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Life Long Solution to Lime Scales. About Water A vast area in the country is infested with hard water. Almost 80-90 % of ground water has a significant.

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1 Life Long Solution to Lime Scales

2 About Water A vast area in the country is infested with hard water. Almost 80-90 % of ground water has a significant presence of lime scales making water unfit for industrial and other uses. Hard water results in lime scale deposition and also corrode the pipe line and equipments. In Industries, every year millions of rupees are spent on pipeline maintenance, de-scaling and softening of water for heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, chillers etc. When water-borne minerals, such as calcium bicarbonate, revert to their solid carbonate state, lime scale is formed in water systems and thus results in - Higher Power Consumption (increase in cost) - Reduces Thermal Efficiency, - Slows the Flow - Provides a breeding ground for Bacteria. - Reduces life of equipments (due to corrosion)

3 About SCALEREMOVER SCALEREMOVER (An ISO certified 9001:2008) a product which has revolutionized the way water has been used in Agriculture/Industries and Domestic uses. SCALEREMOVER is a compact, state-of-the art, computerized system that is installed between the pipe line in water circulation cycle in the industries. This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that changes the physical shape, size and charge of the calcium molecules and causes them to lose their adhesive properties SCALEREMOVER is a result of years of Research & Analysis on problems of Hard Water in the broad spectrum of Industries

4 Result of Research Research has shown that just 6 mm of lime scale can reduce energy efficiency by a staggering 40%, and, in moderately hard water area, 6 mm of lime scale can form in pipe work, or on heat exchangers in just 2 years. This in turn results in higher running costs. Billions are wasted every year in increased energy bills, lost production and early renewal of capital equipment. With SCALEREMOVER and its Anti-scaling and Decaling quality, it has been found that no scale has been formed from the date of installation and moreover, the existing scales have been removed in a 3-4 weeks’ time.

5 SCALEREMOVER can be used in… SCALEREMOVER is a result of over 20 long years of Research & Analysis on problems of Hard Water in:  Manufacturing Units  Agriculture  Domestic After innumerable trial and field research, SCALEREMOVER has been made available to respective fields where hard water has literally created a mess. ManufacturingAgricultureDomestic

6 Problems in Industrial Sector… Indian manufacturing industry in general suffers hugely from the problems of hard water.  Mineral Scaling - Numerous techniques have been adopted to prevent scaling using expensive and bulkier RO and Resin tools. SCALEREMOVER is able to prevent scaling and to remove existing layers. There are numerous examples in Industry with successful applications.  Rust - An amazing side effect of the product on iron pipes with oxygen containing water is that rust is not longer formed; it will be removed and replaced by a very thin black protecting layer, called Magnetite.

7 Problems in Industrial Sector…  Slime - A side effect that was to be expected is the fact that bacteria counts in process water will dramatically be reduced due to the cleaning effect of SCALEREMOVER. The breading ground of bacteria disappears, so will the bacterium. This effect is noticeable in swimming pools but also in cooling towers.  Water Disposal - In the civilized world, Industry has to pay for its disposal of water. Blow down of steam boilers or cooling towers are examples. As most of this equipment uses automatic blow down based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is easily seen why water can be saved. The longer it takes before a certain conductivity level is reached the fewer blow downs. This level can be set higher with SCALEREMOVER treatment. Savings of 50 to 80 % in water usage is possible. The total savings on water usage and cost of water disposal gives an extremely quick return on a one time investment.

8 Applications for Industries SCALEREMOVER is used in following Places in Industries:  Power Plants  Paper  Pharmaceuticals  Cooling Towers/ Heat Exchangers  Cold Storages  Food & Milk Process System  Liquid Waster Disposal System  Distilleries  Forging & Dye Casting Plants  Oil/ Water Separation System  Plastic Molding  Steam Boilers  Agricultural Farms & Poultry  Swimming Pools  Water Parks/ Sprinkler System  Hotels  Hospitals  Residential Complex

9 Advantages In Industries…  Extends Life of Capital Equipment (huge Saving in Capital Purchases)  Prevents Limescale Build Up (Anit Scaling & De-Scaling Device)  Achieves Large Energy Savings (Earning in Carbon Credit)  Lower cost of Maintenance  Environment friendly (no use of chemical)  Effective on Water having TDS 15,000  Water can be reused, recycled & Pollution Free  No Corrosion, due to Scales  Life Span 20 years  Help in organization EHS Policies

10 Advantages In Industries…  More than one pipe can be treated with just one unit.  Reduces Algae/fungi and bacteria levels.  Reduces maintenance downtime thereby increase in production.  Protects the entire water system unlike chemical methods SCALEREMOVER can be used for drinking water.  Reduces bacteria levels by removing the habitat and prime source of nourishment.  Easy to install with a little bit of plumbing required.

