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Nano Fabrication Nano Fabrication.

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1 Nano Fabrication Nano Fabrication

2 Nano fabrication


4 Ball Milling

5 Inert-gas Condensation


7 The sol-gel process may be described as
”Formation of an oxide network through polycondensation reactions of a molecular precursor in a liquid” A sol is a stable dispersion of colloidal particles or polymers in a solvent. The particles may be amorphous or crystalline. An aerosol is particles in a gas phase, while a sol is particles in a liquid, A gel consists of a three dimensional continuous network, which encloses a liquid phase, In a colloidal gel, the network is built from agglomeration of colloidal particles.

What is colloids ? Tyndall Effect

9 Tyndall Effect

10 Sol-Gel Synthesis Factors in determining properties Rate of Hydrolysis Drying Ability to grow nano-sized particles in different matrices




14 Fabrikasi nanomaterial dan nanostruktur
Media Fase Uap : Pembuatan thin film Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Fase Liquid : Proses coloid untuk pembentukan annopartikel dan self assembley pada monolayers Fase solid : Segretasi untuk pembuatan parikel metalik di dalam matrik glass dan induksi polimerisasi doa photon pada fabrikasi kristalphotonik tiga dimensi Fase Hybrid : Penumbuhan vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) pada nano wires

15 Berdasarkan Bentuk Produk
Nanopartikel : Proses coloidal , flame combution ,dan segretasi Nanorods : templed-based electroplating , solution-liquid-solid growth (SLS) , spontanious anisotropic growth Thin film : molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) amd atomic layer deposition (ALD) Nanostructured bulk materials :photon bandgap crystals by self essembly of nanosized particles.

16 Nano fabrication: bottom-up
Self-assembly: ‘Spontaneous change in a system from a more disorganised state to an ordered or structured state.’ e.g. amphiphilic lipids when placed in water will form bilayers, vesicles or micelles. - cell membranes e.g. DNA - complementary strands from Dr Schroeder’s web page, college of St. Scholastica

17 Self Assembled Monolayers (SAM’s)
strong interaction between head group and surface, e.g. thiol on Au, the tail can then be adapted at will. SAM’s are useful as model substrates, biomembrane mimetics, for studying electrical conduction through individual molecules, chemical patterning of surfaces etc. alkanethiol on Au{111}. Prof. Weiss Group, Penn State University

18 Nano fabrication: top-down
A ‘playable nanoguitar’ made in Cornell University NEMS group 30 nm W lines on Si; from the University of Glasgow department of Electrical and electronic engineering lithography group

19 Why is Nanotechnology important?: Nanomaterials
titania - possible applications in enhanced photocatalysis thin films carbon nanotubes inorganic nanotubes nanowires nanoparticles quantum dots Mayya et al.; Nano Lett. 2001, 1 (12), p.727 Lauhon, Gudiksen, Wang, and Lieber; Science 2002, 420, p.57


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