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NanoVit Technology for Optimizing Your Fleet’s Performance Presented to: Metropolitan Transit Authority By: Marjorie Lynch, P.E. January 2012.

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1 NanoVit Technology for Optimizing Your Fleet’s Performance Presented to: Metropolitan Transit Authority By: Marjorie Lynch, P.E. January 2012

2 NanoVit – Optimizing Your Fleet’s Performance  Lowers fuel consumption  Savings range from 9% to 14% in over-the-road trucks  Better compression means more power and increased engine efficiency  10% to 12% efficiency gains verified  Reduces maintenance by extending the oil’s lifecycle (4X verified) and increasing the intervals between oil changes  Extends engine life by reducing friction which increases component tolerances and life  Reduce wear and engine vibration  Cuts CO and NOX emissions by over 50%  Reduces CO 2 emissions consistent with reduced fuel use Cost savings and increasing performance all with one product

3 Advancements through Nanotechnology Nano-technology – the manipulation of the behaviour of atoms and their atomic structure to develop new, working atomic material NanoVit consists of – Modified silicon oxide (SiO 2 ), – Aluminum oxide (Al 2 O 3 ), and – Plasma-processed graphite (C) Particles size < 0,000.000.001 meters -- the length of 4 atoms

4 How does NanoVit Work? Aluminum oxideSilicon oxide Graphite Oil TEMP PRES Build up of micro-particles, combustion residues and contaminants on a normal engine surface Phase One – Delivered by the system’s oil, Al 2 O 3 cleanses the boundaries of the friction surfaces, eliminating damaging micro-particles and combustion residue buildup Contaminants are flush out and trapped in the oil filter and then removed with the oil change Phase Two – A flexible, thin, elastic layer of nano- particles is formed under heat and pressure on the friction surfaces of the engine, returning them to their original geometry A anti-friction coating remains in the engine after oil changes, adjusting to operating conditions, effectively renewing itself. This reduction in friction improves engine performance, lowers fuel consumption and emissions while extending the life of the engine

5 TÜV Thüringen Tested & Verified  Cleans the engine, improves performance, reduces emissions  Motor oil regains its original properties, as destroyed oil molecules are regenerated with NanoVit  Completely new type of engine protection - not an oil additive, due to the structural concept of its mode of action  Lubricating media (i.e. oil) is not influenced or changed by use  The anti-friction layer forms a permanent chemical bond with the friction-stressed metal surfaces, where friction and wear are reduced and operational lifetime is prolonged  An engine treated with NanoVit is afforded active wear protection and is effective under extreme mechanical stress  Damage to engine by NanoVit can be ruled out German Based Independent Verification Lab

6 Fuel & Maintenance as % of Costs >20% of total cost for transportation companies is fuel & maintenance Source: NIWO Jaarverslag 2009

7 Lower Fuel Use  Fuel savings of between 7%-14% are experienced in relation to rpm and load values  Coefficient of friction decreases through noticeable changes in the new surface properties and the modified oil film layer  Heat transfer is reduced, reducing wear  Effectively refurbishes worn and gritty surfaces to reset the manufacturer’s original parameters  Regenerates surfaces, increases surface strength and cleans surface contaminants  Lowers the friction coefficient through both the new surface properties and the modification of the properties of the oil-film layer

8 Smoother Ride – Less Vibration & Noise TÜV Verification Testing Improved engine operation is reflected in more power and a reduction in noise by 0.5dB

9 More Time Between Oil Changes  Protects lubricant particle structure and improves the properties of the thin-film lubricant layer  Reduces contaminants in oil by preventing surface degeneration

10 Extends Engine Life Wear Time/Seconds Parts treated with NanoVit showed 50% less wear than those treated with 10W40 motor oil TÜV Verification Testing Increased Resistance to Wear with NanoVit

