rugged mobile computing market Solutions approach to selling Strong services background Vertical market sales experience Field Services Field Sales Utilities Telecommunications Transportation Insurance Federal Government Education

3 Itron Spokane, WA Founded in 1978 Developed rugged handheld computing technology for meter reading Current annual revenues of $2.25B Maintain 80% market share Back office and mobile applications Added telecommunications and other verticals starting 1988 1992 Split off other business units to form Itronix Professional Experience (7 years) Project Management Account Management Professional Services

4 Itronix Spokane, WA Founded in 1992 Rugged Notebooks and Tablets Grew annual revenues to $150M Initial success in Telecommunications (60%) Added other verticals (utilities, public safety, federal government, field service, insurance, transportation) Acquired by General Dynamics in 2006 Currently out of business Professional Experience (18 years) Professional Services ($10M) Services Sales and Marketing ($23M) Field Service, Insurance, Transportation Sales ($20M) Enterprise Sales ($50M)

5 Intermec Everett, WA Founded in 1966 Rugged handheld computers and scanning equipment Annual revenues $1B Vertical market focus (warehouse, direct store delivery, transportation, field services) Acquired by Honeywell in 2013 Professional Experience (2 years) Field Service Industry Marketing ISV Management

6 Belkin Playa Vista, CA Founded in 1984 Privately held Mobile computer and networking accessories Annual revenues $1.5B Acquired Linksys from Cisco in 2013 Professional Experience (2 years) VAR Management ($20M) Federal End User Sales ($10M)

7 Field Service, Insurance, Transportation Ultra rugged, rugged, semi rugged Large and small form-factor Migration to tablets Work order management Other Forms driven applications Payment collections Wide area communications R8300 – outdoor applications and indoor harsh environments S15H – multiple environments requiring a durable platform R11 – harsh environment applications with low input requirement

8 Enterprise Accounts 10,000 appliance repair technicians Average 5 year product lifespan Major investment in services 100,000 field technicians Considering convertible platform Understand the value of rugged 40,000 garbage trucks In-vehicle utra rugged requirement Multi-part solution 30,000 installers Currently using small form factor Require large form factor device for testing

9 Services Operated services under own P&L at Itronix Generated $23 in revenue during final year GP around 42% Sold Sears $15M 2 year service agreement End-to-end offering Extended warranties Uplift programs Help desk Troubleshooting Hot swap Shipping Battery replacement Field services Each rep carried separate services quota

10 Channel Sales Belkin – over 6000 resellers Intermec – approximately 5000 resellers worldwide Per VDC – nearly $1B in rugged mobile computer shipments projected to go through the channel in 2015 Need strong relationships with key resellers Know how to sell the value of rugged in order to maximize GP Bundle the complete solution

11 90 Day Plan Product training at GammaTech Re-connect with enterprise accounts Assess current situation Explore opportunities for existing platforms Enter sales cycle for next generation procurement Reach out to existing and new contacts in field service, insurance, and transportation Call out to previous contacts (several hundred) Engage in lead generation process Feature new products at industry trade shows/events Engage with federal contacts for new leads/opportunities Tap network to pursue leads Assess opportunities with reseller network Attend trade shows/events Explore opportunities within other key markets P24 all-in-one: Healthcare R11/R8300/S15H: Field Sales, Telecommunications, Cable/Satellite

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