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Mass Culture and Family Life

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1 Mass Culture and Family Life
Chapter 19, Section 3

2 I. The Culture of Consumerism

3 A. Americans Spend More 1. Increased Family Income 2. Easy Credit

4 B. New Conveniences 1. Supermarkets 2. Home Appliances

5 II. Family Life in the Fifties

6 A. An Ideal Family 1. Nuclear Family 2. Women as homemakers

7 B. Revolved Around Children
1. Dr. Benjamin Spock encouraged nurturing children 2. Parents spend more money on kids

8 C. Religion 1. Church attendance rose 2. Dollar bill changed

9 D. Medical Advances 1. Antibiotics 2. Increased lifespan

10 III. Television Takes Center Stage
A. Programming reinforced ideal of the 1950’s family B. Enforced Mass National Culture

11 IV. Rock-and-Roll Shakes the Nation
A. African-American Origins B. Audience Widens 1. Elvis Presley kicked off the craze with “Heartbreak Hotel” 2. Symbol of American youth culture

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