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Policies Software Assurance Planning Services. Agenda 2  Engagement Policies  Scope Policies  Voucher Policies  Resources.

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1 Policies Software Assurance Planning Services

2 Agenda 2  Engagement Policies  Scope Policies  Voucher Policies  Resources

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4 Delivery 4 Competency-holding Partners Registered and approved Maintain competency status Certified delivery consultants Designed and advertised as onsite engagement Up to 3 days of off-site delivery for distributed customer resources Interactive consultative sessions Unique prescriptive Customer deliverable

5 Engagement Length 5  Engagements can be 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days  Actual length varies by engagement  Engagements may not exceed 15 days  Vouchers should be reserved in VVR prior to the engagement start date  See guidance outlined across each program offering, and online FAQ for more information

6 Planning Focused 6

7 Delivery Framework Focus Proper UseImproper Use Product AZDPS: Microsoft Azure DDPS: Office; Office 365 ProPlus; Windows DTDPS: Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server L&EDPS: Lync; Lync Online; Exchange; Exchange Online PVDPS: Windows Server; select System Center Component Combinations, Hyper-V SDPS: SharePoint; SharePoint Online SSDPS: SQL Server Planning Services for targeted products Directly proposes an increase of servers or seats Promotes deployment of latest product versions May include up to 4 hrs. of supplemental walk-on topics (examples: environmental, utilization, and adoption considerations) Engagement not focusing on Planning Services targeted products, or outcomes. For example: System Center Configuration Manager Deployment Lync Network Performance Assessments Building solutions using SharePoint after deployment Office 365 Hybrid Integration Planning Product capability demo or PoC as primary focus Existing Windows server features (AD/Direct Access, etc.) with no WS2012 installation or upgrade plan Outcome Deployment Plan Upgrade Plan Migration Plan Vision and Scope Office 365 Planning Tool Output Services Pre-Sales Engagement resulting in a plan to deploy, upgrade or migrate to the latest version of a Planning Services featured product Single Planning Services deliverable accompanied with or without a supporting PoC Office 365 FastTrack Product Pre-sales Strategic Utilization Planning On-Premises Production Pilots Staff Augmentation Program Management Staff Augmentation Production Deployments / Implementation Services Remediation / Optimization Services Proof of Concept / Online Pilot Optional supplement delivered to confirm, facilitate, or reinforce creation of a plan or Vision & Scope summary as the primary deliverable Delivered as a means of proving or reinforcing a primary outcome (a next-steps proposal or plan to deploy, upgrade or migrate). Standalone demo without a plan or proposal to deploy, upgrade or migrate to the latest version of a Planning Services advertised product On-Premises Production Pilot Answers How to deployLogistical Pre-Deployment Phase Planning Why deploy Pre-Sales or Strategic Utilization Planning How to adopt Funding Software Assurance Planning Services Vouchers 1-to-15-day vouchers based upon customer eligibility, size and qualifying license count Extended duration projects exceeding 15-days General, unfocused consulting services Performing Out of Scope activities as defined in Planning Services delivery guidance

8 Engagement Outcomes 8  Each engagement has two required deliverables Planning Services deliverable presented to the Customer and Microsoft Planning Services Completion Report or FastTrack Completion Confirmation presented to Microsoft  Examples of Customer Planning Deliverable include: Findings & Recommendations Vision & Scope Solution Brief Custom Plan FastTrack Planning Completion Confirmation  May include supplemental deliverables such as a lab or custom slides  Must align with products and services represented under each program (e.g. no Exchange deliveries under DDPS, no Production Pilots, etc..)

9 Scope Policies 9

10 10

11  All Planning Services deliveries must meet the following criteria: A Planning Services deliverable must be furnished to the customer Planning Services days may only be applied toward the creation of the Required Deliverables and optional elective activities directly associated with creation/presentation of deliverables Deliverables MUST reflect number of days charged to Microsoft (e.g. no 1-day deliverable for 15 days of planning effort)  For more details please refer to the FAQ Engagement High Level Scope 11

12 Scope Plan Deliverable Limited to products listed on left Limited outcome (Deploy/Upgrade/Migrate) Est. 1-3 Days (5 for larger planning sessions) Invoice w/ Completion Report (est. 15 min) Elective Activities PoCs available at the 5, 10 and 15 day service levels if work directly complements creation & presentation of plan Prescriptive, engagements with service levels of 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 days

13 Plan Deliverable Limited to products listed on the right Limited outcome (Deploy/Upgrade/Migrate) 3-15 days, depending on engagement Invoice w/ Completion Report (est. 15 min) Elective Activities PoCs & Pilots are available when plan creation is primary focus with LOB training support through DTDPS & AZDPS Scope (cont…)

14 Deployment Implementation Configuration Optimization Stabilization Remediation Support General Training Production Modifications Recovery UAT Testing Compliance Detailed Architectural Design Image Creation Disaster Recovery Staff Augmentation Program Documentation Development Utilization Other Out of Scope Activities

15 DDPS & Windows Accelerate 15 Not supported: IE Migration PoC delivered as a stand-alone engagement

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18 Distributed Organizations Vouchers from parent-level organizations can be used at subsidiaries, divisions, or organizations (and vice versa) provided each is legally connected

19 Advertised Durations Maximum advertised duration Engagement durations should not exceed advertised maximums. Example: Office 365 Planning is limited to 3 and 10-day service levels. Multiple engagements May be performed for each customer, but only in cases where a different customer division or implementation is being planned for. Separate deliverables must be produced for each voucher used in cases where combined totals exceed advertised maximums. 19 Shorter durations Shorter than advertised service levels may be performed by combining two or more vouchers, however deliverables produced must reflect the outcomes of the original engagement.

20 20

21 Voucher Expiration 21  Vouchers must be reserved, delivered, and redeemed in VVR prior to the stated expiration date found on the voucher in VVR  Vouchers in the Assigned status have a lifespan of 180 days from the voucher creation date, regardless of the expiration date of the customers enrollment  If the enrollment is still active when a voucher expires, the days will return to the enrollment’s available pool of days  If the enrollment has expired when the voucher expires, the days are lost and cannot be restored or applied towards a new enrollment

22 Resources 22

23 Resources 23 Training/Guidance, Tools and SitesDescription SA Planning Services Partner PortalPS programs portal including information on the value of the benefit, “how-to” resources for selling and delivering by PS type, required deliverables, process templates and resources. Required Deliverables by PS TypeAccess the Required Deliverable templates by PS type, and the link to the Completion Report. Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)Customer-facing volume licensing portal where qualified customers access their SA benefits; used by the SA Benefits Manager to create and assign PS vouchers. Voucher Validation & Redemption (VVR) ToolPartner-facing internal tool used by Planning Services’ partners to reserve and redeem vouchers. Software Assurance Voucher Benefit Tool (SAVB) Partner-facing internal tool used by Planning Services partners to create a Payment Request for vouchers they have redeemed in VVR, and get paid. Frequently Asked QuestionsList of the top Frequently Asked Questions about the Software Assurance Planning Services Contact UsContact the help aliases for each of the Planning Services.

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