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ALL HANDS ON DECK VUU StewardSHIP 2008 VUU Mission The Valley Unitarian Universalist Church is a welcoming community that honors diversity in all its forms.

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1 ALL HANDS ON DECK VUU StewardSHIP 2008 VUU Mission The Valley Unitarian Universalist Church is a welcoming community that honors diversity in all its forms. We strive for social justice and environmental responsibility, nurture each person’s life-long spiritual journey, and create a place of peace and celebration as we encounter the mysteries of life. Valley Unitarian Universalist Church 6400 W. Del Rio Street * Chandler, AZ 85226-1746 Phone: 480-899-4249 * Fax: 480-899-2408 E-mail:

2 VUU Covenant Love is the doctrine of this church. The quest for truth is its sacrament. And service is its prayer. To dwell together in peace. To seek knowledge in freedom. To serve humankind in friendship. Thus do we covenant. - 11 --2 - We can change the World

3 - 3 -- 10 - Dear Members and Friends, We invite you to join us on our quest. This is a call for “All Hands on Deck” for the Annual Stewardship Campaign! This year is crucial to our future. Will our good ship, the “VUU Promise”, leave the harbor and venture boldly into a bright future? Or will it remain anchored in our port, leaving the good news we have here as a well kept secret? Come with us on our voyage to the future. Our journey is hopeful and guided by our doctrine of love, and with the wind of positive change in our sails. Just imagine what we could do with our crew united, working together as a loving, caring community. Our task is to visit every port possible to help create a peaceful, gentle and much greener planet where every person is treated with the inherent dignity and respect they deserve. Lone Jensen Minister ALL HANDS ON DECK! WHO WE ARE - WHAT WE DO Bridge of Love  Cabaret  UU Women's Circle  Celebration of Milestones  Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education  Adult Choir  Over 200 Children  Shoebox Ministry  Desert Lotus Zen Group  Caring and Concerns Neighborhood Contacts  Adult RE Classes  democratic  Covenant Groups  Prescott Retreat  Lunatarian Weekend  Worship Associates  Monthly MUUGS Activities  Kids’ Christmas Play  Sacred Earth Circle  Thanksgiving Potluck/Group Gobble  de’Benneville Pines  Visioning Weekend  SAWUURA Wilderness/Religious Association  New UU Classes  UU Christians   Moments for Meditation  Young Religious UU’s (YRUU’s)  Spiritual Ministry  Olympia Brown Women’s Group  Humanists  Assistance to Shut-ins  Bead Babes  Children's Choir  Spiritual Nourishment  Dedicated Staff  Paz de Cristo  Bunny Clarke Award  Over 350 Members  Lay Led Sermons  Long Range Plan  MUUGS Spring Canoe Trip  VUU Bookstore  UU Day at the Legislature  Coming of Age Mentoring  Culture Club  VUU Players  Knit Wits  Chalice Lighters  Sermons Recorded  Worship  Memorial Garden  Newsletter  IT/Web Team  Green Sanctuary  VUU Café  VUU House Band  Halloween Party  Interweave  Circle Suppers  VUU Men’s Group  Great Books Discussion Group  Science & Religion  Covenant Groups  Special Needs  Veterans for Peace  VUU For Peace  Souper Bowl  Unlimited Potential  Guest At Your Table  Whispering Hope Ranch  Teaching Church/Internship  VUU Orchestra  Holiday Arts Festival  Heart’s Desire Auction  Christmas Pageant  Child Dedications  Designated Charity of the Year (Chandler Christian Community Center)  Minister’s Dusty Desert Corner  Aesthetics Team  Intern Sermon Brown Bag  Feeding the Spirit Circle Worship  VUU Congregational Survey  UU Bible Study  Grocery Program  Facilities Planning Team  Intergenerational Holiday Band  Christmas Day Hike  Hand Chime Choir  Family Caroling Party   WeeUUs  Happy Anniversary Wishes  Fair Trade Coffee  Sermon Pod Casts  Hanukah  Volunteer of the Month  Flower Communion  Welcoming Congregation  VUUSICA  Culture of Stewardship and Giving  Vesper Services  Flower Girls/Altar Beautification  All Music Service  Search the Future Weekend  Thanks to the “Crew” of the VUU StewardSHIP Campaign: Donna Bennett * Jim Bennett * Melissa Bush * Garry Cantley * DeeAnne Clowes * Linda Horton * Gloriana Hunter * Debbie Mark * Mike McBeath * Al McGarrity * Karen McGarrity * Chris Sar * Anne Schneider * David Sheh * Debbe Simpkins * Nancy Wittenberg * and of course, all our stewards, captains and team leaders!

4 - 9 -- 4 - Welcoming & Diverse Community (24%): Minister, Administration, Choir & Music, UUA connections, Building/Facilities, Lifespan Religious Education Place of Peace & Celebration (30%): Choir & Music, Minister, Mortgage/Building/Grounds/Utilities, Lifespan Religious Education Social Justice & Care of the Earth (10%): Green Sanctuary, Social Action Ministry, Minister, Choir & Music, Lifespan Religious Education Quest for Truth (15%): Lifespan Religious Education, Minister, Administration Love & Caring (21%): Minister, Caring & Concerns, Administration, Choir & Music, Lifespan Religious Education Achieving our pledge goals will enable us to manifest our Five-Year Plan MemberSHIP We have “good news” to share with our community. We just need to tell them and invite them on-board. ScholarSHIP VUU has excellent lifespan religious education programs for all ages. We aim to expand those offerings. MusicianSHIP Our church has an especially strong music program for both adults and children. VUU is known for congregational singing and the VUUsica concert series. LeaderSHIP Build leaders from within. While leadership can be challenging at times, it is also very rewarding. FellowSHIP & FriendSHIP Covenant groups and discussion groups. Sunday cafes and more!

5 - 5 -- 8 - WorSHIP Inspirational sermons. Moving music. We must do these things and maintain our position as a “fair compensation” congregation. ApprenticeSHIP There is an increasing need for additional professional help including a part time Associate Minister. StewardSHIP Enhance our beautiful physical facilities. Green Sanctuary. Support of community groups. Proposed 2008-09 Stewardship Campaign Target Budget: $385,000* Supports Our Mission * Represents portion of the total VUU budget to be raised through the Stewardship campaign. The target budget builds the infrastructure for future growth as outlined in our congregational 5-year plan. Holy SHIP Help patch a hole with your pledge! Pie chart depicts planned percent of expenditures by area Percentages and Descriptions listed in Table to the Right 

6 VUU Rocks - 7 --6 - ADDSalaries, Commissions, Bonuses, Owner’s/Partner’s Draw+ Pensions, Annuities and IRA/401k Distributions+ Interest Received, Dividends Received, Net Rents+ Social Security, Disability Payments+ Capital Gains Received, Royalties, License Fees+ Income Sub-Total= DEDUCTChild Care, Special Needs Care, Elder Care, Higher Education- Medical Premiums, Major Medical Deductibles, Uncovered Medical- Deduction Sub-Total= FAIR-SHARE INCOME (Income Less Deduction)= Use Table to calculate FAIR-SHARE INCOME  Suggested Fair-Share Giving Guide

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