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The FNP Program at UIC Highlights and Information for Prospective Students.

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1 The FNP Program at UIC Highlights and Information for Prospective Students

2 About the FNP program  Rated among the top FNP programs by US News & World Report  First NP program in Illinois, since early 1970’s  Regional program, with 5 locations  Largest APN program at the College of Nursing  Blended online didactic and face-to-face small group discussions for adult learners

3 FNP College of Nursing Faculty  All certified family nurse practitioners  Practicing in our academic nursing center, the Center for Integrated Care, and other locations  Doctorally and Master’s prepared  2-25 years of graduate nursing teaching

4 The FNP curriculum: 51 credit hours  Nursing science core –Inquiry, statistics, health systems, professional issues, research project  Advanced practice/PMA core –Pathophysiology, pharmacology, health assessment; epidemiology, population-focused health  FNP clinical track –Health Management in Primary Care 1-3 –Clinical Practice in Primary Care 1-4 –Lifespan, primary care approach

5 Clinical education  Over 650 hours of practicum in a variety of clinical sites –Pediatric, OB, and family practice experiences, mostly weekdays  One-to-one precepting by FNP and physician clinical faculty  Program meets all requirements for national certification exams –ANCC, AANP

6 Program options for the MS  Full time: finish in 5 semesters –Highly organized students working only very part time, 4 classes/semester  3-year: finish in 7 semesters –Progress at 3 classes/semester  4-year: finish in 9 semesters –Progress at 2 classes/semester  See sample program plans

7 Program IT recommendations  Good computer skills—PC environment  Up to date computer and internet access  Will purchase PDA, clinical tracking software  Many references and resources are online  Some clinical sites using EMR  You will become a knowledgeable IT user to support your advanced practice nursing as a lifelong learner

8 The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)  Online program  Post-MS FNP DNP program started Fall, 2007 (45 hours )  BSN-DNP FNP track starting Fall, 2008 (90 hours) –Includes residency and more FNP didactic –MS students can apply to transfer to DNP GRE required; applications competitive

9 Admissions  MS admissions are limited  Admit cohorts of 30 (all 5 locations): admit, wait list, decline  Apply for Chicago, Peoria, Quad Cities, Rockford or Urbana campus –Chicago applications due by Feb. 1, 2009 –Contact other campuses for their deadlines  Questions? Visit Prospective Students at

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