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Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd. Market leader and pioneer in the high pressure cylinder industry in India with a strong global footprint.

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1 Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd. Market leader and pioneer in the high pressure cylinder industry in India with a strong global footprint

2 Overview Group holding structure Company ownership structure (1) Overview Incorporation1978 HeadquartersMumbai, India ChairmanMr. P. K. Khurana Industry  High pressure seamless cylinders (c.99% of revenues)  Distribution of natural gas (c.1% of revenues) Manufacturing Facilities  India (3), Dubai, China, USA Capacity  Over 1.5 mn. cylinders p.a. Marketing Offices  1) Thailand, 2) Germany, 3) Hungary, 4) Czech Republic, 5) Brazil, 6) Colombia, 7) Argentina Employeesc.1,400 Listing  Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE)  Market Cap: INR 2,561 mn. (Mar 8, 2013) Key Financials, Consolidated INR mn., (USD mn.) FY11 (2) FY12 (3) Net Sales7,747 (174)6,695 (132) EBITDA1,376 (31)959 (19) Networth7,581 (170)8,181 (161) Net Debt2,868 (64)4,371 (86) A pioneer and market leader in the industrial and Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”) cylinders space in India…. Source: Company, BSE (1)As on Dec, 2012 (2)1 USD = INR 44.5 as on march 31, 2011 (3) 1 USD = INR as on march 31, 2012 Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd., India (Listed) EKC International FZE, Dubai 100% EKC Europe Gmbh, Germany 100% EKC Hungary Kft, Hungary 100% CP Industries Holdings Inc., USA 100% EKC Industries Co. Ltd., China 100% EKC Industries Co. Ltd., Thailand 100% CC&L. Ltd., India 72.65%

3 The Journey A business built brick by brick over the last 34 years… 1978  Incorporation of Everest Kanto Cylinder (P) Limited  First commercial production at Aurangabad Plant  Commencement of exports to Gulf countries 1988  Commissioning of Tarapur Plant 1998  Development of CNG cylinder for the markets  Supply of CNG Cascades  Export to European countries 2001  More than 150,000 cylinders produced and dispatched 2004  Commencement of production at Dubai Plant 2005  Listing of Equity Shares  Gandhidham unit goes onstream Source: Company

4 2007  Doubling of Capacity in Dubai and initiation of China Project 2008  Acquisition of CPI, U.S.A.  Commencement of production in China 2009  Acquisition of majority stake in a gas distribution company 2010  Setting up of a marketing subsidiary company in Thailand 2011  Setting up of marketing and product development subsidiary in Europe  Closure of Aurangabad plant 2012  Commencement of production at Kandla (SEZ) Plant  Commencement of production at Gandhidham under the billet piercing process  Listing of Equity Shares  Gandhidham unit goes onstream The Journey A business built brick by brick over the last 34 years… Source: Company

5 Products and Applications …. in the industrial, CNG and Jumbo cylinders space… Source: Company  Wide range of standard products  Type I, II, IV cylinders  Capacity: 1 litre to 3,000 litres  Pressure: 150 to 400 bar  Customized products as per customer requirements  Auto: Public & private transport  Industrial: Metal, power, food & beverage etc.  Healthcare: Respiratory aids, MRI, Cryosurgery  Special: Fire fighting, diver etc.  Defence  Wide range of technologies  Type I: Seamless steel tube, steel plate deep drawing and billet piercing processes  Type II, IV: Composite winding (EHA technology)  Proven track record of delivering high quality products  Stringent quality control on raw materials  Each cylinder goes through specified testing at every stage of production Technology Wide Range Applications Quality Control

6 Global Presence Global presence ….. and a strong foothold on key markets globally,… Source: Company Manufacturing plant Marketing offices Exports Manufacturing facilities in 4 countries Regulatory approvals in and exports to over 25 countries Marketing offices in 11 countries

