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WELCOME! Philosophy of Religious Education renaissance program.

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1 WELCOME! Philosophy of Religious Education renaissance program

2 Introductions I’m ___________ from ______________ where I ________________. renaissance program

3 Affirmation We celebrate ourselves. We celebrate our being together. We celebrate our being together here. We celebrate our being together here in a spirit of learning. Blessed be! renaissance program

4 Getting to Know You Name One person who influenced you religiously Why you chose that person renaissance program

5 Renaissance Program Administration Adult Faith Development Curriculum Planning Ministry with Youth Multicultural Religious Education Philosophy of Religious Education Teacher Development UU Identity UU History (online) Worship for All Ages UU Theology (coming soon) renaissance program

6 Focused Conversations Small Groups Provide collective leadership around two or more Essex Conversations essays, organized around topics of the session 30 minutes Can be used for presentation, small group work, and/or large group sharing renaissance program

7 Religious Education is... What is Unitarian Universalism? What is Unitarian Universalist religious education? renaissance program

8 Essex Conversations Questions As we enter the 21st century, what is the core of our evolving Unitarian Universalist faith? What is my vision of the goals for our lifespan religious education? What are the vital components for Unitarian Universalist curricula? renaissance program

9 Essex Conversations Record on newsprint; designate a recorder. Work together to list main themes, especially in response to: What is my vision of the goals for our lifespan religious education? What are the vital components for Unitarian Universalist curricula? renaissance program

10 Focused Conversation WHAT? renaissance program

11 WHAT is religious education? Barry Andrews, “Educating for Faith” Susan Brown, “For the Generations to Come” Patricia Hoertdoerfer, “Religion as Relationship” Elizabeth Strong, “To Teach an Abiding Faith” renaissance program

12 I Believe, I Feel, I Act I Believe (world view) I Feel (loyalty of my heart) I Act (way of life) You are invited to consider your faith in these terms... renaissance program

13 Fowler’s Faith Development Theory Faith Stages According to Fowler Integration of Developmental Characteristics renaissance program

14 Faith Stages & Group Portraits Groups of 4-6 people, choose one: Preschool / Elementary / Adolescent / Youth / Young Adult / Adult / Elder Create a faith development portrait of the age chosen. Use pictures, words, phrases, symbols. List 3-4 implications of faith development for religious education and the congregation as a learning community. renaissance program

15 Tough terms for UUs renaissance program FaithReligion SpiritualityEthics

16 Focused Conversation WHEN? renaissance program

17 WHEN does religious education take place? Susan Archer, “Outside the Box” Logan Harris, “What Youth Want” Jen Harrison (Devine), “Youth Groups as a Model for Transformative Ministry” Frances Manly, “The Principle Behind the Principles” Kathy Silver, “Doing the Work of Becoming Unitarian Universalists” Laura Spencer, “Our Seven Principles” renaissance program

18 Who? Who has historically influenced religious education? Who are the partners in the enterprise of religious education? renaissance program

19 William Ellery Channing Liberal Christianity – “Unitarian” Faith: in child, in God, in scripture Get attention of child through love, inviting questions Feared Sunday School would teach religion as “lifeless tradition and not quickening reality” Address to Sunday School Society in 1838 renaissance program

20 John Dewey Experiential learning Child-centered vs. creed-centered or content-centered curricula Focused on “whole child” Founded Religious Education Association renaissance program

21 Channing, Dewey Do their ideas speak to you? Do you see evidence of their philosophies in the RE program in your congregation? Any new insights? Do you see the purpose of religious education as (1) to hand on a religious tradition or (2) to create a new world? renaissance program

22 Sophia Lyon Fahs Curriculum editor, American Unitarian Association, 1937-61; UUA, 1961-64 Education process: discovery, examination, decision Today’s Children and Yesterday’s Heritage New Beacon series of curricula renaissance program

23 Angus MacLean Professor/Dean, St. Lawrence Theological School (Universalist) “The method is the message.” Learn by doing, with heart and hand Importance of parents as religious educators renaissance program

24 Fahs, MacLean What were Fahs’ and MacLean’s philosophies of religious development? What were some of the principles of their religious education theories? What was their understanding of the nature of the child and how we nurture religious growth? What did they see as the role of experience in education? What was the goal of religious growth and learning? renaissance program

25 Recent Eras Multimedia era—Hugo Holleroth, 1964-80; multimedia kits, AYS, emphasis on process RE Futures Committee—Elizabeth Anastos, 1980-90; Stone House Conversations, UU identity, UU Principles, social justice, teacher- friendly curricula incl. Stepping Stone Year, Neighboring Faiths, LIFT, Race to Justice Lifespan Faith Development—Judith Frediani, 1990-2013; Essex Conversations, Our Whole Lives, Tapestry of Faith, lifespan, praxis model renaissance program

26 Influences from Larger Culture Paulo Freire Howard Gardner Faith Formation 2020 renaissance program

27 Parents as Religious Educators Some knowledge... Some attitudes Some skills... renaissance program

28 Focused Conversation WHO? renaissance program

29 WHO influences religious education? Pat Ellenwood, “Changing Lenses” Susan Harlow, “Spreading the Good News” Jacqui James, “Building Strong and Radical Religious Communities” Elizabeth Jones, “Building a Strong Community” Roberta Nelson, “The Teacher As Spiritual Guide” Jeanellen Ryan, “Looking Back” renaissance program

30 Where Is Religious Education? Sacred Spaces Guided Meditation Journal Writing Sharing Religious Community renaissance program

31 John Westerhoff Professor at Harvard, Duke University Divinity School Editor of religious journals, incl. Religious Education, the journal of the Religious Education Association Critic of “church school;” advocate of church community renaissance program

32 Maria Harris Fashion Me a People, 1989 Curriculum is the entirety of congregational life renaissance program

33 Focused Conversation WHERE? renaissance program

34 WHERE does religious education occur? Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley, “Toward Wholeness and Liberation” Ginger Luke, “The Children’s Fire Is the Community Fire” Rebecca Parker, “Education As Liberation” Meg Riley, “The Core of Our Evolving Unitarian Universalist Faith” Tracey Robinson-Harris, “Margin and Center” renaissance program

35 Communities of Memory and Hope What memories are we making with our children and youth? renaissance program

36 Focused Conversation WHY? renaissance program

37 WHY do we do what we do? Judith Frediani, “Making Sure There is a There There” Tom Owen-Towle, “Seven Reminders” Gary Smith, “Taking Our Children Seriously” Tom Yondorf, “Outcome-based Religious Education” renaissance program

38 Focused Conversation HOW? renaissance program

39 HOW do we go about it? Richard Gilbert, “Usable Truth” Daniel Harper, “Learning Types and Their Needs” John March, “Practicing the Scales of Rejoicing” Makanah Morriss, “Doorway to the Sacred” Greg Stewart, “Sunday School Is Dead—Long Live Sunday School” John Tolley, “Child’s Play” renaissance program

40 Visioning: Taking It Home Articulate your philosophy of religious education. renaissance program

41 Why: Mythical Religious Education Committees Goal Setting (in groups of 3-4) Create a religious education brochure that articulates a philosophy of religious education. Create goals for the program. List these on separate index cards for use during closing worship. renaissance program

42 Closing Evaluation online Worship renaissance program

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