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Grade 12 Global Studies.

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1 Grade 12 Global Studies

2 Grade 12 Global Studies Nutrition & Health
HFA 4C Human Development throughout the Lifespan HHG 4M Challenge & Change in Society HSB 4U West & the World History CHY4U / CHY4C Analysing Current Economics Issues CIA 4U Canadian & International Law CLN4U Canadian & International Politics CPW4U

3 Nutrition & Health HFA 4C

4 Relationship between Nutrition Health
On health at different stages of life & on global issues related to food production

5 The Role of Nutrition Health Disease

6 Strategies for promoting
Food Security Environmental Responsibility

7 Students will learn about
Healthy Eating Expand food -preparation techniques (cooking!!) Investigate topics related to nutrition & health Expand social science research skills to:

8 COOKING!! Topics Food Preparation Skills Food & Kitchen Safety
Follow a recipe Adapt a recipe Correct measuring & preparation techniques

9 Cooking Opportunities
Breakfast club Staff meetings Bake sales Kougar Kitten playschool

10 Nutrition & Health

11 Nutrition & Health Nutrients Food Guides Energy Balance
Nutritional Status

12 Project – Food for the Breakfast Club
Plan & prepare a food item or items to address a specific nutritional deficiency common to Canadians (e.g. a high fibre snack to address a lack of dietary fibre) MARKET RESEARCH Do taste tests & determine what students like

13 Food for the Breakfast Club
Create educational advertisements to encourage students to eat breakfast & gain the nutritional deficiency WEEKLY prepare and portion food the breakfast club

14 Eating Patterns & Trends

15 Topics Nutrition throughout the Lifespan Nutrition & Disease
Trends & Patterns in Food & Nutrition

16 Plan & Prepare food for . . . Kougar Kittens Age 2-4 years old
A specific health need like diabetes A trendy food item like Flax seed, high protein pasta, blueberries, chia

17 Local & Global Food Issues

18 Topics to investigate Food Security Food Production & supply
Food Production & Environment

19 Tour some Farms - Field Trip
Apple Farm Organic Farm Learn about the agriculture business in Ontario Harvest fresh produce and cook with it at school!

20 throughout the Lifespan HHG 4MO
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT throughout the Lifespan HHG 4MO

21 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of human development throughout the life cycle. Students will study how early brain development are linked to lifelong learning, health and well-being. Students will gain practical experience working with children in the playschool. Students will use research skills to learn about human growth and development.

22 UNITS Human Development: An Overview
Human Development: Brain Development In The Early Years Human Development: The Early Years Parenthood: The Roles And Responsibilites Throughout The Family Life Cycle Socialization Factors That Influences Human Development

23 Different Types of Development
Social Development Physical Development Intellectual Development Emotional Development


25 ASSIGNMENTS Research opinion paper Playschool assignment
Brain development assignment Personal reflection paper ISU research assignment

26 Challenge & Change in Society

27 Description This course focuses on the use of social science theories, perspectives, and methodologies to investigate and explain shifts in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour and their impact on society. Students will critically analyse how and why cultural, social, and behavioural patterns change over time.

28 Description They will explore the ideas of social theorists and use those ideas to analyse causes of and responses to challenges such as technological change, deviance, and global inequalities. Students will explore ways in which social science research methods can be used to study social change.

29 Topics Social Change Social Patterns & Trends Foundations
Cause & Effect Technological Change Social Patterns & Trends Demographics Forces that shape social trends Social deviance

30 Global Social Challenges
Global Inequalities Globalization Exploitation

31 Gr. 12 West & The World CHY 4U / CHY 4C

32 Units: Renaissance & Reformation Enlightenment & Revolution Modern Europe World Wars

33 Renaissance & Reformation

34 Unit Topics: Feudalism Renaissance Wars of Religion Age of Discovery
Catholicism vs. Protestantism

35 Activities: Survey of Renaissance art
Create an Artifact from the 17th or 18th century

36 Enlightenment & Revolution

37 Unit Topics: Enlightenment & Philosophers Despotic Rulers & Absolutism
American Revolution French Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte

38 Activities: Salon Assignment – Choose a historical figure of this time period and role them in the classroom Mock Trial of Louis XVI Photo Story – Describes the Enlightenment period through visuals

