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Biomedical Diagnostic Research Laboratory Arthur F. Banné, Ph.D. Director Chesterland, Ohio Presented by LifeSpan™ International, Incorporated.

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2 Biomedical Diagnostic Research Laboratory Arthur F. Banné, Ph.D. Director Chesterland, Ohio Presented by LifeSpan™ International, Incorporated

3 BDRL CLIA Licensed Reference Laboratory The only laboratory in the U.S.A. validated and authorized to perform the Serum Thiol Test commercially by Dr. Pero and the University of Lund, Sweden. The Serum Thiol test is Internationally patent protected.

4 United States Patent 5,925,571 Pero July 20, 1999 Method of testing immune competency Abstract A method of testing the immune competency of an individual by determining, from a sample of the blood of the individual, a value for total plasma/serum thiols including both protein thiols and non-protein thiols, and comparing the value so determined with a reference value of total plasma/serum thiols to ascertain whether the determined value is higher or lower than the reference value, a determined value lower than the reference value being indicative of impaired immune function. Inventors: Pero; Ronald W. (Lund, SE) Assignee: Oxi-Gene, Inc. (Boston, MA) Appl. No.: 847664Filed: April 22, 1997Current U.S. Class:436/120; 435/974; 436/64; 436/86; 436/119; 436/164 Intern'l Class: G01N 033/48; G01N 033/49; G01N 033/50Field of Search: 436/119,120,86,64,164 435/974

5 Wellness Testing in the Twenty-First Century

6 DNA Repair in Health & Risk Assessment

7 Dr. Ronald Pero A world class scientist specializing in genetic ecotoxicology, Dr. Pero has been involved in mainstream cancer research in the field of DNA repair for over 30 years. His development of DNA Repair testing led to him being selected to direct the biological blood blank for the Malmo Diet and Cancer Study as outlined in Journal of Internal Medicine (Vol.233 No.1 Jan 1993)

8 Serum Thiol is defined as A test to monitor human health status Such a test was once thought impossible to provide to the general public It is now possible due to the genius and efforts of Dr. Ronald Pero, geneticist

9 What is a Thiol? Thiols are a part of amino acids (AA) which are polymerized into large molecular proteins that in turn signal cells to carry out their functions Thiol structures are extremely sensitive to oxidatve stress because they can react with free radicals as: protein(AA)-SH SH(AA)-protein oxidizes to protein(AA)-S-S-(AA)-protein + H 2 0 Thus oxidized thiols modulate protein structure which in turn profoundly down regulates cell function that relates to disease

10 What is a Thiol? (Cont’d.) Thiols are the sulfur analog of alcohols. Thiols are a good estimate of endogenous oxidative stress in vivo as they reflect reduction / oxidation throughout the body due to peripheral circulation of blood to all tissues. A component of the blood, which is sensitive to changes in the individual’s health

11 When do you use the Test? There is no clinical disease indication such as: infection or disease Evaluates underlying biochemical events leading to disease susceptibility Therefore it can be used any time a health assessment is desired

12 What is Unique about the Test? It will assess the individual’s present health status In risk assessment, it will provide a measure related to mortality or longevity It enables the health provider with a means of evaluating the success of current treatment.

13 Evidence of Thiol Value Implications Serum Thiols as a Surrogate Estimate of DNA Repair Correlates to Mammalian Life Span, RW Pero, C Hoppe, Y Sheng, Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, Vol.3 No.3 Fall 2000 pp.241-249 (source: Low Serum Thiol levels predict shorter times-to- death among HIV-infected injecting drug users, Michael Marmor et al,AIDS 1997, Vol. 11 No.11(source: PubMed)

14 Side Benefit Serum Thiol has been validated as a Prognostic Indicator for HIV infection Predicts clinical outcome more strongly than Beta-2-microglobulin It is also less expensive and easier to use

15 Enhancement of DNA Repair C-MED-100® / AC-11® Nature’s Magical Ingredient Joins Man’s Modern Science

16 Linear Regression Chiropractic Study

17 How can one product have multiple effects? Because it doesn’t treat specific conditions, but acts by reducing Oxidative Stress (OS), the major cause of human disease By functioning as a molecular soap, it prepares the cell membrane to absorb nutrients

