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Engineering Data Management with SharePoint 07/16/2014 Edwin Elmendorp – Cadac Group.

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1 Engineering Data Management with SharePoint 07/16/2014 Edwin Elmendorp – Cadac Group

2 Agenda  Cadac Group Introduction  Part 1 – Engineering basics  Part 2 – Engineering Content Creation  Part 3 – Document Control – Transmittals  Q&A

3 Cadac Group Worldwide  Founded in 1986  Privately owned  42M USD turnover  +/- 250 Employees worldwide  14 offices (Europe, APAC, USA)  Our home is “The Netherlands”  market shares  AEC 22%  MFG 42%  Government 54%  Within the top 10 worldwide of Autodesk partners  Over 26 years over Engineering experience (autodesk)  Over 10 years of SharePoint product development experience for engineering  One of the few platinum partners worldwide

4 Cadac Group Americas  Our focus is the owner operator supply chain  Owner Operators  EPC providers  Equipment manufacturers  Our sweetspot is within the following industries  Natural resources (Oil & Gas, Mining)  Process industrie (chemicals)  Often very structured document control processes Our Technology stack is:  Autodesk Vault  Microsoft SharePoint We help companies with Engineering information management with a specific focus on capital projects and Asset lifecycle management for document driven processes.


6 PART 1 Engineering basics

7 Engineering and the Asset lifecycle Project Initiation Manage Project thru’ lifecycle stage gates Deliver Asset Documenta tion Commission Asset Maintain Asset Contractor XXX Asset X Project Y Stage Z Turnover Asset X Vault Asset X Minor Projects Asset X Maintenance Operators Operate & Maintain large physical Assets EPC providers Deliver engineering services for the Operator Equipment ManufacturersProvide larger pieces of equipment as part of an Engineering project

8 Complexity of Design information for Assets Complexity of Design information Lifespan of the Asset EPC 1 – 3 years OO 10 – 100 years

9 Types of Engineering Content Engineering Data Management Create & Release Project Stakeholders Generic Document Management Create & Release Document Control System Share, Review and Approve Project Stakeholders Project Stakeholders

10 Engineering Document Management, The basics Controlled versus uncontrolled content  Both have relevance for the execution of a project  Processes for storage and security apply for both and are usually set  Controlled content  usually planned or based on a known business event  Has a set and agreed upon structure  Has a set and agreed upon communication protocol  Has predefined business rules  Uncontrolled content  Often created “in the heat of the moment”  No predefined business rules  Many unknown formats

11 Engineering Document Management, The basics Controlled versus uncontrolled content  Controlled content  Transmittal / submittal  Deliverables, Drawings, Spec sheets, Manuals, PEP  RFI’s  Correspondence  Requisition packages  Point cloud data  Models  Uncontrolled content  Email  Napkin designs  Engineering alternatives  User temporary working files  Job pictures  PST databases  Excel spreadsheets  Engineering document management is not Records management  Legal Hold, disposition policies, passive and active records, etc

12 Versions and Revision with SharePoint  Versions in SharePoint are triggered by  A change to the object caused by  Metadata changes  Workflow activities  Changes to the file  Check-out -> Check-in  A version in SharePoint is indicated by a numeric number only  1.0  1.1  2.0  Etc A version in SharePoint only records the event of change, but has no consequence to the actual Revision of the engineering document. As such SharePoint versioning can not be used to record Engineering Revisions, but can be useful to keep track of the ongoing changes.

13 Versions and Revision with SharePoint  Revisions are triggered by a business event  Document is reject -> please revise  Document is submitted “For Construction” apply correct revision  Document is changed after formal release, update revision  The revision designation can be a number or alpha character or combination of both  The revision logic for a document can potentially change if the status of a document changes  For internal review and audit: A, B, C, D, E  For external “Issue for Purpose”: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4  How documents need to be revised can change from 1 project / facility to the next, depending on the customer demands and historical use.  Revisions can be superseded, as well as have multiple revisions of a document active.

14 Types of engineering content Design Data Management  Large (3D) files  Complex structures/relations Design tools Discipline specific applications /features Tight relation to application o Inventor (Mechanical) o Civil 3D (Civil ) o AutoCAD Electrical Generic Document Management  Engineering documents: Correspondence, scans etc. Specifications, datasheets, etc Scope: Storage and indexing of documents for easy retrieval Little or no change management Limited (manual) item security Limited audit trail Document Control  Not used for high volumes of transient documents  The common factors that make these documents “important”: o Long lasting o Release for use is well considered o Goes through approval process o Many revisions during their life Change management High degree of reliability for security Revision control Visible, Available, Controlled reliable audit trail Autodesk Vault SharePoint “Work in Progress” Engineering Document Control

15 PART 2 Engineering Content Creation

16 Complexity of the design world Autodesk as a provider for design solutions -> Other vendors for design tools or design data management. Siemens team center Catia Dassault Solid works Bentley Cad worx PTC Pro Engineer Solid Edge Aviva …. Dozens of others

17 Integration basics Cadac Organice Document Control Consolidate Comments Nr: M-2-01 Discipline: Mechanical WBS: 2.1 Revision: A Due Date: 01.01 Autodesk Vault Native CAD Model Secondary Document (PDF/DWF/DWG/…) CAD Editor Redlining Mark up (Brava) Revise Return Comment OTB Integration Release Submit Collect Comments Edit Master Document Register

18 D E M O

19 PART 3 Document Control

20 Why does Document Control matter? A D.O.T. Design Build Contract 25319 document transactions 12 months 2100 documents / month Oil & Gas project in Dubai 79389 document transactions 14 months 5600 documents / month Mining project in Chili 35896 document transactions 15 months 2400 documents / month

21 Is this your Document Control? Review Approve Document(s) EXCEL HELL

22  Create transmittals  Create new site  Activate transmit feature  Send transmittal

23 Please fill out a session survey for the HSPUG Business presentation Scan the QR code to the right or type If you submit a survey, you are eligible for an extra prize drawing!

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