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A GE F RIENDLY P ROJECTS HKPR D ISTRICT H EALTH U NIT Board of Health Presentation April 17, 2014 Angela Andrews and Doreen Boville.

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1 A GE F RIENDLY P ROJECTS HKPR D ISTRICT H EALTH U NIT Board of Health Presentation April 17, 2014 Angela Andrews and Doreen Boville

2 A GE -F RIENDLY D EFINED … Concept developed by the World Health Organization An age-friendly community encourages active aging by optimizing opportunities for health, participation and safety Enhances quality of life as people age; benefits all ages Theme Areas: Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings Transportation Housing Communication and Information Civic Participation and Employment Community Support and Health Services Respect and Social Inclusion Social Participation

3 H OW IT ALL BEGAN … New Horizons for Seniors grants were obtained in Haliburton and City of Kawartha Lakes Community assessments were completed In Northumberland County, an Aging Well Committee was established as an offshoot of the Northumberland Falls Prevention Coalition Age Friendly initiatives focus more broadly on seniors health but policies and supportive environments resulting from AF work support falls prevention

4 A GE - FRIENDLY AND THE O NTARIO PUBLIC HEALTH STANDARDS Accountability Agreement – Fall ‐ related emergency visits in older adults aged 65+ (rate per 100,000) Ontario Public Health Units are required to address the prevention of injuries, including a requirement to “...influence the development and implementation of healthy policies and programs and the creation or enhancement of safe and supportive environments that address falls across the lifespan.” The most effective policies that influence the prevention of falls among seniors as indicated by the Prevention of Injury Guidance Document reflects the work being done to create healthy, active age- friendly communities as well as reviewing the social determinants of health. AF work is one project that helps us achieve the falls prevention outcome indicator. Look at falls as not one piece but many pieces from a seniors health and aging perspective.

5 O RGANIZATIONAL S TRUCTURE Haliburton County Aging Well Committee Haliburton County Falls Prevention Network City of Kawartha Lakes Age Friendly Steering Committee Fenelon Falls Age Friendly Committee Omemee Age Friendly Committee Age Friendly presentations in partnership with CKL Library Services in Bethany Northumberland County Age Well Network of Trent Hills Northumberland Falls Prevention Coalition

6 H ALIBURTON C OUNTY A CCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings Bench installments Automatic door opener for LifeLabs at the Haliburton Family Medical Centre Arm chairs in community centers More use of handrails by local businesses Input into streetscape planning and official plans Support for the Haliburton County Pool Committee

7 A CCOMPLISHMENTS C ONTINUED … Housing: Housing information sessions, forums and research to create a county housing strategy Transportation: Awareness of the developing transportation strategies for the county Communications: Creating a more positive image of seniors, and raising older adults’ issues in radio, newspapers and other media

8 C ITY OF K AWARTHA L AKES A CCOMPLISHMENTS TO D ATE Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings Bench installments Support for winter snow removal on sidewalks Spearheaded or participated in walkability assessments and followup to address identified hazards Work closely with the CKL Accessibility Coordinator to mutually support each other’s initiatives One result of this collaboration was additional disabled parking spaces in Fenelon Falls Housing: Supported Housing forum coordinated by Accessibility Coordinator and other CKL staff

9 A CCOMPLISHMENTS CONTINUED … Transportation: Hosted an information session to promote the rural transit service Communications: Have raised the profile of the Age Friendly project and of older adults’ issues through various media and presentations to community groups Have begun compiling an inventory of senior related activities throughout CKL Were successful in having a “senior-friendly” icon included in the Parks and Rec Leisure Guide Have excellent working relationships with CKL Councillors in Fenelon Falls and Omemee Poster series developed

10 A CCOMPLISHMENTS C ONTINUED … Community Support and Health Services Hosted a Healthcare Community Consultation Forum Have connections to the Family Health Teams, Omemee Medical Centre Board and Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative AF members were part of delegation that met with Ministry of Health representatives to advocate for improved local lab services Seniors difficulty with using self-serve gas stations raised by AF; cause championed by Kawartha Lakes Accessibility Advisory Committee and endorsed by CKL Council

11 A CCOMPLISHMENTS C ONTINUED … Respect and Social Inclusion/Social Participation Participate annually in Seniors Fair hosted by MP and MPP Promote low cost social activities of other groups Other Strong relationships with other community partners Participate in review of official, secondary and sustainability plans

12 N ORTHUMBERLAND C OUNTY A CCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE Shared information on seniors’ health Shared opportunities for professional development related to seniors’ health including inviting 6 speakers to provide “Lunch and Learn” sessions in 2012/13 Promotion of seniors’ physical activity options (via “Rx for a healthier you” tearoff notepads) Hosted the “Seniors Exercise in Northumberland” Think Tank with an emphasis on improving access and identifying gaps in opportunities Think Tank led to the Heartwise Exercise Program being offered at the Cobourg Community Centre

13 C URRENT P ROJECTS H ALIBURTON C OUNTY StopGap Access for All one ramp at a time

14 C OMMITMENT TO A CCESSIBILITY AODA Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces include: Recreational trails/beach access routes Outdoor public eating areas like rest stops or picnic areas Outdoor play spaces, like playgrounds in provincial parks and local communities Outdoor paths of travel, like sidewalks, ramps, stairs, curb ramps, rest areas and accessible pedestrian signals Accessible parking (on and off street)

15 H OW THE R AMP P ROJECT W ORKS Materials from local building supply stores Students from HHSS will build the ramps and will work with seniors from the committee Businesses with single stepped storefronts in Dysart et al. have expressed interest in participating to have a custom ramp made at no cost Brightly coloured ramps that are light weight and have handles are built to improve access and get people talking about this design issue

16 C URRENT P ROJECTS C ITY OF K AWARTHA L AKES Fenelon Falls Be a Good Neighbour Program Strengthening Partnership with Seniors Club Meet and Greet June 2014 Omemee Communications/Newsletter Committee All CKL Promotion of Seniors Month in June

17 C URRENT P ROJECTS N ORTHUMBERLAND C OUNTY Continue to network and move seniors health issues forward

18 I N C LOSING … Contributors to our success include: Engaged community partners Supportive municipal councils and staff Passionate seniors in our communities that have the interest, energy and connections to move ideas forward Changing political and societal expectations and support that place a growing emphasis on the senior population which is quickly becoming the largest demographic group All of this makes HKPR’s Age Friendly projects busy, dynamic and effective initiatives in our communities


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