11 NanoVit Reduces Maintenance Costs Decreased maintenance Slows down oil degeneration, meaning fewer oil changes and maintenance cycles. Protects from wear due to friction, increasing component tolerances and lifespan. Increased wear protection Creates an elastic nano-layer to absorb energy without stressing the surface Results in micro-hardening of the surface Increased lubricant lifespan Nano-particles protect lubricant particle structure and improve the properties of the thin-film lubricant layer Reduces contaminants in the oil by preventing surface degeneration

12 Decreased Emissions – Hydrocarbons Hydrocarbon emissions were reduced by 63% after NanoVit application TÜV Verification Testing

13 Decreased Emission – Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide emissions were reduced by 85% after NanoVit application TÜV Verification Testing

14 The Value Proposition – Example Value of Improved Fuel Efficiency - Assumptions Average MPG per truck:5.0 Cost of gallon of fuel:$3.75 Miles travelled: 125,000 Gallons of gas used per 125K: 25,000 Fuel cost per truck per 125K:$93,750 Average improvement in fuel efficiency of 10% (5.5 mpg)$8,523 Savings Value of Longer Oil Change Intervals - Assumptions Oil change intervals (miles): 20,000 Number of changes in 125K miles before NanoVit:6.25 Cost per oil change: $400 Total cost of oil changes per 125K miles before NanoVit:$2,500 Number of changes in 125K miles after NanoVit*:0 Total cost of oil changes per 125K miles after NanoVit:$0 Total savings on oil changes given minimum NanoVit performance$2,500 Savings *NanoVit guarantees 125K between oil changes but users have experienced longer intervals. Oil can be tested at normal intervals with independent 3 rd party labs for approximately $15/test. Total Saving per 125K miles driven: $11,023

15 The Value Proposition – Example Savings 1 st 125K miles$11,023 Retail cost of NanoVit application for 2 WD and 4 WD semi with Normal to Heavy load (volume discounts available): $2,995 First 125K Return on Investment (ROI)268% Payback period based on 125K miles per year99 days On-going fuel efficiency (assuming 10%) $8,523/125K miles This is a WIN-WIN!

16 Case Studies Improvement in Fuel Consumption Highest42% Lowest13% Average29% UK Haulage company Results from 9 comparison trip Average Savings per 100K - £15,359 Experienced improved engine output – from 58 KW to 76KW – higher power at lower RMPs UK based Cargo Vessel 15 Month Study Reduction Oil Consumption – Main Engine 10% Oil Consumption – Auxiliary Engines (3) Ave 66% Fuel Consumption – Main Engine 18% Fuel Consumption – Auxiliary Engines (3) Ave 20% Cost of NanoVit applications €50,000 Total savings over study period - €233,700

17 Case Study – Saturn Astra Before NanoVit  Engine had 50,000+ miles on it before test  Used NanoVit engine and gear products  Max power output before NanoVit was at 6,000 rpm, developed 55.5KW  Max power output after NanoVit was 4,800 rpm with 57.1KW developed  Improvement of 1.6KW and reduced RMPs Lower average RPMs means more output, less fuel consumption, lower engine stress and a better acceleration rate After NanoVit ParameterEmissionsResult Before applicationAfter application CO%vol0.2770.04185% Improvement CO2% vol14.615.3 HCppm105.739.663% Improvement O2% vol0.1110.269 LAMBDA 0.9940.956 RotationMin-1812816  Significant reduction in Carbon Monoxide  Improved combustion lowered Hydrocarbon values.  CO2 reduced by lower fuel consumption

18 Pedigreed Product  Tested extensively in Germany – TÜV verified  Finalist Network of Automotive Excellence Award (as judged by Mercedes Benz & Mazda)  A $ 3.5 million product liability insurance with Allianz  No incidents or claims  Third-party oil testing facility available for all samples related to start-up demonstrations  Dutch government is in the process of adding to their Green Rebate Program  Undertaking TMC Type 4 and/or SAE Type 2 testing and certification

19 One Product, Multiple Benefits  Cost benefit from both improved fuel efficiency and extended oil change intervals  Improved engine efficiency with more power and smoother ride  Longer engine life through less wear  Quick payback period and excellent ROI  Program structured to let you see the benefits before you buy  Emission reductions result in high “Green Value”

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