7 Products …to deliver a wide range of superior quality high pressure gas cylinders suitable for applications across industries… 7 Source: Company (1) Gas, Cu. M. Product RangeEnd - marketsInstalled capacity (1)  Diameter: 232, 267, 316, 324, 356, 406  Capacity (1) : 5.4 – 25 Cu. m.  Pressure: Storage: 204, 250 bar (working pressure), Transportation: 250, 300, 500 (Type IV) bar (working pressure)  Materials: CrMo steels  CNG cylinders for all kinds of vehicles, like three-wheelers, cars, buses and delivery vehicles  Key end customers include the OEMs and aftermarket players  10,06,000  24,000 -Type II  Diameter: 76, 108, 140, 165, 232, 267, 356, 406  Capacity (1) : 0.15 – 35 Cu. m.  Pressure: 150, 200, 300 bar (working pressure)  Material: CMn steels, CrMo steels, Special steels  High-pressure gas cylinders for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, air etc., designed to withstand rough handling  Key end - user sectors include: Healthcare, beverage, firefighting, steel, metal, power etc.  3,00,000  2,50,000 - Billet  Diameter: 356, 377, 406, 465, 508, 559, 604, 711, 620  Capacity: 400 litres to 3000 litres water capacity  Pressure: 200, 250, 400 bar (working pressure)  Materials: CrMo steels, Special steels  Bulk transportation of various gases including CNG, custom built defence requirements  6,000 CNG Cylinders Industrial Cylinders Jumbo Cylinders

8 Products contd… Source: Company (1) Gas, Cu. M. Product RangeEnd - markets  Storage capacity (1) : 140 – 800 Cu. m.  Storage pressure : 200 – 400 bar  Dimensions: Standard sizes with customization as per customer needs  Storage and transportation of the gas from on-line stations to daughter stations, mobile gensets etc.  Suitable for mounting on LCVs  Storage capacity (1) : 1500 to 7000, 8000 Cu. m.  Storage pressure : 200 – 400 bar  Dimensions: Standard sizes with customization as per customer needs  Allows hassle free bulk transportation of gases like CNG, helium etc.  Suitable for mounting on trailers  One-stop-shop for all cylinder needs. It supplies products (on an outsourced basis as per customer needs) for storing, conveying and using high-pressure gases including: 1) Cylinder valves : Cylinder valves with working pressure of up to 400 bars, valve threads of BS 341, DIN 477, IS ) Valve protection guards: Valve protection guards of high-impact ABS plastic, all-steel fabricated construction 3) Valve protection caps: Valve protection caps in an all-steel robust fabricated construction, malleable cast iron and plastic 4) Trolleys: Trolleys for extinguishers and hospital used to handle individual cylinders 5) Medical / Industrial equipment : Breathing apparatus, oxygen masks and Boyle's apparatus / Cylinder cascades CNG Cascades Allied Products Jumbo Skids

9 Manufacturing Process ….manufactured with time tested processes and new age technology… Source: Company (1) Oldest and most common process Manufacturing processes  EKC uses three manufacturing processes for high pressure cylinders Seamless Tubes (1) Billet Piercing ProcessDeep Drawing Process (Cold forming) Seamless Tube Tube Cutting Surface Inspection Induction Heating Bottom Forming Bottom Processing Billet StoringCuttingHeatingPiercingDrawingEnd Sawing Plate Cutting Cup Forming Annealing, Grit blasting & Soaping Deep Drawing Annealing, Grit blasting & Soaping Deep Drawing Manufacturing processes start with forming the one end closed cylinder shells…  Billet Cutting  Heating (induction furnace or natural-gas-fired )  Piercing with a mandrel in a piercing press.  Extrusion through a series of roller dies  Seamless tube cutting  Induction heating  Bottom forming through hot spinning process  Bottom processing for industrial cylinders  Circular blank from steel plate  Annealed, shot blasted and lubricated  Flat steel blank drawn into a cup through a hydraulic press by deep drawing process  Above two steps repeated 2-3 times, followed with end sawing …. followed with a common process to manufacture high pressure seamless gas cylinders Induction Heating- Neck Neck Forming Heat Treatment MachiningThreading Water Capacity Check Hydro Stretch Testing Air Leakage Testing Internals Hot Blasting Externals Hot Blasting Stamping Ultra Sonic Testing Weighing Vacuum Cleaning Painting Dispatch  Billet piercing and deep drawing are two unique technologies employed by only EKC in India  The technologies employ alternate manufacturing processes and different forms of raw materials to manufacture high pressure seamless cylinders Billet Piercing  With focus on the growing industrial cylinder demand, EKC has set-up the billet plant at Gandhidham with a capacity of 2,50,000 per annum to produce cylinder shells through billet piercing technology  Billets, unlike steel tubes, are easily available worldwide  These cylinders have a specific customer base of multinational companies who prefer to use tube based cylinders for industrial gases. Steel Plate Deep Drawing  EKC has set up a 2,50,000 CNG cylinders plant in the Kandla Special Economic Zone (“KASEZ”) using steel-plate deep drawing process  These cylinders are lighter in weight, better quality and command premium over other cylinders  Steel plates (raw material) are available indigenously  CNG vehicle manufacturers are showing increasing preference to plate cylinders as vehicles with these cylinders offer better fuel efficiency

