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A Resource for Relative Caregivers Brookdale Foundation RAPP Meeting Denver, CO October 17-19, 2014.

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2 A Resource for Relative Caregivers Brookdale Foundation RAPP Meeting Denver, CO October 17-19, 2014

3 In the beginning….2011 ARCH National Technical Assistance Respite Summit in Virginia Lifespan Respite Care Grant awarded to Virginia

4 The 2011-2013 Grant Goal: Build a statewide coordinated caregiver respite system for families providing support to individuals of age with special needs, and/or with any disability or chronic condition “…It's the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love…” Objective 1: Build an integrated and sustainable lifespan respite infrastructure

5 “…Everybody get together, Try to love one another Right now…”or not! Expansion of the Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC) (Caregiver Coalitions sign an MOU with the state entity applying for Lifespan Respite Care Grants) VCC represented on state and local ADRC advisory councils Statewide survey to inventory respite services and funding sources

6 The Virginia Caregiver Coalition Founded 2004 All volunteer, statewide membership – administrative support from DARS Meets every other month and always has an educational program Utilizes video conferencing Operates under By-Laws that provides for an Executive Committee and Executive Board Three Committees: Membership, Advocacy, Education

7 Virginia Statewide Kinship Care Task Force and Information Network

8 Knowledge is Power! Objective 2: Assist caregivers in gaining information about and access to respite services Expand and update statewide ADRC database Develop an online Family Caregiver Solution Center Develop webinars for family caregivers

9 The Virginia Family Caregiver Solution Center


11 “…You can bet as sure as you live…Something’s gotta give…”Johnny Mercer Objective 3: Train and recruit respite workers and volunteers Video conference training for caregivers of Alzheimer’s Disease patients Virginia Caregiver Coalition meeting to discuss existing respite programs utilizing volunteers Information for hiring respite workers on the Virginia Family Caregiver Solution Center

12 Respite Voucher Program Objective 4: Establish a respite voucher program Expansion grant – 2012 Merged 2011 planned emergency respite voucher program into a Pilot One Year Voucher Program Established a voucher review committee Produced voucher program information, application and reimbursement forms Worked with fiscal department to establish a payee system Publicized the voucher program

13 Voucher Launch

14 Pilot Voucher Program Results

15 Caregivers requesting respite included parents, adult children, siblings, grandparents and legal guardians


17 Sustainability Technical Assistance Grant – Coaching by The Finance Project A Sustainability Committee Vision and Goals Objectives

18 Building Sustainability in Virginia’s Lifespan Respite Care Program Vision Statement: Caregivers of individuals of any age or disability should be valued and supported. Goal Statement: Strengthen and expand the availability and delivery of quality lifespan respite support for caregivers who provide unpaid care to individuals of any age, disability or special need

19 Reopening the Lifespan Respite Care Voucher Program with emphasis on underserved populations Sustaining the Virginia Family Caregiver Solution Center Expanding the Virginia Caregiver Coalition to include professionals and family caregivers who provide care to individuals of all ages and disabilities

20 Participating in the activities of the ARCH Lifespan Respite Care Program. Strengthening advocacy efforts for Lifespan Respite Care in the Commonwealth – including business groups, state agencies, and p0litical representatives Establishing volunteer respite groups throughout the Commonwealth – adapting an online training program from Wisconsin

21 2014 Grant – Building Sustainability in State Lifespan Respite Programs Implementation of the grant activities began September 1, 2014 1. Reopening voucher program 2. Adapting on-line respite provider training 3. Forming VCC Committees to partner with DARS on grant activities 4. Revisiting Finance Project Tool Kit

22 The Journey Continues! Ellen M. Nau Program Coordinator Virginia Department for Aging and Disability Services 1610 Forest Avenue Ste.100 Henrico, Virginia 23229 804-662-9340

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