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ClassMUN Delegation of India. India – Somalia Ties.

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1 ClassMUN Delegation of India

2 India – Somalia Ties

3 India-Iran Ties Strong economic and cultural ties 350,000 barrels of Iranian crude oil is exported to India on a daily basis India-Iran bilateral trade has reached a total of $14 billion in 2010, a $1.4 billion increase compared to 2009 Exploration of the Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline, which can provide India with a constant source of Iran’s natural gas

4 India-Kenya Ties India shares warm ties with Kenya India-Kenya partnership in technological transfer is significant in the areas of technical assistance in the 1990s Joint ventures including the Birla paper plant at Webuie in eastern central Kenya Both are very concerned about Somalia piracy Increased shipping costs due to boats sailing further away from the coast to avoid attacks.

5 Actions Taken

6 Analysis of Situation Collapse of Somalia government in 1991 Foreign vessels started to take advantage Dumping grounds for nuclear waste Illegal trawling of seafood Over $300 million worth of tuna, shrimp, and lobster are "being stolen every year by illegal trawlers" off Somalia's coast, forcing the fishing industry there into a state of virtual non-existence.

7 Analysis of Situation Unemployment of fishermen in Somalia Illegal fishing Illegal dumping of toxic substances into Somalia waters by foreign vessels Can cause spread of diseases at coastal villages Leaving them with piracy with the only resort

8 Analysis of Situation Disruption to international trade Out of the estimated 30000 ships that travel in the Gulf of Aden, more than 100 ships have fell prey in 2009. Insurance rates for a single trip into the Gulf of Aden went up from $500 in 2008 to about $20000 in 2009.

9 Proposed Solutions UN resolution to ban on dumping of chemical waste of Somalia coasts India to help Somalia build a strong navy so as to protect its waters UN resolution to set up exclusive economic zones for Somalia fishermen to fish India to help provide jobs & retraining for coastal villages Somalia Pirates

10 Proposed Solutions UN resolution to ban on dumping of chemical waste of Somalia coasts Selfish and inconsiderate move that can affect the health of the villagers living near the coast Affect marine life in the region Damage quality of seafood caught  leads to unemployment of fisherman  piracy Pollution

11 Proposed Solutions UN resolution to set up exclusive economic zones for Somalia fishermen to fish Solves the problem of the rich seafood in the area that is plundered by foreign vessels partially Ensures that the fishermen in the area can continue to work in their field and not resort to piracy to make ends meet Keep out foreign fishing trawlers that harvest the seafood from the area in massive quantities

12 Proposed Solutions Indian Navy to provide resources and assistance to Military of Somalia for the building of a strong naval base Enforce anti-piracy by patrolling the coast of Somalia Protecting foreign ships that are passing through the area Keep out foreign trawlers that come to fish

13 Proposed Solution India and Sudan will collaborate to help provide jobs and retraining for coastal villages Marine ecology in area will take years to recover More feasible to collaborate to set up retraining facilities and creation of new industries in Somalia Mutually beneficial to India and Somalia  Investors from India can invest in the new economy

14 Conclusion Piracy is causing a huge problem for the shipping industry This problem should be settled as soon as possible by providing assistance to ensure that Somali pirates do not turn to piracy for a living

15 Blibography s02-wogn.html s02-wogn.html 9.html 9.html chelles-president-coming-to-india-piracy-tops- agenda-40502/ chelles-president-coming-to-india-piracy-tops- agenda-40502/ 11Apr15.html

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