18 DNA Repair The Ultimate Antiaging Tool by: Ron Pero and Marcia Zimmerman

19 Reverse Aging – DNA Repair The Process of Aging DNA: The Origin of Life DNA Damage – Root of All Evil Nutrition Solutions to Aging Cat’s Claw Miracle Herb from Peru Rounding Out The Antiaging Program Getting Results – What to Expect from Natural DNA Repair Testing Results – Serum Thiol Test C-Med-100 Source

20 Human Genome Project Molecular Medicine Antiaging Medicine

21 What is Aging? “... the accumulation of random damage to the building blocks of life - especially to DNA, certain proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats) – that begins early in life and eventually exceeds the body’s self repair capabilities” Leonard Hayflick, PhD., UCSF S. Jay Olshanky, PhD., UIC Bruce Carnes, PhD., UIC Scientific American, June 2002; 286(6):92-95

22 Why Do We Age? Oxidative Stress Damage to DNA (nucleus & mitochondria) Poor DNA Repair Aging and Aging Conditions

23 Results of Poor DNA Repair DNA (gene) chemistry Double stranded helical polymer DNA damage caused by toxins, diet, environment, radiation Repair enzymes / Protein Processes PARP, endonuclease, exonuclease, polymerase, ligase GOOD repair BAD repair GOOD No disease BAD BAD REPAIR CASUES ALTERED GENE EXPRESSION, LEADS TO CHRONIC DISEASES Cancer, autoimmune, aging cardiovascular, inflammatory

24 DNA Damage – Health Consequences DNA DAMAGE Mutagenic Diseases e.g. cancer Mutagenic Diseases e.g. cancer Toxic Disease e.g. Inflammation Toxic Disease e.g. Inflammation Two possible health consequences The major cause of human disease has been identified as DNA damage by reactive oxygen species. This has been reviewed as a contributing factor for the origin and progression of a number of conditions including aging, autoimmunity, HIV infection and cancer.

25 Cellular Control of DNA Repair DNA repair of damage No disease Mutaganic and toxic disease Incomplete Complete Gene Deficiency Biochemical Inhibition Review of the cellular control of DNA damage

26 7 STEPS IN AGING YOUR ENVIRONMENT (Poor diet, stress, accidents generate free radicals) OXIDATIVE STRESS GOOD GENE REPAIR equals Antiaging GENE DAMAGE equals Aging ALTERED GENE EXPRESSION Hobbled Proteins (Glycation) Wrong soup mix (Mitochonria function) Misfiring genetic switches (Methylation and acetylation) Immune glitches (Inflammation) Faulty cell communication (Hormone imbalance)

27 Aging Effects of Oxidative Stress Oxidative stress Reduces apoptosis Increases cell survival Increases TNF alpha Inflammation anti-infection NF-kB Tumor toxicity Decreases cell survivalal Increases apoptosis Decreases TNF alpha Anti-inflammation Enhances immune cells Increases differentiation/function Anti-oxidation Increases DNA repair Decreases DNA damage Enhances immune cells Pro-oxidant Increases DNA damage Inhibits immune cells Activation Inhibition C-MED-100

28 Control Oxidation Diet Exercise Supplements

29 Mitochondrial DNA A single ATP molecule must be recycled within a mitochondrion approximately 1,000 times per day for the body to maintain its energy supply

30 Quenching Reactive Oxygen Species in the Mitochondrion About 10% of the air we breathe is converted into free radicals in the mitochondria of our cells to produce the energy of life (ATP). Hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical, superoxide, lipid peroxide and singlet oxygen are metabolic mistakes of ATP production. Mitochondria -Primary source of free radical production in cells. Savengered by Vitamin E, glutathione, co-enzyme Q10, lipoic acid, carnitine and taurine.