39 Modern Europe

40 Unit Topics: Industrial Revolution Congress of Vienna
Age of Imperialism & Colonialism Slavery & Social Darwinism

41 Activities: Children’s Storybook Assignment – research an influential person of the 19th or 20th century; utilize text and visuals to describe the person’s philosophical approach

42 World Wars

43 Unit Topics: World War I Interwar Period World War II

44 Activities: Poster Board Exposition – Using visuals and text, describe a person/event from the unit Primary Source Document Seminars – Analyze primary source document of a historical figure and teach his/her ideologies to the class

45 How do we earn that 30% FINAL EVALUATION

46 15% Essay (4U) / Mini Essay (4C)
You will research and write about a historical topic that is engaging to you: Christopher Columbus – Good or Evil? Are humans inherently selfish? George Washington – Success or Failure?

47 This will be based on all the units studied throughout the course
15% Written Final Exam This will be based on all the units studied throughout the course

48 Analysing Current Economic Issues

49 Description This course investigates the nature of the competitive global economy and explores how individuals and societies can gain the information they need to make appropriate economic decisions. Students will learn about the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, apply economic models and concepts to interpret economic information, assess the validity of statistics, and investigate marketplace dynamics. Students will use economic inquiry and communication skills to analyse current economic issues, make informed judgments, and present their findings.

50 Topics Economic Decision Making Economic Stakeholders
Self-Interest and Interdependence Economic Institutions Methods of Economic Inquiry &Communication

51 Canadian & International Law
CLU4U Canadian & International Law

52 Description This course examines elements of Canadian and international law in social, political , and global contexts . Students will study the historical and philosophical sources of law and the principles and practices of international law and will learn to relate them to issues in Canadian society and the wider world . Students will use critical-thinking and communication skills to analyze legal issues , conduct independent research , and present the results of their inquiries in a variety of ways.

53 Topics Heritage Rights & Freedoms Criminal Law and Procedures
Regulation & Dispute Resolution Methods of Legal Inquiry and Communication

54 Field Trip Visit the Toronto University Court House, as well as the appeals court and divisional court at old city hall Sit in on a variety of court cases, including a few high profile murder cases. This is always a highlight

55 CPW4U: Canadian & International Politics
CPW4U is an exciting introduction to the study of politics. Students follow international events, but now this course will help you understand the power structure involved and the complicated world of rights and responsibilities. CPW4U: Canadian & International Politics

56 Course Description for gr.12 Politics
This course examines Canadian and world politics from a variety of perspectives. Students will investigate the ways in which individuals, groups, and states work to influence domestic and world events, the role of political ideologies in national and international politics, and the dynamics of international cooperation and conflict resolution.

57 Course Description for gr.12 Politics
This course examines Canadian and world politics from a variety of perspectives. Students will investigate the ways in which individuals, groups, and states work to influence domestic and world events, the role of political ideologies in national and international politics, and the dynamics of international cooperation and conflict resolution.

58 Students will apply critical thinking and communication skills to develop and support informed opinions about current political conflicts, events, and issues.

59 Unit 1: Introduction to Politics
This course and unit begins with the topic, A Study of Politics, followed by an introduction to the basic concepts of political science. Students will spend some time on the concept of ideology and search out their own political ideology.

60 Unit 2: Government and the Political Process
This unit begins with an examination of the forms of government and models of political processes. Students will then have a look at how roles in the political process function.

61 Unit 2: Government and the Political Process

62 Unit 2: Government and the Political Process

63 Unit 2: Government and the Political Process
Students will be involved in a mock election, mock parliament. You will learn which ideology fit with your global point of view and examine your own bias.

64 Unit 3 Canada and the International Political System
The international system will be introduced and examined in depth. Students will become familiar with the United Nations and the six international actors.

65 Teaching & Learning Strategies:
Students learn best when they are engaged in a variety of ways of learning. Canadian and world studies courses lend themselves to a wide range of approaches in that they require students to research & think critically.

66 Final Evaluation for grade 12 politics
Your final grade will be determined based on your comprehension of political terms and concepts. You will be required to apply theory to real political events of the day and write a major research essay based on a political autobiography.

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