11 Cost Saving In Industries…  40% to 50% Reduction in Softening Agent (low dosage of Salt per day that is Sodium Phosphate)  50% Reduction in water wastage (Water used for Back Wash)  Increase in Energy Efficiency (usage of Electricity is lower due to reduce Scales in the Chiller and Cooling Tower) as per research 6mm of scale can reduce energy efficiency by 40%  Increase in output by reducing down time of equipment  Reduction in maintenance (fit and forget machine)  Low Running Cost only electricity required (energy efficient machine works on single phase)  100% reduction in usage of anti scaling chemicals  Water can be reused due to no addition of chemical hence saving of additional water usage  Increase life of Capital Equipment/ RO Membrane there by reducing additional cost in longer run to purchase capital equipment(All Anti Scaling agent are Acidic based which corrodes the equipment reducing the life of capital equipment)

12 Problems in Agriculture Hard water acts as the water containing poisonous substance on crops. Soil - Hard water doesn’t seep in the deeper layers of soil.The standing water eventually gets evaporated in heat leaving scales all over the field. These scales further reduce soil water solubility resulting in poor water intake by the roots and wilting of the crop. Fertilizers and Minerals - Hard water impedes assimilation of fertilizers and minerals present or applied, resulting in poor absorption by the roots. Bacteria - Hard water forms a perfect home for the unwanted bacteria and fungi to grow.

13 Advantages in Agriculture  SCALEREMOVER with its ionization technique make the water soft resulting is more solubility of present minerals. Soft water gets absorbed easily in the soil resulting into speedy absorption by the roots. It has been found that even in soil where germination is poor or negligible; water through SCALEREMOVER has helped in making the field reusable for germination and crop production practices.  Solve Heavy Water Problem by Removing Scale Build Up in Irrigation system and Drippers.  Reduces Salt level of boring water & wells which makes essential nutrients available to plants. Therefore, usage of Water &Fertilizers are reduced and Agricultural Productivity is Increased.

14 Problems in Domestic  There are high levels of calcium present in the water we use for drinking, washing, and heating our homes. This calcium is healthy for us. However, when the water is heated, it attaches to the nearest surface causing scale build-ups, which:  Chokes of existing pipe line and shower panels  Increases heating costs  Increase the need for appliance maintenance  Calcium deposits leaves stains on costly bath fittings and surfaces

15 Advantages in Domestic  With SCALEREMOVER all existing scales from the pipeline would get removed within 1-2 months and there would be no further scaling.  Unsightly stains on sinks, basins, and sanitary ware will be easier to wipe away.  Hot water systems will heat up faster.  Lime scale no longer blocks pipes and shower heads.  Dishwashers, washing machines, kettles, and other water fed appliances operate efficiently.  Soap and detergents produce less scum and work more effectively.  Clothes retain softness and color.

16 How SCALEREMOVER Works… SCALEREMOVER is an electronic descaler that is applied externally to the pipework or water treatment installation. Treatment is applied by attaching a Coil Console on the inlet or outlet of the pipe line. Coil console contains signal cables and micro chips. Coil Console is attached to a Frequency Generator which produces square waves alternating at 8000 to 240000 cycles per seconds. These complex Modulated signal field at variable frequency induces electrical field in the hard water ions and increases their solubility, resulting in water being soft. The electrical field generated around the water field, ionize Sodium, calcium and other molecules present in the water. These highly ionized molecules when come in contact with the hard deposited scales, they ionize the molecules of the scales resulting in weakening on their bonding and finally deposited scales get dissolved in the water and washed away. Thus SCALEREMOVER acts as Anti scaling as well as De scaling machine. To make the unit more effective SCALEREMOVER comes in different wattage specially designed for different levels of hardness of Water. SCALEREMOVER is found effective on water even having 15000 EC A range of units is available to cover pipe size s from 0.25” to 40 Inches

17 Reaction of Chemicals When Calcium and Bi-Carbonate ions are combined, Calcium Carbonates and Carbonic Acid are formed: Ca + 2HCO 3  CaCO3 + H 2 CO3 ( Calcium) + (Bicarbonate) (Calcium Carbonate) + (Carbonic Acid) The Carbonic Acid will further formed: H 2 CO3  H 2 O + CO 2 (Carbonic Acid) (Liquid) (Carbon Dioxide)