31 NF-kB / DNA repair-- control DNA damage and your health Second primary source of free radicals is inflammation NF-kB inhibition reduces this source Regardless the source, DNA repair removes DNA damage These processes are controlled by dietary factors

32 Enhance DNA Repair STEP 1.. DNA damage detected. Enzymes uncoil and unzip DNA. (NFk-B inhibition works here also by stopping free radicals that damage DNA) STEP 2.. Uncoiled structure gives access to repair enzymes. STEP 3.. Damaged or misplaced nucleotides are cut out by enzymes. (Active genes are repaired first, then less active genes) STEP 4. New segments are moved into place and the seams are sealed by other enzymes. #4 #1 # #2 #3

33 Antioxidants and DNA Damage Without the entire complement of antioxidants toxic intermediate free radicals build up Free radical, radiation, drugs, chemicals, endotoxic metabolites Ascorbate (Vit. C) Bioflavonoids Tocopherols, Tocotrienols Carotenoids Glutathione, lipoic acid Cysteine, selenium, niacin, copper, zinc, manganese

34 C-MED-100 ® / (AC-11 ® ) The name says it all “C” stands refers to the Campa Indians of the Amazon basin who have used the bark of the herb called uncaria tomentosa, the source of C- MED-100™ (AC-11 ® ) “MED” implies not only a clinical effect, but also that this has been developed with the same methods used to develop standard medicines “100” refers to the 100% bioavailability of product due to the active ingredient CAE (Carboxyl Alkyl Ester) which strongly affects membrane integrity

35 C-Med-100 / (AC-11 ® ) Water soluble extract of Uncaria tomentosa; 8% CAE’s *, less than 0.05% oxindole alkaloids * CAE’s examples are quinic acid lactone analogs

36 C-Med-100 / ( AC-11 ® ) primary bioactive ingredient has been identified Found in Shayman natural extractions of Uncaria Quinic acid/Quinic lactone 5 times more bioactive when purified from C-Med-100 / ( AC-11 ® )

37 C-Med-100 / AC-11® – FDA Registered Claims C-Med-100 / ( AC-11® ) helps enhance natural immunity C-Med-100 / ( AC-11® ) helps enhance natural DNA repair process

38 Nutrients to Enhance C-Med-100 / AC-11® Niacin (niacinamide): a substrate for DNA repair enzymes Zinc: attaches to DNA repair enzymes, activating them Carotenoids: scavenge oxy-radicals and enhance immune response Edible mushroom extracts

39 C-Med-100 / AC-11® research validates it’s use to treat DNA damage via NF-kB inhibition and DNA repair enhancement Induction of apoptosis and tumor inhibition; Anticancer Res., 18:1998 Enhanced DNA repair, immune function, reduced toxicity; J. Ethnopharm., 69:2000 Enhanced antibody response to vaccination; Phytomed., 8:2001 Human DNA repair enhancement; Phytomed., 8:2001 DNA repair enhanced by combination with niacin, carotenoids and zinc; Can. Detect Prev., 22:1998

40 C-Med-100 / AC-11® Research, cont’d. Serum thiols to estimate DNA repair; J. Antiaging Med., 3:2000 WBC elevation with no pathology or loss of immune function – proof of concept in mouse; Phytomed. In press, 2002 DNA repair as a primary molecular target for antiaging therapies; Antiaging Med., in press, 2002

41 Deep Cell Effects C-MED-100™/ ( AC-11 ® ) affects control genes which are the subject of intense drug research for antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore represent sub-cellular activity.

42 Research C-MED-100™ / ( AC-11 ® ) has been tested with findings published in peer reviewed journals such as Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Anticancer Research and Phytomedicine It has been shown to suppress tumor growth by inducing apoptosis, the process which forces cells to differentiate or die, without toxic effects to the body

43 Research Cont’d It has enhanced DNA Repair and modulated immune system function It has successfully improved drug-induced leukopenia and rendered the pneumococcal vaccine effective

44 Product Protection Patent protection (US patents 6,039,949 and 6,238,675) Trademark AC-11® / (C-MED-100™) (10-6-98)

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