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1 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Littelfuse Startco Arc Flash Relay PGR-8800.

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1 1 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Littelfuse Startco Arc Flash Relay PGR-8800

2 2 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Arc Faults: Costly and Dangerous Dangers  Fires  Burns  Injury  Death Costs  Collateral damage  Equipment replacement  Downtime  Labour

3 3 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Arc Flash / Blast Statistics  Over 1000 people die each year from electrical accidents*  Up to 10 Arc-Flash incidents occur each day in the US  Over 2000 workers are sent to burn centers each year with severe Arc-Flash burns.  OSHA states that 80% of electrically related accidents and fatalities among Qualified Workers are caused by Arc- Flash/Arc-Blast Incidents. * Source: National Safety Council

4 4 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Case Study – Nov 12, 2009  Chiller Easton Ice Rink, Columbus, Ohio  An electrician was working on a 480V power panel when the panel sparked and caught fire –The electrician was thrown to the floor and eventually transported to the OSU Burn Center with severe burns on face and hands. –Witnesses reported the panel was still sparking when the fire crews arrived. * Source: Dayton Daily News

5 5 LITTELFUSE STARTCO  Electric Shock - trauma caused by the passage of electric current through the body.  Arc-Flash – an unexpected sudden release of intense heat and light energy produced by electricity traveling through air, usually caused by accidental contact between live conductors.  Arc-Blast - a pressure wave created by heating, melting, vaporization, and expansion of conducting material and surrounding air during an Arc-Flash. Types of Electrical Hazards

6 6 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Types of Electrical Hazards Arc-Blast Gases Sound Arc-Flash Light Fire Shock Pressure Wave

7 7 LITTELFUSE STARTCO  Severe burns  Vision damage or blindness  Hearing loss  Broken bones or internal organ damage  Whiplash  Brain injuries  Lacerations  Fatality Photos courtesy of OSHA Effects of Electrical Hazards on Workers

8 8 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Costly Damage…  Equipment replacement and need for capital  Equipment repair costs  Downtime  Production Loss (scrap) …and business interruption. Image from IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop, Floyd, Doan, Barrios, Wellman Image from IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop, H. Landis Floyd, II Effects of Electrical Hazards on Business

9 9 LITTELFUSE STARTCO  System Voltage  Arc Characteristics –Arc gap / Distance from arc  Fault Current –Available fault current –Arc current typically 38% of available fault current  Time –Clearing time Image from OSHA Office of Training & Education What Determines Arc-Flash Severity?

10 10 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Initiators of these faults  IEEE Std 493-1997 (Gold Book) Recommended Practice for the Design of Reliable Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

11 11 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Development of an Arc Fault  Voltage difference between two conductors (250V) separated by air gap, high resistance  Voltage reaches breakdown point, rapid release of energy across gap  Shortest distance from bus bar corner to bolt corner Usually phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground Energy limited only by system resistance, air gap impedance

12 12 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Lifespan of an Arc Fault 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

13 13 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Lifespan of an Arc Fault 50 kA bolted fault between 480 Vac and ground

14 14 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Effects of an Arc Fault Plenty of Hazards to Choose From

15 15 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Examples of Arc Faults

16 16 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Arc Flash Relay  PGR-8800 Series –1ms reaction time  Detects light –Point sensors (A) –Fiber optic sensor (B)  Detect over-currents –Phase CTs (3) –Any CT with 5A sec.  Link upto (4) AF Relays –Larger systems

17 17 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGR-8800 Functions & Features  Six light sensors  Built-in front sensor  Adjustable light sensitivity  1000 event logging  Dual inputs for switches or PLC  Fail-safe operation  Local USB interface –No drivers or s/w req’d

18 18 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGR-8800 Wiring Diagram

19 19 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGA-LS10 - Point Sensors The sensor can be also be mounted to ”see through” the back of the cabinet. 120% 80% Coverage Half-Circle 100% Range is 2 to 2.5 meters 360° Point Sensor

20 20 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGA-LS20 - Fiber-Optic Sensors One fiber-optic sensor can replace several point sensors  26 ft flexible fiber  360° detection angle  LED for visual feedback  Built-in circuit check  Electrically extendable  Plug-in connector

21 21 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Multi-Unit Installation Example

22 22 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGR-8800 Applications Transformer primary 3 x 690 V Transformer secondary 3 x 22 kV Air-cooled transformers are sensitive to contaminants, affecting the resistance of the air gap between electrical connections (phases, bolted connections etc.)

23 23 LITTELFUSE STARTCO PGR-8800 Applications

24 24 LITTELFUSE STARTCO Additional Information   Datasheet  Product Manual  Brochure Arc Flash Relay Brochure PF136 Datasheet Littelfuse Startco: 306-373-5505

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