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A Basic Guide Keeping Orchids Here in Spain. A basic guide to caring for your Orchid 1.Types of Orchid you want to keep [Feeling Lucky] 2.Basic Tools.

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1 A Basic Guide Keeping Orchids Here in Spain

2 A basic guide to caring for your Orchid 1.Types of Orchid you want to keep [Feeling Lucky] 2.Basic Tools and Aids [Shed required] 3.Watering - [This decides if you are a Orchid Killer] 4.Temperature- [Quite important this one] 5.Pruning [Chainsaw NOT required] 6.What happens if it gets sick [Call me if Necessary- Charges apply] 7.Sources of Information [Internet Connection required] 8.Do You Have enough SPACE ? [Is it a Hobby or Obsession ??]

3 BASIC TOOLS AND AIDS 1.................... Sharp scissors/ cutters 2.................... Cinnamon Powder 3..................... Hydrogen Peroxide 4..................... Q-Tips & Vodka 5..................... Antiseptic Wipes 6..................... Good Quality Potting Mix 7..................... Orchid Fertiliser 8..................... Measuring Jug 9..................... Labels and Marker Pen 10..................... Small Hair grips 11..................... Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

4 BASIC TYPES TO KEEP HERE IN SPAIN Choices here are 1 Indoor, 2 Outdoor in a sunny shaded area Window ledge Greenhouse/ Flyfree Area For a beginner i would start with either of the two listed below and then progress As you feel more confident, just remember if it dies, a lot of money died with it ! 1Phalaenopsis [Moth Orchid] widely available, shops, markets, G.Centres 2Dendrobium Orchids {Cane orchids] available Hortiflor shops, some markets 3Other varieties such as Vanda Cattaleya, slipper Orchids are available here mainly from specialist shops such as The Cactus Boutique at Lorca. Even LeRoy Merlin DIY store sells good quality Orchids from about €11.00 and also IKEA superstores sell orchids of good quality again prices ranging from €10-15 Go and buy your orchid something with lots of nice colour, two or three stems [spikes] bring it home carefully without breaking the stem. Note [some Orchids suffer from BUD BLAST, where the buds suddenly drop off, due to a large change to its environment, for Example A Car Journey, or change of position in a house just a couple of many conditions referring to BUD BLAST

5 Caring For your Orchid Lets assume you have been out and purchased a good looking Phalaenopsis with lots of blooms and a few more buds to open. Flowers can last up to 120 days given the right conditions The roots should be a healthy dark greenish colour The leaves should be a nice dark green colour no black spots It will come in a clear plastic pot, 2 main reasons, A] It allows the growers to see the plants growth progress B] The roots produce Photosynthesis from light for its Growth. There is a lot of controversy regarding keeping these Orchids in bright coloured pots Regarding the growth of the plant as to keeping them just on a shelf in clear plastic.

6 WATERING - A KILLER ? Ok much has been written in books and on the internet about Orchids and their watering needs and how not to become a Orchid Water KILLER Hands on experience is the only way - you will lose some, so the better you get the less you lose, so here are some basic tips 1.Fill a measuring jug with water and sit the pot in the jug and allow to soak for about 5 minutes. This allows the potting mix [bark] to absorb the liquid. 2.Remove and allow to drain the excess water from the pot. 3.Do not if possible allow water into the center of the leaves [the crown] this will rot the stem and the plant will die quite rapidly. 4.If you are worried about the watering, you can weigh the plant at what you think is DRY, water it as per above and then weigh it again and note the weight as WET This will give you a set of figures to work to. Essential Watering Always allow good DRAINAGE for watering Do Not let plants stand in water If Possible use Rain water of even Distilled Water

7 Temperature & Humidity We live here in the Almeria/Murcia region of Spain where the yearly temperatures vary from year to year. We have a cool spell for the winter and a hot spell for the summer and then autumn is nice ! When purchasing your orchids always cross reference the temps shown on the plant label to our local temps. Also consider trying to replicate the right conditions for your plants. Look at websites regarding your species and make notes as to its needs to help it survive in an environment its used to. HUMIDITY - read about it some orchids like a high humidity some like low humidity, a good idea is a humidity tray, Basic Tray is a container containing pebbles in water, stand the plant on the pebbles and let nature take over – DO REMEMBER TO KEEP THE TRAY TOPPED UP, its no good DRY Another way to provide humidity is to MIST them once a day [early morning, so the water has time to evaporate before night time] Get a small spray bottle with water a gently spray over the leaves with a fine MIST but try and avoid the FLOWERS with the mist. Most Orchids like a 70-80% humidity, which can be difficult during the summer months. 1

8 Temperature & Humidity Orchids such as Phalaenopsis will have a problem with temperatures over 90 deg F They start to breakdown The Americans call it [ Going Gooey] My personal notes from this year have not noticed any serious dying orchids in my collection due to the high temperatures we withstand here. On the other side of the coin, Dendrobium Orchids [Tree hangers from India] are know to have survived down at Zero de g F with no adverse effects. In fact they are one of many orchids that require a resting period from Feed & Water through the Winter [NOV-March] to promote blooms for the next year. Minimal water is applied through this period other wise the plant will produce new Plantlets [Keikis] rather than blooms ! ORCHIDS are grouped into three main Temperature Ranges WARM DAY 75 F to 95 F NIGHT 65 F or above Intermediate DAY 70 F to 80F NIGHT 55 F to 60F COOL DAY 60F to 70F NIGHT 45 F to 55 F

9 PRUNING AND RE-Flower OK your prized Orchid has finished flowering at this point many Phalenopsis Ochids are thrown away, garden centers cannot sell them as they have no flowers, well would you spend €15.00 on a plant with no flowers that you dont know a lot about ANS – no I didn’t think so. Moth Ochids can be [Re-triggered to flower again and again] and occasionally produce their own new plants. Basic Pruning 1.All spikes can be cut back to the stem to promote new growth, coat the open cuts with cinnamon powder which will act as a sealing agent and antiseptic healer. 2.If you want flower again cut the spikes at the height you require between two nodes, seal the cut and normally within 2-3 weeks the nodes should start sprouting new spikes with flower buds. 3.If the plant grows a new plant [ A keiki] this can be removed after the roots are at least 3 inches long, again seal with cinnamon powder.

10 Cut spike as close to stem as possible To encourage new growth Removing A Keiki prior to repotting

11 What happens if my Orchid is sick MOST PEOPLE THROW IT AWAY Phalaenopsis breathe and live through their leaves and roots Generally due to over or under watering or too much SUN these plants will DIE, however there are exceptions to the rules. Exmple ; If the plant has lost its leaves but the roots are nice and green and the stem has not turned brown and dosent sound like BREADSTCIK SNAPPING when you break a piece off for examination there is a chance it may recover and produce new leaves eventually. Main pests here are MEALY BUGS, little white things. PREVENTATIVE MEASURES KEEP THE LEAVES CLEAN - Wipe regularly with antiseptic wipes REMOVE MEALY BUGS - Use a Q-Tip dipped in VODKA or Listerine not a G&T !

12 WHERE CANI BUY A GOOD QUALITY ORCHID A.LeRoy Merlin DIY Stores, IKEA Superstore Murcia The Cactus Boutique Lorca, Ferybel Nursery, Pulpi Information on Orchids Mostly from the internet. Want to increase your collection cheaply ! Look in garden centers for old orchids with no flowers, make an offer for it as long as you think its got a chance ! Remember if it dies keep the pot, sticks and clips they are nearly a € 1.00 to buy !














26 That’s All Folks

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