10 Manufacturing Facilities …deployed at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India… 10 Source: Company Manufacturing footprint, India Tarapur, Maharashtra Total Area (sq. mtrs.)30, 918 Manufacturing ProcessesSeamless tube process CNG Cylinder - capacity1,20,000 Industrial Cylinder – capacity1,20,000 Huge location advantage: Located on the west coast of India and connected to major ports of UK, Australia, Middle East and East Asian economies Kandla, Gujarat Total Area (sq. mtrs.)84, 984 (Lease) Manufacturing Processes Deep drawing CNG Cylinder - capacity 2,50,000 Gateway to land locked states in India USA Europe Middle east Thailand, Singapore etc. Africa Gujarat ports Tarapur Gandhidham Kandla Gandhidham, Gujarat Total Area (sq. mtrs.)1,67,945 Manufacturing Processes Seamless tube, billet piercing CNG - capacity2,40,000 Industrial – capacity1,80, ,50,000 (Billet) Jumbo – capacity2,000

11 Manufacturing Facilities Contd… …. USA, Dubai and China…. 11 Source: Company (1) Capacity to be increased Manufacturing footprint, globally EKC China (Greenfield) LocationTianjin Total Area (sq. mtrs.) 79,994 (lease) Manufacturing Processes Seamless tube, composite winding CNG type I2,00,000 CNG type II24,000 (1) Jumbo – capacity1,000 CPI Industries, USA LocationPittsburgh PA Total Area (sq. mtrs.)1,97,883 Manufacturing Processes Seamless tube process, composite winding (EHA Technology) Jumbo - capacity3,000 CNG Type IV- capacity10,000 (by march 2013) EKC, Dubai LocationJebel Ali Free Zone Total Area (sq. mtrs.)46,584 (lease) Manufacturing Processes Seamless tube process CNG - capacity1,96,000 Capacity Capacity to manufacture c.1.5 mn. cylinders per year Location Well positioned to cater to cylinder demand globally owing to well located facilities Technology EKC is the first and the only player to adopt steel-plate deep drawing process and billet piercing process technology in India

12 Quality Management ….with strong emphasis on quality … Source: Company Quality management systems PlantApprovals All PlantsISO 9000:2008 India IS 7285 (Part 1): 2004, IS 7285 (Part 2): 2004, IS 15490: 2004, ECE R-110, ISO 11439: 2000, NZS 5454: 1989, ISO : 2010(E), ISO 11120: 1999, IS 15490: 2004 Dubai  ISO 11439, ISO , NZS 5454, ECE R110 CPI Registration Number M8001 U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation, Certificate of Authorization Number 1,127, Certificate of Authorization Number 15,889, Certificate of Authorization Number 35,694, Certificate of Authorization Number R-5530, DNV Approval of Manufacturer certificate T-1227, Certificate of Registration No. TC 58E issued by Transport Canada, Manufacture License of Special Equipment People’s Republic of China No. TS ,Manufacturer Certificate from Korea Gas Safety Corp ES- 154 issued 5/2012 expire 5/2015 to manufacture containers for shipment into Korea, ISO 9001 certificate China Composite Type Ⅱ CNG cylinder as per GB24160, Jumbo Seamless Steel Cylinder as per ISO11120, Jumbo Seamless Steel Cylinder as per EKCC, LCL Seamless Steel Cylinder as per GB17258, Jumbo Skid SC Certificate for Jumbo Skid (C3) design, Product Certificate for Nigeria, China Manufacturing License, ISO 9001, LCL Type I CNG cylinder as per ECE R110, LCL Type I CNG cylinder as per ISO 11439, LCL Type I CNG cylinder as per NZS5454, Composite Type Ⅱ CNG cylinder as per ECE R110  The technically demanding nature of EKC’s products requires that many quality and integrity standards be met. EKC has acquired and maintains an impressive portfolio of highly regarded manufacturing certifications, some of which are listed in the following table:  This portfolio of certifications creates significant competitive advantages for the Company, as many OEMs and government contractors will only purchase cylinders from certified manufacturers such as EKC  The Company views its certifications as a key differentiator and invests significant time and resources to maintain the portfolio and to ensure that employees throughout the organization are among the best qualified in the industry Snapshot of select certifications