18 What is LSI (Langelier’s Saturation Index) The Langelier’s Saturation index (LSI) is an equilibrium model derived from the theoretical concept of saturation and provides an indicator of the degree of saturation of water with respect to calcium carbonate.. The Langelier saturation level approaches the concept of saturation using pH as a main variable If LSI is negative: No potential to scale, the water will dissolve CaCO 3 If LSI is positive: Scale can form and CaCO 3 precipitation may occur If LSI is close to zero: Borderline scale potential. Water quality or changes in temperature, or evaporation could change the index. LSI = pH - pH s Where: pH is the measured water pH pH s is the pH at saturation in calcite or calcium carbonate and is defined as: pH s = (9.3 + A + B) - (C + D) Where: A = (Log 10 [TDS] - 1) / 10 B = -13.12 x Log 10 ( o C + 273) + 34.55 C = Log 10 [Ca 2+ as CaCO 3 ] - 0.4 D = Log 10 [alkalinity as CaCO 3 ]

19 Langelier’s Saturation Index The following Results indicate the significant change in the Langelier’s Saturation Index after passing the Sample through SCALEREMOVER S. No.Parameters Type IType IIType III Inlet Water Outlet Water Inlet Water Outlet Water Inlet Water Outlet Water 1. TDS, mg/L 2050165050404170117009820 2. Hardness, mg/L 10106602480177058003870 3. Langelier’s Saturation Index 1.150.691.100.621.250.72

20 Comparative Study Other Water Softeners & SCALEREMOVER Other Water SoftenersSCALEREMOVER Higher Maintenance CostNegligible or Low Maintenance Cost Need Specialized team to installSimple and easy to install Requires maintenance regularlyDoes not requires maintenance Technology reduces TDS (salinity of Water)Technology is anti Scaling & De- Scaling Device Intrusive to the water (Disturbs Natural composition of Water) Non-intrusive to the water (Protects Natural Composition of Water) Wastage of Water (Important Resource)No Wastage of Water Higher Electricity ConsumptionLow Electricity consumption Soap suds difficult to removeSoap suds wash away easily Harmful for people on salt restricted dietsSafe for people on salt restricted diets Increases water and sewer bills greatlyDoes not require any additional water usage 5-10 year lifespan20-25 year lifespan Discharges chlorides into waste streamEnvironmentally “Green” product (EHS Policy)

21 FAQ’s In simple terms how does it work..... SCALEREMOVER uses 3 rd Generation Technology to create an electrical field that changes the shape and behavior of scale forming calcium. This action stops further build up of scale and as the solubility of the water is increased, existing scale will be progressively reduced. Does it really work? SCALEREMOVER will extend the efficient working life of water systems and associated equipment, reducing maintenance and running costs to the advantage of the building owner and benefitting the environment by keeping the emission of greenhouse gases to a minimum has been tested technology. With a proven 95%success rate over 8 years. How can I tell if it's working? What to look for: In around 4 to 6 weeks you should notice The softening of scale around the Heat Exchanger/Cooling Tower TDS of Return water sump will start to increase Periodic Maintenance would reduce for equipment Does it affect the drinking water? Water remains chemically unchanged, retaining the beneficial minerals and tastes the same so you do not need a separate drinking tap. Where does the scale that is reduced go? As the scale does not stick to pipe work and appliances it all goes down the plug and leaves the house with the water.

22 FAQ’s Can I fit the unit? As no plumbing is involved most customers fit the unit themselves and it should take no more than 2 hrs, or you can use a local handy man or electrician. Does it require any maintenance? Once installed the unit will require no maintenance at all, for It's expected life span is 20 years or more. How much does it cost to run? The units costs about Rs 800/- a month in electricity. What pipe material is suitable? The unit can be fitted on GI, Iron, PVC, TPR, copper, plastic, steel and lead pipes. It works on painted or unpainted pipe or pipes with condensation if you have lagged pipe reduce the lagging, fit the coil and lag on the top of the coil. Where should the unit be fitted? To be fitted on the water circulation cycle Will it cause leaks? No, in several years of selling SCALEREMOVER, we have had no problems regarding leaks. Is the SCALEREMOVER suitable for all types of water systems and incase leakage happens it is covered under the warranty of the product

23 Some of our customers....


25 Contact Us.. Manoj Maan Singh Mobile # 08285253535 Tel No. 011 27011270 Email Gaurav Jaggi Mobile # 9811477646 Email – Shashi Raj Mobile # 09716810810 Email- Marketed by: Universal Green Technologies 488/6 Sriram Complex, 2 nd Floor, Nr. Radha Krishna Mandir, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi -110095

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