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By: Sally Kafelghazal Science 2nd Hour

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1 By: Sally Kafelghazal Science 2nd Hour
The Castor Star The Castor Star By: Sally Kafelghazal Science 2nd Hour By: Sally Kafelghazal

2 The Castor Star is about 2.3 times the mass of the Sun.
The Castor Star is also about twice the size in diameter of the sun. The Castor star is also 6 times the luminosity compared to the sun. The Castor Star is 10,300/ 8,840 K. (“K.” is used to determine the temperature. “K” stands for Kelvin.) The Castor Star is a light quite blue. (Color) The Castor Star is 52 light years away from the Sun. (Distance from the Sun) The size, temperature, color, and distance from the sun of the castor star

3 The Castor Star in an H-R Diagram
The Castor Star is circled dot on the diagram. An H-R Diagram is used to classify stars and to understand how stars change over time. H-R stands for Hertzsprung- Russell diagram.

4 The Life Cycle of the star
The life starts as parts of a nebula. A nebula is a large cloud of gas and dust. Then the star gets born when the contacting gas and dust from a nebula gets so hot and dense that nuclear fusion starts. Then it lives it’s life which the length of it depends on it’s mass; the more mass, the shorter the life. The star will begin to run out of fuel and the core will shrink and the outer core will expand… it will soon become a super giant. The Super Giant will explode and create a supernova which is an explosion Most of the pieces will become part of a nebula and the others will become a Neutron star. A Neutron star is formed from the remains of the high-mass stars The cycle will restart all over again

5 The Castor’s Age The Castor star is still considered young because it is 200 million years old and has a life span of around 1 billion years. The Castor star is in the beginning of his life and living his life as part of the Gemini Constellation.

6 The Castor Star’s Constellation
The Castor star is in the Gemini constellation The Gemini constellation means the constellation of the “Twins” Castor is a binary star which means it has a twin, Pollux Castor is the mortal twin. In Greek mythology, Castor is famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. Pollux is the immortal twin. He is known as the Boxer. Together, they were “the Two Gods of Sparta” In later Greek days, the twins were Apollo and Apollon

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