13 Customers ….resulting in an enviable customer base 13 Source: Company Blue chip customer base, select customers Industrial cylinders Cylinder cascadesSpecial cylinders  EKC has an impressive blue-chip customer base and long -standing relationship with key customers across sectors  Exclusive partner to many auto and industrial OEMs  Only player to have developed mission critical cylinders for defence sector in both India and USA  Due to the potentially hazardous nature of the storage and usage of the cylinders, the customers rely heavily on EKC owing to its reputation for reliability, design capability and price  The Company works closely with customers in development of cylinders according to the changing requirements  Given the concerns of the automotive sector in reducing the weight of the cylinders, EKC Group is continuously working with various OEMs in developing cylinders made of composite material CNG Cylinders, OEMs

14 Business Development Contd… …including participation in industry associations, conferences and trade shows… 14 Source: Company Selected industry association memberships and trade shows Supplementing their sales efforts, EKC along with subsidiaries is members of multiple industry associations and regular attendees at several industry conferences and trade shows each year Membership, industry associations EKC at trade shows Auto Expo, DelhiMalaysiaUkraineDubaiArgentinaChina

15 Organisation Structure Board of Directors Chairman & Managing Director P. K. Khurana Director Puneet Khurana …and a well charted organisation structure… COO (Tarapur) VP International Business President (Planning & Development) G. P. Virdi Corporate Head HR Purchase VP Marketing GM Marketing CFO Vipin Chandok Company Secy. Finance Controller GM - Accounts Source: Company Organisation structure, India Director Pushkar Khurana Director (Technical & Projects) P. M. Samvatsar COO (Ghdm / Kand) VP QA Engineering Projects Engg. Services Tarapur / Ghdm GM Projects

16 Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd A Clean energy solution company Presentation on Plate Cylinders

17 Annealing & phosphate 3rd deep drawing Annealing & Phosphate Final Bottom Plate 1st deep drawing Annealing & Phosphate 2nd Deep Drawing Production Process- Plate BACK


19 Tube Tube Cutting Bottom Forming Bottom Milling Production Process- Tube BACK

20 UT Checking Machining Hydrostretc h test Air leakage test Neck Forming Neck Drilling Heat Treatment Hardness Checking Production Processes – Neck Forming Internal & External Shot Blasting Stamping Painting & Packing BACK

21 Snapshots: Plate Cylinder Production Process BACK

22 Packaging and Dispatch BACK

23 Manufactured in world class manufacturing facility at Kandla SEZ. Plate Plant is Eco Friendly plant, zero liquid discharge ETP, No Liquid Fuels & No Pickling Process. Fully Automated, Robotic facility. Highlights : Plate Cylinder Plant BACK

24 Advantages of Plate Cylinder Manufactured from High Quality, fine grain steel plate. Significant Reduction in cylinder weight compared to cylinders manufactured from Seamless Tubes. Controlled, Uniform Thickness.No hot forming process for Bottom forming. Bottom cup formed by Die & Punch ensures homogeneous and lower thickness results in light weight bottom. Better surface finish gives good aesthetics. BACK

25 Weight Comparison

26 OEM Market BACK


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